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Season three of Star Trek opens with an alien race absconding with Spock's brain so it can power their society ("Spock's Brain"), and the crew stages a black ops mission to whisk away the Romulans' newest cloaking device ("The Enterprise Incident"). Berwyn! [ 1:22:40 || 40.1 MB ]


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One thing I'd add to the second episode is that it was cool for the Captain of the Romulans to not only be a woman but an older woman. That was neat to see. However, I think the way she descends into Pon Farr in the second half of the episode is pretty deplorable. She flirts and flirts with Spock for a while to the point where after she changes into a night gown she says "I look less like a commanding officer...and more like a woman.", implying that the two are non compatible. I'd suggest that for the sexism count, and it follows this show's pattern of women always going back to being lovey-dovey as the essence of their womanhood.

From this point on I consider the next 28 episodes a countdown until the season 3 finale, which I said is horrible. Really looking forward to your discussion on that.

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I'll give you credit due to the fact that the character was intended to be Savvik early on in the production process, but Kim Cattrall's character of Spock's protégé turned traitor in Star Trek IV was named Valeris.

Although to add to the confusion Valeris was originally going to be Savvik but (At least according to Shatner's memoires, this was blocked by Roddenbery who was already upset at the Federation being less than nice and said it was no way to treat a "Beloved Character"  a shame as I reckon it would have worked better as Savvik.  Also, in a lot of the tie-in novels it is stated that Savvik is half Romulan but I don't know if it was ever stated on screen.

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Just caught up. Glad Donovan caught the Balance of Terror cloaking device before the ep ended, I was going spare at you guys not remembering that!

I believe the internal canon as a result of the ship model production requirement is that the Klingons traded the D7 design for the cloak. So in fact budget issues in this season are why the Klingons have cloaks at all going forward. It can also be construed as why both Romans and Klingons trade heavily in Bird related ship names from here on. Although Enterprise counters that notion by bringing in Birds of Prey very early.

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