Episode 35


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The Riddler chases down a political dissident, with Kirk and his crew trapped in the middle ("Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"). And a childhood illness might hold the key for an ever-growing / never-dying population ("The Mark of Gideon"). [ 1:14:57 || 36.4 MB ]


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     I found your conclusion to "The Mark of Gideon" to be interesting.  My perspective on population and control is much different from yours and would like you to share more. I realize there may be a good chance I would vehemently disagree but I still want to know and understand your perspective.

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I was curious about your views on population. I agree that the subject of population is something that can take a different perspective every twenty years or so. You briefly mentioned population and healthcare but then moved away because you did not want to go into a political tangent. If I were given the topic of overpopulation the first thing that would have come to my mind would be the memory of watching the Captain Planet episode where rats were used as an allegory for too many humans being a problem. Then I would just start thinking of other bad or really awkward ways people have tried to control population.

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I used to have similar beliefs, subscribing to the ideas of Rev. Thomas Malthus. Since then I have come to realize that there have been a few times in history where the human race should have been too large to sustain itself, but there comes a scientific breakthrough. There is also the trend of seeing most countries having a smaller birth rate once they become more developed. I noticed that people from less developed countries have many children in the hope that at least one will take care of them in their old age. People from more developed countries hope that the thing that will take care of them in their old age will be their : retirement plan, investments/business/assets, or social security. That last one is if there are enough younger people paying into the system so that it could keep going.

That is what I thought Mike was talking about when he mentioned health care.

I agree with Mike that I would not know how to control population. Especially when you factor religion. I have also noticed that throughout history the people who advocate for having fewer children often end up with many children. Tolstoy encouraged people to have less children yet he fathered 14 children. Ted Turner has 5 kids (that we know of) yet he has been preaching for decades about how everyone needs to have fewer children.

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On 11/12/2017 at 12:57 AM, The Master said:

While I think the population is too large to sustain our current global civilization and I do worry about depleting resources, I don't have any specific thoughts about how to better control population growth.

Probably why only an insane person would bring up that issue in their sf franchise.


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