R.I.P. David Bowie


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There's been Bowie on the radio all day and a massive outpouring from nearly everyone I know and everything I care to watch. From this I can surmise that - 

1) I have great taste in media outputs/people 

2) People love David Bowie in all his individual, unapologetic, creative forms. 

Be who you want to be. A huge loss. RIP. 

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Today I was listening to him on headphones at work while marking in the main classroom (kind of a no-no, even though it was slow) and my principal came out and was like "what are you listening to?" all annoyed. I said, "David Bowie." He said "oh, cool" and then walked away. I walked by his office an hour later and heard the acoustic bridge riff from Space Oddity. 

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