Episode 14.02


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Dave and Ian have a fine old time watching another three episodes of Wonderfalls. In "Karma Chameleon," Jaye meets a shy woman called Bianca who has a stutter. The animals tell her to "get her words out," but it turns out that Bianca is not all that she appears to be and that Jaye's instructions turn out to have an altogether different meaning. In "Wound Up Penguin," Jaye and Eric find themselves helping a cheese-loving nun who has lost her faith, and a penguin tells Jaye to "bring her home to him." Eric finds himself having to confront his unhappy past, and Jaye's instructions turn out to have an altogether different meaning. And in "Crime Dog," Jaye and Aaron find themselves in trouble with the law after their housekeeper is deported to Canada. A cow creamer tells Jaye to "bring her home," so Jaye, Aaron, and the cow creamer go to get Yvette back. Sharon has a showdown with her siblings at the boarder, and it turns out that Jaye's instructions have an altogether different meaning. Ian is overjoyed at Aaron finally getting screen time, Dave struggles to recap a scene where everyone's name rhymes, and they find out what Lee Pace's middle name is. [ 2:13:23 || 50.8 MB ]


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