SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006


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What I find most interesting is that they chose not to clear up his complexion.

Really? It's quite obvious to me as to why.

Some poor artist and animator had to watch all the footage of Gene Snitsky they could get their hands on in order to get a feel for his look and mannerisms. Do you really think these people would be in any position to flatter him? I don't. ;)

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This is on several web sites as the way to unlock Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Unlock this legend by buying it in WWE SmackDown!Vs.RAW 2006 on the PSP system and copying it onto the console

This is lame! There are a lot of PS2 owners who don't have and don't indend to buy a PSP. It is silly that the game would require the purchase of another game and another game system to unlock something in SvR '06.


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After having had this one for a while, the biggest dissapointment is the small number of storylines. As far as I know, this is the complete list of storylines

Raw, pre-Rumble:

  • Unlikely Allies
  • Special Story
  • Legends Tour

Smackdown, pre-Rumble:

  • Undertaker's Urn
  • Torrie's Contract
  • Legends Tour

Raw, post-Rumble:

  • Batista as Champ
  • HHH as Champ

Smackdown, post-Rumble:

  • You ran down Teddy Long
  • RVD ran down Teddy Long

Also, right before the Rumble you have the "Time to Rumble" mini-storyline which is identical for both brands.

Didn't previous Smackdown games have many more possible storylines, that were much more interactive? I haven't played any of them except for when I rented the first SDvR, so I have virtually no first-hand experience.

SDvR 2006 is a good game, but I hope the story mode is significantly improved next year.

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I don't think the GM mode is worth it. I didn't find it all that interesting. If you're buying the game for the GM mode, wait for SDvR 2007, which is supposed to have an extended GM mode.

THQ needs to drop the long-winded promos. They're fun at first, but become completely tiresome when going through the same storyline the 2nd or third time. If it came down to it, I would rather have text-based storylines that offer many more branches and options.

The game really needs a tournament mode, whether it is called King of the Ring or not. Also, bring back the "league" mode from WCW/NWO World Tour. That was so cool.

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