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Racism runs wild when Kirk and crew discover an alien world suffering from a version of The Cold War ("The Omega Glory"). Then a scientist attempts to prove that computers are more capable than humans ("The Ultimate Computer"). In other words, it's another day in Star Trek land. [ 1:06:15 || 32.3 MB ]


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It's also the season with evil Space Hippies in one episode. Space Hippies!


On a less fun note, an episode that comes off as a jab at Radical Feminism but does have Shatner pretending to be a woman pretending to be Shatner for an hour.

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Season 3 has (To my memory) a few good episodes, and its share of the worst.  And yes, for the stupidity of Spock's Brain (And I've watched it recently, it is really really stupid) Turnabout intruder is just awful.  Fortunately you can pretend that, after showing that episode everyone was sent away for 10 years to think about what they did.

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