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Aquaman #43 (2018): Start of Kelly Sue Deconnick run, just in time for the new movie! Arthur has lost his memory and is rediscovering who he is. I generally don't like these blatant movie tie-in stories and DC used to not be about that, but this was very well written and the art was good, so I'm not hating. 

Speaking of movie tie-ins...

Killmonger #1-#2: By Bryan Edward Hill who I've been following closely since before he had his run on Detective Comics. Picked this up after listening to his recent Word Balloon interview. It's not bad. I liked the second issue more than the first. Juan Ferreyra's art is generally good with some inconsistencies here or there. Everything reads like a MAX book without the gratuities. Some of the overt tie-ins to the BP movie are in-artfully included tho.

Batman #61 (2018): Good, but by this time in King's run I've gotten used to the back and forth of his run's quality so a good issue means less now.

Nightwing #55 (2018): I kinda don't care anymore.

No Man's Land Ultimate Edition vol.4: Read for the 9th anniversary end of year Batgirl to Oracle special, which is an almost five-hour show, but if you've not read No Man's Land and you consider yourself a Batman fan, you owe it to yourself to read it. The new trades feature previously un-reprinted stories like Catwoman and Azrael and they're variable in quality but the main issues written by Greg Rucka are some of the best Batman and especially Gordon stories you will ever read in your life. 

Captain America #6 (2018): Very well written intrigue. I think Lenil Yu's art is a bit too hard-edged for this story, where it's mostly just talking. I don't love his Steve. But it's not awful either.

Amazing Spider-Man #813: As a Spider-Man fan, this was a lot of fun. Spencer invokes a lot of continuity which doesn't feel like showing off in the way that Dan Slott always did. 

Trade Paperbacks: 22

Single Issues: 282

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Weapon X #19: I'm really liking this run, but it just started to slow down. I hope they get this back in line because it's so good.

X-Men Gold #29: have weddings ever worked as good comics? 

X-Men Red #5: ah...Namor. Good times seeing Namor in X-books.

A Walk Through Hell #2: solid and weird. 

Babyteeth #11: motherfucker...this is good.

Bloodstrike #0: jesus...90s worship with terrible art seems to be a go-to lately for shitty comics.

Deadpool Assassin #1: the absolute drizzling shits.

Detective Comics #982: I'm about an issue away in this series and Batman from just dropping all Bat-books. This was horrible. Terrible art. A story that made me wonder why they bothered.

Doctor Strange #1: also the total shits.

Domino #3: not sure if I'm just not liking comics anymore, but this is a jumping off point for me.

Hawkman #1: looks pretty, but I couldn't give a shit about the story.

Hunt for Wolverine Adamantium Agenda #2: really solid.

Infinity Countdown Darkhawk #2: not great.

Man of Steel #3: this was terrible. There's my out. No more Superman under Bendis for me.

Marvel Two In One Annual #1: holy fuck.


Comics: 1028

Trades: 33

Graphic Novels: 21

Omnibus: 13

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Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha: An AU three-chapter volume by dragonarow LEE about a kid who seemingly dies and is reincarnated as Yamcha, a character who's general lameness in the Dragon Ball series has become so complete a meme of the franchise, it's crossed both US and Japan  understanding. (Think people believing Aquaman is lame, but on an international scale). He seeks to use his knowledge of the DB franchise to survive the intense battles and hook up with Bulma. This is a blast. Short but sweet. There's a lot of time-skips which left me wanting more but what's given and the ending is terrific. LEE's art style is almost identical to 90s, old-school Akira Toriyama in a way that's nearly indistinguishable. Unlike much of the DB franchise which, since Resurrection F has more or less left me cold, this is a must-read for fans.

Trade Paperbacks: 23

Single Issues: 282

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Adding for the year's final tally.

Savage Dragon #238, 239: god this book has gotten bonkers. 

Project Superpowers Omnibus Vol 1: this took a long time to get through. About half excellent and another quarter good, and then a quarter too long.

Clandestine Family Ties: what a beautiful trip through the Marvel Universe as drawn by Alan Davis. My vote for the greatest living superhero artist, but a huge margin. Fun. I love this creation of his too. It was also delightful to see him draw Excalibur again.

The New Warriors Darkness & Light: this closes out Nicieza's run on this book and is pretty damned solid. The art is up and down, even Darick Robertson's stuff is inconsistent. Still, the stories and characters are strong.

Bram Stoker's Dracula: most people probably don't remember Topps Comics, let alone their color adaptation of the Coppola film written byRoy Thomas and drawn by Mike Mignola. This large sized black and white reprint is fucking gorgeous. Maybe some of Mignola's best work.

Shaolin Cowboy Start Trek: the reprint of the Burlyman books. It's excessive and irreverent but somehow profoundly exciting comics. Darrow is a living legend.

The New Defenders Epic Collection: this is a really great era for the team. I dig it a lot. Maybe even better than Gerber's work. I do not dig the Iceman or Beuaty & the Beast miniseries included within.

Old Man Logan #41: one of the more consistent books of the year.

Plastic Man #1: ehhh.....maybe give it one more.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #23: good.

Robocop Citizens Arrest #3: this is low-key, super fun.

Stellar #1: this was really cool. I'm reading more.

Suicide Squad #43: fucking solid. Another super consistent book this year.

Immortal Men #2: ehhh...I'm done here.

The Magic Order #1: also done here. so boring.

Comics: 1038

Trades: 36

Graphic Novels: 21

Omnibus: 16

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Though I slowed down midway through the year, I read a lot of good books. Injustice is phenomenal (and I need to finish it), All-New Wolverine was solid, X-Men: Red was an amazing surprise, and Mister Miracle hit every emotional beat with ease.

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