Episode 42: Kirsten Dunst


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It's Ian's birthday month and for Hey, an Actor! he has picked Kirsten Dunst as the featured star, even if he can't pronounce her first name properly. Making hay of her relatively long career for someone her age, The Brothers Wilson watch her grow from a child vampire in Interview with the Vampire to an assured teen performer in cheerleader / sports movie Bring It On, and finally as the adult lead in the overly serious Lars von Trier drama Melancholia. Along the way, they give everyone a dentistry update, Pandy reminisces about his wedding, and Ian turns heel on both Australians and the poor due to his potential homeowner status. And The Orgs drop feedback that is so entertaining that it gets remixed for the end theme! [ 3:07:45 || 90.5 MB ]

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Great episode as always, especially the Orgs' feedback and the closing overview Dunst's career. Hope my email wasn't too long and tedious.

I think it's worth pointing out that Dunst was in Hidden Figures, which came out internationally at the beginning of this year. I've not seen the film yet, but judging from the trailer, she plays a mean mid-level authority figure, which is certainly against type for her.

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