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As announced in Episode 11.3, we're trying a new format for our next featured show - The Persuaders! (exclamation mark is part of the show title, not me adding wacky emphasis). Instead of covering each of the shows in the 24-episode strong season, we are picking 3 episodes PER episode of TABHAL. For Episode 12.1, we have the first episode locked in, but we're putting the other two episodes to a vote!

Below are brief synopses and a list of guest stars to tempt your fancy/win your vote. Also note that the vote is split between two categories, as the episodes in question either take place in England or the Mediterranean, and for 12.1 at least, we want to tackle at least one of each. Polls close at the end of the week (Sunday 13 August) - thanks for playing!

#2 - The Gold Napoleon (Med) - When a sniper hits a girl nearby Danny (Tony Curtis), he and Brett (Roger Moore) try to work out who was the real target and uncover a currency smuggling ring along the way. Guest stars: Susan "wife of Manimal" George

#3 - Take Seven (England) - A beautiful aristocrat approaches Brett & Danny when it looks like she is being defrauded out of her inheritance by her long-lost brother, whom she claims to be an imposter. Guest stars: Sinead Cusack

#4 - Greensleeves (England) - One of Brett's ancestral homes which he thought to be mothballed turns about to be a flurry of activity. After utilizing the manor's secret tunnels and going undercover as an actor to pose as himself, he calls on Danny to join the deception as his Hungarian butler. Guest stars: Cy "Lt. Green from Captain Scarlett" Grant

#5 - Powerswitch (Med) - After fishing a drowned go-go dancer out of the sea, Brett & Danny join forces with her room-mate to go after probable suspects, one of whom is a business associate of Danny. Guest stars: Annette Andre (original Randall & Hopkirk: Deceased) and "national joke" Lionel Blair.

#6 - The Time and the Place (England) - Danny stumbles across a dead political journalist on the estate of a right wing politician, who Brett knows socially. The subsequent disappearance of the corpse, only for it to turn up in a separate incident, leads to a larger investigation into a wider political conspiracy that Brett & Danny have to thwart. Guest stars: Ian Hendry

#7 - Someone Like Me (England) - Brett is one of only a handful of people who is allowed access to a prominent multi-millionaire, whose reclusivity is famous. So when it looks like someone is trying to clone Brett, he and Danny deduce someone is trying to use them to get close to him. Guest stars: Bernard "original M" Lee.

#8 - Anyone Can Play (England) - A case of mistaken identity gets Danny into trouble in Brighton after his failsafe winning system sees a casino pay out to him and not the operative who got there late. Naturally, they want their money back.... Guest stars: Richard "Slartibartfast" Vernon

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