Anime Weekend Atlanta

James D.

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I had a blast today. I got there at 10:00am and didn't leave until after 3:00am. Bought a shitload of stuff, as always when I go to the convention. I also got a LOT of pictures. Oh, well. I told the people who I was taking pictures of that I would be writing a review of the convention for this website with a "Top 5 best costumes" segment, so I was an Earth-2 shill whore all day. :toothy: Hopefully some of them will sign up on the forums. Now, as if it wasn't obvious before, I really need to work hard and fast on this convention review.

Can't wait for tomorrow and the Cowboy Bebop Lounge and the video game tourneys.

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Quick highlite of my schedule yesterday:

--Met Vic Mignogna, whom some of you will recognize as the voice of Edward Elric in English version of Fullmetal Alchemist. Really cool guy and I got him to autograph one of my "Case Closed" box sets. He's done several voices on that show, too. Also got a picture with him.

--Met Jessica Boone, who is the voice of Azmaria Hendrick in Chrono Crusade among MANY other things. Very nice, as well.

--Played in the Melty Blood Re-Act tourney and lost. Badly.

More details in the massive review which I hope to have done by Saturday.

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