Episode 1005


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Whilst Comic Reel-lief is on hiatus, Ian Wilson brings you a brand new segment in The Flickchart Forum, in which he and two guests compare lists about films of a certain genre, actor, director, or other viable. To coincide with the 10-year anniversary of Earth-2.net's James Bond podcast, For Your Ears Only, the inaugural segment ranks all 24 official Bond films, with Ian being joined by Andrew "Pandy" Wilson and Tom "Stavros" Hemmings. There's a welcome return to age jokes at the expense of Sir Roger Moore, Pandy learns a new word, Ian says something uneditably tasteless, and Dean Cain gets more mentions than his career probably warrants. The Flickchart Forum will return. [ 2:21:35 || 69.2 MB ]


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This was hilarious, from start to finish, and gave me belly laughs I haven't had since the original FYEO run. The pure savagery with the Roger Moore jokes were more searing than anything else I've heard on Earth-2.

I've only seen Spectre once so I'm inclined to stick up for it as I really enjoyed what I saw, but I get how that one plot detail would plummet it for Ian. 

The rankings were interesting, and I wonder how much they correlate with Ian's ranking on FYEO episode 23. For my top three, it'd be

1. Casino Royale

2. Goldeneye

3. License to Kill 

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