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Secret Empire #5: really good.

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #5: pretty good.

All-New Wolverine #22: you wouldn't expect her to take on the GOTG. But she does. It's pretty good.

Bloodshot's Day Off: yikes, not good.

Champions #10: ok, but not great.

Kiss/Vampirella #2: this was terrible.

Diablo House #1: I'm intrigued and want more.

Comics: 1051

Trades: 30

Graphic Novels: 24

Omnibuses: 15

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59 minutes ago, Dread said:

Crosswind started as a failed TV pilot. I would bet my house on it. Some dumb executive was like "oh now it's a comic! We can do something with it now!"

I wouldn't bet on that. Anyway, fingers crossed it makes tons of money so Gail Simone can do what she wants, because frankly, she's owed by the industry big time.

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Batman #33 (2016): Amusing to me that for no reason Jason resorted to blaming the black guy in the room.

Superman #33 (2016): My one nitpick, early in Super Sons we saw Lex Luthor meet Superboy. Here, Superman says he doesn't know Jon exists. WHICH IS IT DC?!?!?!

Nightwing #32 (2016): Don't love the forced tension between Nightwing and Huntress. The artwork's good but this book goes up and down for me.

Champions #11: OH NOEZ! THE COMMENTARY! This was good.

Champions #12: Good Cyclops issue. He's a good addition to the team and I like how everyone was so willing to help him out. I'm sure the X-Men would've done the same, but it reads differently with these characters.

Champions #13: Tie-In crossover issue with the Avengers. Not bad, but unlike #11 this didn't do much to plus the book or characters.

The Savage Dragon #227: I feel I missed something. Was there a time skip? I thought Malcolm and Maxine had just graduated high school before getting married, now they're 20 and 23 years old. This comic does operate in real time so I guess I never thought about it much.

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4 hours ago, Donomark said:

The Savage Dragon #227: I feel I missed something. Was there a time skip? I thought Malcolm and Maxine had just graduated high school before getting married, now they're 20 and 23 years old. This comic does operate in real time so I guess I never thought about it much.

It can move pretty damned quickly that way if you aren't paying attention. I'm like 15 issues behind, so I've got a ton to get through. Ha!

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25 minutes ago, The Master said:

Also: When did Savage Dragon start showing so much nudity? It always had a certain level of T&A, but exposed parts are fully on display in recent issues.

I think it was about 10 years ago the book went Mature Readers warning. It certainly snuck up on me though.

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Sheedeva: rough fantasy/bondage graphic novel. Some moments. Mostly just a real heavy homage to Serpieri without the great art.

Extremity #5: ok.

Gwar Orgasmageddon #2: really wished I was liking this.

Justice Inc. The Avengers #1: have they EVER made a good comic with this property?

Kull Eternal #1: did not expect a modern-day thing. Weird.

Nightwing #24: this was a fun issue to read just after writing a similar gauntlet for a similar character to go through.

Noble #3: I'm out.

Savage Things #5: still great.

Secret Empire Brave New World #3: the fucking J Jonah Jameson story was great.

Skybourne #4: really fun.

Superman #26: brought tears to my eyes.

Sapphire Spectre #1: no thanks.

The Unstoppable Wasp #7: fun.

Unholy Grail #1: not good.

The Unsound #2: fucking great. They're REALLY getting into it early.

The Visitor How and Why He Stayed #5: wished Hellboy never showed up. Didn't need to be there.

There's Nothing Out There #3: fucking awesome.

Vampirella #4: terrible art. Starting to lose interest here.

Warframe Ghouls #1: another video game comic I had no idea was a video game and couldn't follow as a result of it being made for the guys who play the game who will probably never read a comic.

X-Men Gold #7: really great.

Action Comics #983: awesome. Did not see that end coming at all.

Black Eyed Kids #13: might drop this. They keep doing the same thing.

Centipede #1: dumb.

Detective Comics #960: great.

Bug the Adventures of Forager #3: this sucks and that's terrible. Too damned bad.

Dark Days The Casting #1: weird, but ok.

Defenders #3: not great. Decent though.

Dread Gods #1: fuck it's so good to see Tom Raney artwork again. I want more. Now.

Calexit #1: set two years into Trumps second term. Solid.

Generation X #4: this one is terrible. ONE of the X-books had to be.

Grass Kings #5: decent.

Groo Play of the Gods #1: terrible. Never been a Groo guy, though.

Harbinger Renegade #5: solid. Valiant doesn't fuck around.

Hulk #8: not too good. With this and what I've heard about the direction it's taking, I'll take this opportunity to drop it.

Jean Grey #4: a team-up with Unworthy Thor who's drunk. Great.

Justice League of America #10: good start.

Old Man Logan #26: decent.

Planet of the Apes Green Lantern #6: alright.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12: sad. great issue.

Redline #5: Why am I reading this still? I'm out. Unless this was the last issue. It seemed like it might be. This kind of sucked.

Rocket #3: ok. Solid.

Skin & Earth #1: terrible.

Suicide Squad #21: still fantastic.

The Divide States of Hysteria #2: not sure what to make of this yet.

The Sovereigns #3: I'm out, sadly.

Uber Invasion #7: holy fuck. This was a whole issue dedicated to a group of Allied enhanced soldiers slowly and methodically, and brutally killing a Nazi superpower. Brutal.

Comics: 1096

Trades: 30

Graphic Novels: 25

Omnibuses: 15



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Savage Things #1-8: This starts out really strong, with a mass murder revealing a long-buried government conspiracy. And it builds and builds, leading to more and more brutal attacks throughout NYC. Then it begins to meander; the series all but stops to stretch it out to eight issues, yet the issues read too quickly. I've rarely seen a series that's slow in parts but also featuring quick-to-read issues. The ending comes by changing locations and jumping forward in time, though we're never told how far forward we've gone. (It feels like an entire other series could fit between #7 and 8, if only because we never see or hear of the aftermath in New York. We're all but asked to forget about the city-leveling plot Cain kicked off and the havoc he wrought.) Had this been a five- or six-issue series, it would have been much stronger.

Ibrahim Moustafa keeps the series visually interesting, despite the action being mostly gunfire and knife fights. He excels at making the flashbacks softer in tone, shading, and even the thickness of his lines. At times there's a Walking Dead / Charlie Adlard feel to it, and Jordan Boyd's colors are exactly how I imagine The Walking Dead looking if it had colors. He, too, is able to change his style depending on when we are. While the entire series has a more muted palette, the contemporary scenes feature darker tones than the ones set 25 years ago.

Savage Things is worth a flip-through, I'll say that, it just could have finished stronger -- or sooner.

Comics: 462
Manga: 2

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Totally Awesome Hulk #20,21: this is fun stuff in the WMD storyline.

Weapon X #5: see above.

World Reader #4: pretty good.

X-Men Blue #7: SOLID Secret Empire crossover. Fucking fantastic.

Youngblood #3: not sold on this.

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #6: decent.

Archie #22: craziness.

Astonishing X-Men #1: ho-hum but sold on the last page. The second issue better be fucking good.

Aquaman #25-28: not sure if you guys knew but Stjepan Sejic is the artist on Aquaman now, and though it goes without saying, it's fuckdiculously good.

Gotham City Garage #1: hahaha! Fuck no.

The DC Universe of Mike Mignola: so, this is the great Phantom Zone miniseries (with P CRaig Russell inks for the win!) and a couple great Batman stories (including one from Secret Files of Batman and Robin (written in the style of the 60s show) taking on a fully-powered Clayface for the first time. Sandwiched in the middle is a bunch of bullshit Superman stuff. Terrible. I know that people shit on the 90s, but in the 1980s John Byrne was so fucking popular, major comic companies allowed him to write big books for them. Think about that. He's the worst.

Comics: 1110

Trades: 30

Graphic Novels: 25

Omnibuses: 16

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Teen Titans 13 (2016):  Again, whenever the book is about anyone but Damian, it's wonderful He really drags this title down.

Batgirl #16 (2016): Dialogue felt off in this one. Not bad, but not great.

Detective Comics #967: Fantastic issue, especially the opening sequence. I swear James Tynion IV is the best Bruce Wayne writer in the biz right now.

Action Comics #990: Awesome stuff

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #8: Good follow-up on the previous issue, and the scene between Ben and Kaine at the beginning was particularly great.

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #9: This book is on point now. Loving it.

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Queen & Country by Greg Rucka (mostly), is pretty darn right amazing. It has a "The Wire" like sensibility on bureaucracy where much of the time is the stories are less about crazy invincible spy adventures and more about how the decisions are made behind closed doors, and the brutal psychological and physical impacts these "adventures" take on the real people that undertake them. I've got one more novel left, but I already love the change in status quo that Rucka has created in the last two novels. It makes each novel feel fresh and represents new challenges for our characters that we wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise.

To get hyped for the new Thor movie, I read a bunch of Thor material, the last and only time I've ever really enjoyed Thor on the page was JMS' run, it was my first exposure and every exposure afterwards never really sparked my imagination.

Jason Aaron's God of Thunder vol. 1-4: I was really satisfied with this run overall. This was a lot of fun for the first two trades involving the God Eater and God Bomb (along with 1 issue after), mixing large scale, adventurous plots along with a rollicking time travel story with three Thors, against an all-powerful, non-stop, motivated villain amongst an interesting reflection almost a meditation on what it means to be a god, the values of the gods, and how spite might form because of them. By the third arc, that deals with Malekith the Dark Elf, the book takes a bit of a dip and is not quite as awesome, where we get a motivated but bland one dimensional villain, thrown together supporting characters team, and while fun, but obvious tale of basic good vs. evil with a dash of Cosmic politics.  The last arc tried to reach the heights of the fantastic first two arcs, but didn't quite get there, it certainly played into the split structure between different Thors more, making it more satisfying as a wrap around conclusion of the run. The ending though, like all comics, was a non ending - more of an advertisement for the next book, reminding me why I don't spend as much time reading traditional superheroes anymore.

Kieron Gillen's Journey into Mystery: I read about half of this before I decided it wasn't for me. And really I should have known better, Gillen's fill in runs on Thor after JMS left were not my bag either, but I thought a refreshing take on the mythos that focused on a teenage Loki who knows who he's supposed to become and has to deal with the weight of his destiny or fight against it, would be far more interesting that it was in execution. The Loki plots were far more difficult to follow than JMS's stylings, and the book is narrative heavy, something I'm not too fond of.

On the flip side of all of that, I read Garth Ennis' run on Hitman, after hearing about how it might even have been better than Preacher, which I really enjoyed so long ago.

 Hitman by Garth Ennis: It doesn't quite hit the highs that I felt with Preacher, but there are moments in this run that are beautiful, especially in it's second half. The first half errs on the side of a very goofy, fun, aspect that is enjoyable (a zombie zoo) with a few emotional moments, but the second half is filled emphasizes an absolute onslaught of heartfelt moments about brotherhood, friendship, family, regret, and even love, while never fore-going the goofy (there's an arc with the Hitman crew vs. dinosaurs).  The issue with Superman in particular, is a stand-out issue, the arc about Ringo and Tommy, along with the final emotional arc of the series. Who knew that a story about a bunch of misfit assassins and heroes would have such an impact on me. I had a blast reading this, but wasn't able to see how truly wonderful it was until the second half. Not sure if I'm going to keep this one around for my collection or it's going to go back up on E-bay, but I enjoyed the hell out of it and would love to share it with others. If I have to debate about keeping it, it means that I'm debating about reading it again in the future  and it's good enough to sit with my favorites (Preacher, BKV's Y the Last Man & Ex Machina, Ultimates 1 & 2, Bendis' DD, Sin City, Brubaker's Criminal & Sleeper, Ellis' Planetary, Transmet, & Fell, Morrison & Whedon's X-men). Given how much of a pain it was to find a decent set of this on ebay, that debate might last a little while. I think right now, I'm leaning towards it ending up in someone else's hands.  I forget how much I like Ennis sometimes.

Up Next: Probably going to read the two spin-off minis for Hitman about the side characters - Six Pac and Section 8. Given that they weren't my favorite part of the series, I'm doing this more for completion sake. I've got DMZ by Brian Wood sitting in my clothes closet (instead of boxes), so I guess that's coming up next.  And I want to read some Black Panther before the film (maybe some Christopher Priest).

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Green River Killer: A True Detective Story: a truly beautiful, emotional headtrip of a book. Written by the son of one of the lead detectives on the case. Fuck. I had no idea how much involvement they had with Ridgeway.

The Complete Doc Unknown: fun Hellboy-style pulp. Good stuff.

Bettie Page #1: fantastic. Loving this.

Britannia We Who Are About to Die #4: shitty end. Terrible theme this year with miniseries I like.

Darkness Visible #6: see above.

Generation Gone #1: I had no idea what was coming and was delighted.

Invincible Iron Man #9: really fun. Not liking where they're taking the Stark angle though.

Kill the Minotaur #2: creepy. I dig it.

Magnus #2: I may have just lost interest in this series.

Nightwing #25: solid end to this arc.

Comics: 1118

Trades: 30

Graphic Novels: 26

Omnibuses: 17



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26 minutes ago, Dread said:

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story: a truly beautiful, emotional headtrip of a book. Written by the son of one of the lead detectives on the case. Fuck. I had no idea how much involvement they had with Ridgeway.

That book really messed me up when I read it a few years ago. Consumed it in one shot, too.

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