Most Badass Moment in the DCAU

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Hi all, I've been re-listening to WFP while simultaneously re-watching the DCAU and I'm at the World's Finest review. Mike has just brought up the fact that Batman grappling up and being carried away by the Batwing is in his "Top 5 Most Badass Moments in the DCAU" and it made me think.

What is everyone's most badass moment?

My personal favorite is in the JLU episode "Divided We Fall" when Wally single-handedly defeats Brainiac/Lex by running around the planet and hitting him with each pass.

That scene is what cemented The Flash (Wally West in particular) as my favorite superhero of all time. I loved it!

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Batman being chased by the GCPD in "Mask of the Phantasm", climaxing in him somehow fooling everyone into thinking he was a plank of wood despite being under spotlight is one of my favorite Batman moments of all time.

The first time I saw snippets of "Mask of the Phantasm" my young mind came to the realization that there was a person under Batmans mask. Ever since that time, the movie always has had sentimental value to me.

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