Episode 08.03


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Dave and Ian come to the end of season one of Twin Peaks. In episode five, Cooper and his team search for Jacques Renault but find the Log Lady instead, while Audrey starts work at her father's department store to find out what happens to girls who work on the perfume counter. In episode six, Waldo the minor bird is taken in for questioning and Cooper asks the Bookhouse Boys to assist him in an investigation, not knowing that Audrey has also found her way there. In episode seven, Donna, James, and Maddy investigate Dr. Jacobi, Leo burns the lumber mill with Shelly inside, Catherine learns of Ben's true plans for her, and someone gives Cooper a lethal visit. They round up where every character is at the end of the season, Ian's suspect watch continues, and Dave establishes the podcast's official policy on the pronunciation of the word gif. [ 2:23:58 || 54.1 MB ]

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