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Made Men #2: after being shocked by the first issue, I was also shocked by the second. Crazy.

Maestros #1: weird, but I'll give it another.

Nightwing #31: solid.

Normandy Gold #4: the worst issue of the series thus far, but still pretty good as far as that goes.

Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #1: solid. Great storytelling. 

Comics: 181

Trades: 1

Graphic Novels: 2

Omnibus: 3

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Batman The War Of Jokes And Riddles: I'm obligated to have beef with this comic because the writer's CIA, but fuck I liked this. His work with Kite-Man is good and the twists work.
Django Unchained: Get the letterers a raise. Get Reggie Hudlin, the guy who adapted Tarantino's script, a raise. They did the Lord's work on this one. Art's great and the artists tradeoff isn't jarring, which means that the colorists did well. Tarantino's tarantinoisms are expaserating to read on the page.
Void Trip #1: They put Cheech and Chong in Saga. Dollar store plain yogurt.
Infidel #1: This screams 2000's era Vertigo so much, which makes sense because the writer's an ex-Vertigo editor. It's a horror story set in a Muslim family living in New York City. The script could use work and some parts are a little clunky, but I think this is dude's first experience writing a comic.
Prism Stalker #1: Leave Sloane Leong alone and they're gonna do trippy scifi shit. No idea what the story is, but it's pretty as fuck.

I re-read Rai 13 and man, that team executed Astro Boy Rai well.

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Bingo Love: Super sweet story about two bi women who are childhood sweethearts, get separated by their parents, end up marrying men and having families, and then reunite when they're older. It takes an honest look at their lives and the effect it has on their families when they get back together. Ending is a bit eyerolly, but for an 80 page book, pretty sweet. Backed this on Kickstarter, got the Carla Speed McNeil cover. 

I Hate Fairyland 16: Skottie goes straight up horror while still keeping everything in line with the aesthetics he's established so far. Interested to see what he's about to do with this arc. 

Twisted Romance 1-2: The general pattern with these so far seems to be that I enjoy the A-story the most, skip the prose piece to come back to on a second or third read through, and aren't that interested in the B-story. Kate Skelly's story in 1 and Alejandra Guiterrez's story in 2 are the type of romance stuff I would LOVE to see; supernatural/vague horror and queer poc, respectively. I really need to read the prose stories. 

Gideon Falls 1: Lemire and Sorrentino are back together for an urban and rural religious horror that are clearly going to collide at some point, though we don't quite know when. First issue is intriguing and has my attention. 

Infidel 1: Jim is pretty on the nose in calling this mid 00s Vertigo horror, and I'm interested to see where this goes. 

Firebug: Collection of the Johnny Christmas/Tamra Bonvillain story from Island. Gorgeous art, great story, definitely something I'm happy to have collected in a single volume. 

Moonshine 7: Fuck if I remember what was going on in this comic when it last came out. At least it came back? 

Prism Stalker 1: McKelvie recently said he'd read this and called it the best comic you haven't read yet this year. I agree. Gorgeous, trippy as fuck sci-fi, with a vague tinge of horror, and I can't wait to see how this develops. I'm in. 

Black Monday Murders 8: I continue to not know what the fuck is going on here, and I don't even fucking care, it's completely Hickman bonkers and dense in the best way. 

Sleepless 3: Vague hints of backstory against the drama of a tournament. Aw yeah.

Rumble 3: Still not entirely sure what's happening here, but fuck yeah David Rubin.  

WicDiv 1923: Feels like an illustrated novel that you'd find similar back in the 20s. Aud Koch does gorgeous work for the comics sections, the prose is dense is fuck, and man, I am especially interested to see how this plays into the new arc. 

Single Issues: 12
Trades/Tankobon/Graphic Novels/Anthologies: 4
Omnibuses: 1

Not sure if I missed something, I'm sure Jim will nudge me if that's the case. 

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War of the Independents #1: jesus, this was awful.

Superb #4: ok, I guess. I'm just not that interested anymore.

Superman #33: holy fuck. I need this in my life.

Swordquest #4: solid.

The Realm #2: I'll bite for one more.

Vampirella #7: This would have been cute for a couple pages, but an entire issue? Ugh...

X-Men Gold #14: so great.

Insufferable vol 1: love the art. This is an interesting mirror-work for my novel in progress, so I was interested to check it out when the novel was done its first draft. Finally got to it. Pretty good.

Comics: 188

Trades: 2

Graphic Novels: 2

Omnibus: 3

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The Flash by Mark Waid Book Three: This book has the Wieringo run (rather, the beginning of it). Out of fifteen issues, Ringo draws 12, I think. It's a developing style but is pretty well-cemented by the end. The last few issues (ironically, where Impulse gets his first stories since he is so often thought of when thinking of MW) are drawn by Carlos Pacheco who looks like he's aping MW. It's weird. Some really decent inks on that Pacheco art by Wayne Faucher @The Master, so we can't blame him ;)

Action Comics #990: i liked this, but I feel like I've seen this story before. Just feels a little tired.

All-New Wolverine #26: liked this a lot.

Black Crown Quarterly #1: oh god...make it stop. Terrible. 

Detective Comics #967: fantastic.

Eternity #1: not the best, but I dig the art, so I'll give it another.

Glitterbomb The Fame Game #2: quite good. A great twist on the original series. I like it a lot. Might just wait for the trade to read it all in one.

Quantum and Woody #0.00011/2: this is a fucking ballsy move for a zero issue. Didn't strike me as offensive, but it didn't fill me with hope.

Sisters of Sorrow #4: great.

The Hard Place #3: hard to see where this is going to go.

Bloodshot Salvation #2: eh...not great.

Comics: 198

Trades: 2

Graphic Novels: 2

Omnibus: 4

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Detective Comics #974: Great issue. I wanted to see Cassandra put her fist through Kate Kane's self-righteous face.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #42: Not bad. Been a while since we've had a really super-dynamic Spider-Man artist though, so the art was fine but could've had more punch for an annual.

Kick-Ass #1 (2018): The story's decent but the actual dialogue was surprisingly lame and rote. Millar's heart doesn't seem to be in it.

Trade Paperbacks: 8

Single Issues: 34

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See Episode 999 for the 25 books examined there in.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-12: See episode 1000.

Doctor Strange #385: Kind of a tepid ending to an otherwise great opening storyline. It's not bad, it's that you can see all of the should-be shocking reveals from the start of the arc.

Spirits of Vengeance #1: Looks great, but I'm not hooked. Maybe I'll come back.

Comics: 272

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Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight #1: this was some dumb fun.

Hack/Slash Resurrection #1: This was ok. Interested to see where it goes.

Jean Grey #8: not very good.

Nightwing The New Order #3: this was alright.

Punisher The Platoon #2: terrible.

The Ruff & Reddy Show #1: this was alright. Weird.

The Unsound #5: kind of losing steam on this.

The X-Files JFK Disclosure #1: so good.

Thor Where Walks the Frostgiants #1: I would bet this was a story they've had in a drawer since the late 90s that they pulled now that Thor's a successful movie franchise. It's fucking garbage.

USAvengers #11: a fucking alien Archie spoof? So. Fucking. Weird. Love it.

Victor Lavalle's Destroyer #6: this was not a great ending. Loved the series. It ended poorly.

Weapon X #10: fucking great.

Future Quest vol 2: so fun. I love this art, I love this story.

The Wild Storm vol 1: fucking excellent. This is all I want out of a Wildstorm series. Warren Ellis' best work in a decade, easily.

Comics: 235

Trades: 4

Graphic Novels: 2

Omnibus: 4

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Nightwing #39 (2016): The flashback sequence by Phil Jimenez went a LONG way for me on this. The reference to his original costume, the Titans cameos, the setting. I've not been loving this story, but this issue was nice fanservice. 

Batman #41 (2016): There's a really (gonna be charitable) bizarre sequence with multiple characters that should've not fallen through the editor colander, and really damages what I thought was otherwise a cool issue. I do not like Poison Ivy being so godlike powerful, but if she's gonna be like that then go all the way with it, which they did here.

Super Sons #13: Really fun. The West-Reeve school was a nice touch.

Action Comics #997: Awesome comics.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #19 (2016): It's so funny how the original new 52 series was so bad, but this Rebirth book is so solid. How did Scott Lobdell do that?

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #19: Decent read

Titans Sell-Out Special: From the post-Titans Hunt era when Tom Grummett was on the book, before Dick and Kori's wedding in #100. The Titans move to LA and try to get a cartoon franchise going. It's incredibly eerie because the cartoon was very much like Teen Titans Go, in how it's basically a Tiny Toons pastiche. This is pretty bad though. Earlier in the issue Slade dies (I guess, obviously he gets better) and the Titans mourn for all of a page, then the next scene they're chillaxing at the pool and sunbathing. Wolfman's infamous writer's block is in full effect here.

Falcon #5 (2017): I've stopped caring about this comic.

Incredible Hulk #713: Oh snap!

Captain America #698: pretty good

Ms. Marvel #27 (2016): Ditto

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Defenders #10: Nice ending for the book.

Batman #41: This took all of three minutes to read, so boo to that. More concerning is the very racially charged image on the two-page spread. The cricket player is... wow. I have no words. It's fucking bad. And I think the man in the headscarf is playing with wires, which is suggestive.

Fantastic Four #347-349: Man, this is not as much fun as I had remembered -- and I read this last year. Art Adams's pages are amazing, of course, but the four members of the new Fantastic Four (Spider-Man, grey Hulk, Wolverine, Ghost Rider) don't act as a team and it's not really entertaining watching them bicker with The Hulk. Spider-Man is a touch fun, I will admit, as he's able to negotiate with Mole Man, but that's all I took away from this.

What If... Newer Fantastic Four: Nope.

What If...? #78: Peter and the New FF sit around trying to figure out how to pay the bills (really), then they get their asses kicked until Doom saves them.

Comics: 279

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I remember reading What If...Newer Fantastic Four as a kid and finding it bizarre, with stuff happening just because. I also got the original New Fantastic Four storyline at a convention years later and was so disappointed. For one thing, there was so much convoluted then-current stuff happening that I didn't know about. Also, it didn't seem like all that much happened. What should've been just a crazy fun adventure was bogged down by stuff that doesn't really matter in the long run. Still dig the concept of the team though, and I really enjoyed the homage last year, with the new Ghost Rider, Hulk, Spidey and Wolverine. 

And I wish the Mike Wieringo tribute What If FF issue was easier to find.

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Abbott #1: Saladin Ahmed writes a 70's black reporter. See, the rub is she's poor. And black. In Detroit. And we know she's a good soul because figuratively everyone she meets in the first issue tells her how honest and brave she is. Once I understood it was a nod to cheap detective shows I eased up a little, but ugh, as Rucka said about Chandler: Put the hammer down, [Saladin]. The art team is the star here.
Gideon Falls #1: Get the Green Arrow team back together on a horror comic heavily influenced by Twin Peaks, I guess?
Twisted Romance 1-3: I skipped the prose pieces and just read the comics. I liked the CSM story, though I'm not sold on Ms. McNeil's style using what looks like charcoal. It's a romance comic series, it's what's on the tin.
Scales & Scoundrels #1-3: Look, it's another off brand D&D comic.

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X-Men Blue #14: I never put a lot of heart into reading the Mojo stories of X-books of yesteryear, but I appreciate how forward thinking they were. This is the perfect story for now and it's not that different than the stuff that came in the past.

Big Hero Six Heroes of Sanfransokyo: just an adaptation of the movie. Not the best.

Jughead The Hunger #1: not bad.

Justice League of America #17: not the best arc, but I really enjoyed the finale.

Suicide Squad #28: really fun and weird.

1985 #1 - Black Hole Repo: good lord this was awful.

Archie #25: touching and delightful

Astonishing X-Men #5: this is a terrible series. I'm out.

Batman The Dark Prince Charming #1: Fuck, this is beautiful. Just fucking beautiful.

Batman #34: pretty ok.

Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands #1: naw....

Captain America #695: this was alright. I can't help but feel that this soft reboot is a disservice to the character after the past year of the character's history.

Dastardly and Muttley #3: ok, I'm out. This is fucking dumb.

Deadman #1: terrible.

Iceman #7: a really delightful series in total. Still more to go.

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast #1: come on! Ugh...

Nightwing #32: this was really good.

No. 1 With a Bullet #1: with a few tweaks, this could be a bit of a satire of Millennial-centric comics. Unfortunately it's a Millennial-centric comic.

Old Man Logan #30: fucking solid end to this Hulk arc that seems to have been going on forever.

Power Pack #63: Jesus, this was awful.

Red Sonja #10: still great.

The Grave Diggers Union #1: I liked this a lot more than the short story it was kicked off from.

The Jetsons #1: an interesting inversion of The Flintstones comic. They also seem to be doing a bit of a satire on modern life, but it isn't funny. It's grim.

The Shadow/Batman #2: I'm liking this.

There's Nothing Out There #5: kind of a dud ending to this excellent horror comic.

Avengers #673: ok.

Guardians of the Galaxy #146: really fun.

Medisin #5: I'm about done here.

Superman #34: Not the biggest fan of the Mr. Oz stuff and I can't help but think of how inconsequential it all is.

Cognetic #1: another part of this trilogy of series that I don't like.

Action Comics #991: I can't get behind this art. Ugh. Liking the story though.

Coyotes #1: not sure how to feel about this.

Daredevil #595: not a bad start. I'll try more.

Karate Girl: a really dumb Eros Graphic Novel.

Eugenic #1: finally. One of the Tynion sic fi things that grabs me right away. This is solid.

Iron Fist #73: this could be fun.

Invincible vol 3: Perfect Strangers: this is kind of the lynchpin moment in the series, right? Seems weird it took so long to get to it. 

Comics: 270

Trades: 5

Graphic Novels: 3

Omnibus: 4

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Delicious in Dungeon v1: Manga about a band of D+D adventurers trying to save a party member's sister from being digested by a dragon, are broke as fuck after a reset, and trying to save money by cooking what they find in the dungeon. A crazy dwarf who's been living in the dungeon for at least a decade joins them and shows them how to survive. I bet I could figure out equivalent real world ingredients to use for the fictional ingredients here. First volume has me interested, will probably borrow the rest from our DM. 

Dry County 1: Upcoming Rich Tommaso comic about a cartoonist who is clearly going to get in over his head with a dame in it deep. Lou Rossi's art is a very direct riff on newspaper comics. I'll follow it for an issue or two more because I'm on Image's press list, but not that interested otherwise.

The Beef 1: Take on Hulk in a podunk racist town as a result of eating a bunch of GMO food and living with racist sexist shitholes and finally breaking. Mehhhh. 

Descender 27: 4000 year flashback. Okay. Still gorgeous, will likely end up playing into the larger ongoing story (how, I'm not exactly sure). 

Sex Crims 22: I haven't read this in several volumes now. It's weird to check in here and see what's going on. Probably going to try to catch up, but this issue is a really interesting riff on grieving on so many levels. Also plot stuff is happening? And the usual wonderful gags by Chip. It feels like Fraction is starting to get his writing groove back. 

Monstress 14: This comic continues to be absolutely fucking gorgeous, and low key hilarious, and I can kind of tell what's happening plot wise now? I'm in and continue to be in, put it that way. 

Days of Hate 2: Not really sure how I feel about this. Feels less like a low key Kot jerk off than other stuff I've read of his, but the whole "but what if the alt right and far left ACTUALLY went to civil war" premise feels a bit eye rolly. This issue seems to zoom in on the individual characters, though, which I like. We'll see. 

Motor Crush 10: I missed a few issues, have no clue what's happening, and there seem to be some internal logic jumps that means that no one else knows what's happening either. Babs seems to have been a bit rushed on this - there's someone else credited for breakdowns, it mentions it being late, and there's three separate colorists. Neat palettes though. 

Crosswinds 6: The art got worse! I didn't think it was possible! But it did! Ending of the arc feels like a copout. Christ. This is a tire fire. 

Redlands 5-6: Again: the raw fucking anger in this and the way it's curled into a new case is wonderful. One of my underrated favorites from last year. 

Twisted Romance 3-4: It's fun seeing Carla Speed McNeil do a charcoal/pencil only gay space romance in 3, to say the least. Not so big on the backup in that issue, but it's still a fun read. The backup in issue 4 is a riff on a core aspect of the Sailor Moon/other magical girl mythos, and fuck, it is good.

Trung's story, the centerpiece of issue 4, gets its own paragraph, because holy fucking hell. This is a fucking gut punch of a story

that turns out that the monster IS a monster, and it's about domestic abuse couched in the language of fairy tale, and with my history wrt emotional abuse, turned out it's left me sobbing all times I've read it.

If you get no other issue in this, get issue 4. It's beautiful, and heartbreaking, and fucking perfect. 

Single Issues: 24
Trades/Tankobon/Graphic Novels/Anthologies: 5
Omnibuses: 1

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Spider-Man Family #2: An underrated gem, one of the most underrated ever. During the Back in Black era, this time-displaced one-shot story has Peter investigating a string of murders committed by Venom, who for once isn't interested in pursuing Spider-Man. Written by Sean McKeever and illustrated by the Spanish artist Kano, this is a throwback to the Micheline era of Venom where Eddie Brock's twisted sense of justice drove the character. Kano draws Venom and Spidey not unlike Todd MacFarlene, but his own style comes through in every page. And what a style it is. This is some of the moodiest, best artwork I've seen since Ryochi Ikegami's Spider-Man Manga, helped in no small part by David LaFuente's colors. While the writing is solid and the characters are all on point, I suggest visiting Kano's tumblr to really get the effect of the un-lettered images.


I've always loved this issue from the moment it first dropped over ten years ago, and I never return to it often enough where I remember how great it is. Find this issue.

Trade Paperbacks: 8

Single Issues: 46

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Teen Titans #17 (2016):  Not a bad read. The plot's been done before, both Gar's feeling of isolation and the Titans losing the tower, and the dialogue is actually kind of eh..., but it's not a bad read. Art's decent.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #39: Interesting story, with Hal captured by Zod and Kyle wearing his ring. The ring is having an effect of his mind, and he's taking on Hal's more extreme personality traits. I know for a fact other people have worn Hal's ring before and nothing happened to them. I must've missed how this happened in the last issue, but it's a neat idea.

Detective Comics #975: By far and away the best issue of the lot, and the best issue of this run. Terrific characterization, great writing, some of the best Alvaro Martinez artwork ever. Issues like this are the reason Rebirth worked so well, and for this title the best. I'm very sad it's ending soon, but it's definitely going out strong.

Batgirl #20 (2016): Decent read, with some of the best art of the title by Sami Basari. This title's not been bad but it's not been very interesting lately, and I'm wondering how much longer Larson intends to stay.

Action Comics #998: Solid conclusion, although judging from the previous ish's cliffhanger, is Jon not bulletproof?

America #12: And that's the end of that.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #300: Pretty action packed issue, and it's good. Mostly a double-sized continuation of the current storyline, but it's still the better Spidey book of the two.

Champions #17: Never been an issue of this I didn't like. I've said before that this is Young Justice for the new millennium. Gonna miss this book after next month.

Trade Paperbacks: 8

Single Issues: 54

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Iron Fist #74: this is fun, but I have to ask: why the hell does Sabretooth respect the original Constrictor so much? Am I missing something? Seems out of character.

Detective Comics #968: really fun.

Eugenic #2: I get it now. Finally. After 2 and 2/3 miniseries, I get what Tynion is doing with these. Each series is a perfect and beautiful example of world-building. He's creating frameworks within which infinite stories can be told. It's ambitious. But I also don't want to be reading story bibles to enjoyable series that don't exist. Puzzling.

Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella #2: still fun. I knew where this was headed and still enjoyed the cliffhanger anyway.

Harbinger Renegade #0: pushing towards Harbinger Wars 2 here. Solid story.

John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction Vortex #1: Huh...the first story was a ripoff of vent Horizon and it's why I liked it. This one is also a ripoff of EH and I hated this issue. I'm out until the next series.

Justice League of America #18: I'm a bit of a mark for Prometheus, and this was a fun way to kick it off.

Master of Kung Fu #126: I like CM Punk as a performer in wrestling and MMA fighter. He should keep doing that. This is the epitome of someone getting a shot at writing something based on their name. And it's brutal.

Mister Miracle #4: Goddammit! I have to stop reading this issue to issue and get the trade, but then again, I kind of want to do both.

Comics: 279

Trades: 5

Graphic Novels: 3

Omnibus: 4

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22 minutes ago, Dread said:

Iron Fist #74: this is fun, but I have to ask: why the hell does Sabretooth respect the original Constrictor so much? Am I missing something? Seems out of character.


Something he mentioned about him being a working class bad guy, I think. It was a slight bit of dialogue that they used to justify it.

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Catching up. Probably missing things.

Judas #3: First iffy issue. Felt a little too "edgy" high school writer.

What If...? #3: Steve Rogers Had Refused To Give Up Being Captain America? Instead of giving up the mantle in the 1980s, Steve says "fuck that" to the government and goes on the run. He becomes a fugitive of the law, but then The Red Skull (who's in a cloned body of Steve) pulls strings and has Rogers shot in the back of the head, leading to the Cap legacy dipping for a while, before a monument is erected and Red Skull considers himself victorious. What?

Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #1: Not for me.

All-New Wolverine #31: So much fun! It's basically the Hitman issue where Tommy and Natt invade the zombie chicken plant, but with Honey Badger and Deadpool.

Detective Comics #975: Amazing book. Really digs into Batgirl and Red Hood, and how they can agree with each while disagreeing with Batman (and each other) at the same time. This is also setting up a lot of future storylines.

Doctor Strange #386: Am I supposed to know what's going on here? Did I miss an issue or one-shot?

Jessica Jones #17: Bendis cannot walk away from this character with writing one or two more Bendis-ish issues.

Thanos #16: The origin of Space Ghost Rider: The Herald of Galactus and the Right Hand of Thanos. Fun but knowing there's hype around this character (RE: it stalls the main story).

Letter 44 #1: I might dig in down the line. At the moment, it's too up its own ass as an anti-GW Bush comic. Which, yeah, I'm all for, but it's too much of that to sell the concept.

Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography: This is a compelling story about a drunk-as-fuck journalist who's stumbled his way into the biggest story ever - that being the true origin of Lex Luthor - but it's mired by the tale of his death, the framing of Clark Kent, and Luthor getting fucked while he looks back on all of the events. It's like this was meant to be a single issue of Action Comics or Superman, and then editorial demanded it be stretched out into a one-shot. Hence, the Clark stuff.

Superman: President Luthor (Superman #162-165, Superman: Lex 2000, Superman: The Man of Steel #108-110, The Adventures of Superman #581 and 586, and Secret Files & Origins: President Luthor): This is both exceptionally timely and poignant, as well as dated and steeped in continuity. Superman goes from "GRAHHH! How could they vote for Luthor" to "Welp, I better do by reporting" to "I'mma sit around on the couch and give up." And while all very valid emotional states for someone to take during and after a troubling election, the era of comics (RE: 2000) prevent him from being one cohesive character.

Comics: 300

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14 hours ago, The Master said:

Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography: This is a compelling story about a drunk-as-fuck journalist who's stumbled his way into the biggest story ever - that being the true origin of Lex Luthor - but it's mired by the tale of his death, the framing of Clark Kent, and Luthor getting fucked while he looks back on all of the events. It's like this was meant to be a single issue of Action Comics or Superman, and then editorial demanded it be stretched out into a one-shot. Hence, the Clark stuff.

Is this the one-shot from the late 80s-early 90s? I never read this but the hype around it was ENORMOUS for some reason.

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That's the one. It has the cover that parodies The Art of the Deal. In a way, I can see how it's the Man of Steel for Luthor, in that it redefines his origin for the 1980s and onward, but it's muddled and is nowhere near as smart or gritty as it thinks it is.

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The Terrifics 1: Read this on the plane. Art had some real stunning splashes, story was pretty solid. Low key boggling at them blatantly using more of Moore’s characters.

Agents of the Realm v1: Got this on Thursday at the con, I’ve been following the welcomic for a while but hadn’t read it from the start yet. It’s neat to see Mildred’s style evolve as time goes on, and the story start to come together more. Looking forward to the next collection. 

Speak: The Graphic Novel: Counting this in my book count and my comic count, because Laurie did rewrite some of this to acknowledge shit like cell phones and instagram. Painful, gorgeous adaptation of the novel. Emily Carroll does some amazing work here, and this will likely (and should be) nominated for awards. 

Creepshow: Wrightson basically does a comic adaptation of the King horror anthology. It’s as goddamn gorgeous as you’d expect, given that. 

Single Issues: 25
Trades/Tankobon/Graphic Novels/Anthologies: 8
Omnibuses: 1

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