X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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33 minutes ago, Donomark said:

Agreed. And I still haven't seen Apocalypse and from all accounts it's lame, but I am unashamedly hyped for this movie. It looks like an X-Men film, and the majority of the franchise are just character tangents. 

I enjoyed Apocalypse for what it was. None of the X-Men movies are "change your life" movies, but they all pack some kind of enjoyment. Except maybe the third one. Also I never saw the first Wolverine movie.

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Can't say I'm surprised.

I do want to ask when this narrative of "Oh, the X-Men movies always sucked" came out. Everyone enjoyed Days of Future Past fine enough, and we had the last two Wolverine movies and the two Deadpool films. Apocalypse may've been bad, but it's weird that people are spitting on this franchise which such relish in a way that doesn't correlate to the history of popular reception.

X-Men: Positive

X-2: Positive

The Last Stand: Negative

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Negative

First Class: Positive

The Wolverine: Positive

Days of Future Past: Positive

Deadpool: Positive

Apocalypse: Negative

Logan: Positive

Deadpool 2: Positive


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I don't know...as a single film I don't think so. First of all you have to decide if you're dealing with the Phoenix Force or Jean's untapped power potential. One or the other. Then you have to build up Jean as the Phoenix. Then have her be manipulated by the Hellfire Club or some villain, then do Dark Phoenix, then go cosmic with the Shi'ar Empire. It's a multi-part ongoing story. Maybe a trilogy could've done it, but trying to do it in one film is simply a case of misplaced priorities, like Spider-Man 3.

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On 6/10/2019 at 10:57 PM, teenalphabro said:

As someone who's never read Dark Phoenix, I gotta ask: would it even be conducive to a film adaptation? 

No, primarily because you need to establish the Shi'ar empire first. And having Jean Grey destroy an entire planet and murder billions of sentient beings would not fly in a movie. I'm sure that's why...


the Phoenix Force destroyed the alien race's home planet before it merged with Jean.

And the Hellfire Club thing was very important to the story. Like @Donomark said, it would have to be more than one movie.

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