Episode 08.05

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Dave and Ian continue to make their way through season two of Twin Peaks. In episode 10, Audrey is being held for ransom at One Eyed Jack's by Blackie and Jacques Renault's brother Jean, there is desertion in the Scooby Gang as Donna meets the mysterious Harold Smith and become jealous of James and Maddy, and Leland is arrested for Jacques's murder. In episode 11, Leland confesses, Judge Sternwood arrives in town, and there are rumors that a well-known travel writer will soon visit. In episode 12, Cooper and Harry attempt to rescue Audrey while Donna and Maddy attempt to steal Laura's diary from Harold. They also discuss how awesome Deputy Hawk is, how dopey Deputy Andy is, and what Statistician Ian gets up to on his holidays. [ 2:35:24 || 58.9 MB ]


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I'm playing catch-up on both the show and this podcast. I hafta say, seriously, is Andy meant to be mentally handicapped? I know he was slow and dull in season one, but between staggering around like a dunce in season 2 episode 1, and the hi-jinks with his sperm "I'm a damn whole town!" I'm honestly left wondering if he's just supposed to be an idiot or is he legitimately handicapped? Like, how did this guy ever become a cop?

I know it's Twin Peaks and nothing's meant to make sense and all, but this character is now clawing at what little reality the show maintains whenever he's on screen.

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