Deadpool 2

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I think the first one is tighter, but this movie entertained me more. The directing was a lot more interesting this time, the new characters were great and I just had a really good time. I appreciated the smaller scale (in relation to other blockbusters) and the fact that it wasn't as mean-spirited as it could have been. Loved Domino, need more of her ASAP.

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Started this earlier this week but stopped around the 50 minute mark because I could barely stay awake. That's not a slam at the movie. I was just that tired. When you get to be as old as I am, staying awake to finish a movie is a lot more difficult. Now get off my lawn.

I love the classic songs on the soundtrack. Takes me back to hearing them as a kid. Good to see they redeemed the Juggernaut. What was done to him in X3 was inexcusable. (And I liked X3.) And after over 12 years, we finally got to see Colossus vs. Juggernaut. The end-credits scenes were spectacular.


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The one complaint I have story-wise is Domino's costume. No woman would ever go into battle in a push-up bra with her breasts bulging out of her top. If they were going to go with that, they should have made a joke out of it, breaking the fourth wall with Deadpool mocking this particular (sexist, let's be honest) comic book convention.

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