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ABC is developing a series focusing on Black Bolt and the Royal Family. The first two episodes will premiere in IMAX before the series debuts.

So, I'm assuming the movie is dead then. Still, this could be interesting. Maybe Super-powered Dynasty? Karnak throws a drink in someone's face, accidentally killing them.

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I am really, really over the whole comic book TV adaptation where iconic characters are reduced to pretty young people in leather jackets and jeans. Like watch Black Bolt be this early 30s unshaven guy with an icy stare mope about Medusa who's hair isn't endlessly long, and probably barely any red while they're at it. Unless superhero TV shows are WB or done on Netflix, they'll wind up copping out.

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I have two main issue with this show:


1. The actors never bothered to learn any fighting skills because every time they fight it looks awful. Medusa takes a guy out with some judo moves and it looks totally fake even though we only see it from across the street. 

2. The main characters are such douches that I feel zero empathy for them or their situation. Medusa is someone that I couldn't care less if she dies. Black Bolt doesn't even try to communicate with anyone even though he knows American sign language for some reason. It would have helped his situation at the police station if he started signing and they got an interpreter. The only character I want to see more of is Karnak because I like how his powers work.  

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