Every film you've watched in 2016

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Batman Begins: The weird thing about Batman Begins is that Batman is an important character. Why this is weird is that, in the two films that follow, other characters seem to be much more important to the plot until the end. I've seen them more times though so it might also just be unfamiliarity talking.

Elves: It's bad but Jesus Christ is it that weird kind of bad.

Films: 152
Documentaries: 1
Rewatches: 5
Rifftrax Assisted: 3
Made For TV: 10

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Sunset Boulevard: Probably my favorite movie of all time. Also, in my opinion, in the top 10 of films ever made. Between the dark wit of Billy Wilder's script, Gloria Swanson's nuanced performance of a a woman's decent into madness, the brilliant cinematography and it's use of blacks and whites, and Edith Head's fantastic costume work, what isn't there to love? I could watch it 100 more times and still find something new to fall in love with.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Still my favorite in the series even if I've started to notice a few cracks.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Still alright. Watched it during one of the 30-40 showings of the series that Freeform seems to have every week.

Final Thoughts on the Year: I watched a lot of movies. My original goal was to hit 200. I came up a little short. I means averaging 3-4 films a week. I think I can do that. I was on a good path at the beginning of the year and stalled towatds the middle. If I counted episode of MST3K, I probably hit my target but I didn't for some odd reason. Will rectify that next.

Films: 154
Documentaries: 1
Rewatches: 6
Rifftrax Assisted: 3
Made For TV: 10
Final Total: 174 Films watched in 2016 (up 24 from 2015)

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