Episode 11.01

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Dave and Ian embark on a new show for the summer: Star Cops from 1987. In "An Instinct for Murder," Chief Superintendent Nathan Spring reluctantly finds his name on the shortlist for the job as Commander of the International Space Police Force. While visiting a European space station as part of his interview, a prominent politician dies during a spacewalk and Spring finds himself in charge of the investigation. In "Conversations with the Dead," Spring's girlfriend, Lee, is murdered in Spring's home while he is in space. While Spring returns to Earth, his second in command, David Theroux, investigates when a ship is sent off course and the two-person crew are very aware that they are as good as dead. In "Intelligent Listening for Beginners," Spring and Theroux seek out corruption in the ranks while they investigate a series of computer failures, and new recruit Colin Devis and a recently fired Pal Kenzy find themselves having to foil a hijacking. They also discuss what a balding man's hair should look like in zero gravity, the show's awful yet addictively catchy theme song, and Dave launches his attempt to make #TeamDevis a thing. [ 2:35:15 || 74.5 MB ]

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I'm glad you guys decided to cover star cops.  I enjoyed the series, with all it's cold-war intrigue and politics between nations.  We've left the age of the giant mainframe computer and entered the age of the Sony Walkman and household PC, so the enormous aquarium that was ORAC is not there, instead we have the handheld personal assistant, "box."  Excellent.

That danged theme tune.  

1.Somehow the version in my head has a lot more sort of funky synth-bass line "it won't be easy (bow wa na bop bop) with out you..." making it a bit more fun, a bit more disco or something, and both better and worse somehow.  Either way, I think the theme is potentially a gateway to insanity.

2. what's with the lyrics... was it written with the events of episode 2 in mind? Is missing his fiancee' a thing that remains as a theme throughout the season? We shall see.  I may try to rewatch.

3. In that BBC docu "the cult of star cops" you can actually see Kim Newman saying that the theme tune is probably the worst theme tune ever (or something to that effect).

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