Episode 44: Burt Reynolds


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What better way to celebrate the twin accomplishments of Ian's impending house ownership, and Burt Reynolds' entire film career than having a Pandy editing special? The Brother's Wilson investigate three films around the pinnacle of his popularity: the sexy rootin, tootin musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas; the banjo and sodomy classic Deliverance; and the mothertruckin' Smokey and the Bandit. Listen in to hear some of Reynolds' amazing pithy one-liners, discover Pandy's deep history with one of the films, find out how Ian would use Emmett Brown to improve a film, and hear The Brothers saying they don't want to speak ill of the dead despite speaking ill of the dead. [ 2:38:27 || 76.5 MB ]


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90% of the through this (lifesaver to find this release just as I embarked upon a drive home from Edinburgh).

Damn you Pandy! When will your accursed generation finally bow to the prevailing taste consensus?! Kidding, I've never seen deliverance and frankly don't feel an urgent need to rectify that situation. What I know about it I've no desire to see. Duelling Banjos is great though.

So glad you both enjoyed SATB, just a classic old school comedy that still gets aped today, certainly a lot of people reference the mid credits gag reel as being popularised by the film. Its just so simple, so cartoonish in its central character dynamic of Smokey as Tom and the Bandit as Jerry. People just aren't allowed to be as cool as Burt Reynolds in this film anymore. 

Makes me want to watch it again. EASTBOUND AND DOWN!

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