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Looking for new Forums, people! I feel like the next one should be director-specific, so give me ideas.

NB) Edgar Wright has been mentioned, but he has 7 films proper and the minimum bar is 8 films. I don't want a director with 20+ films, but a happy medium in between would be great.

But non-director ideas would be great too!

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I was gonna suggest Paul Verhoeven's American output, but then I realized it's only seven movies. Joel Schumacher's another good choice, but he's 20+ movies.

If you wait a little while, Lana and Lilly Wachowski will have eight movies after The Matrix Resurrections is out. (Half of their movies are Matrix films, however.)

James Cameron gets you to eight, Joe Johnston has nine, John Singleton is nine, Kathryn Bigelow has 10, and Barry Sonnenfeld has 11 (he also did Wild Wild West, so that would be two segments for the price of one movie).

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If he’s not too niche and if you’re not opposed to covering films that aren’t in English , I’d suggest Alfonso Cuarón. He’s done exactly eight films thus far and they include a Dickens adaptation, a sex comedy, a Harry Potter movie, a dystopian drama, a survival film in space, and an autobiography of sorts.

Another to consider might be Stanley Kubrick, who did thirteen feature films across several different genres, including sword & sandals, political satire, science fiction, horror, and whatever the hell Eyes Wide Shut was.

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