If I Ran Star Trek, part one


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Since its debut in 1966, we've been graced with seven Star Trek television shows, 13 movies spanning two continuities, countless novels and short stories, a smattering of video games, and comic books across all major publishers. This has allowed Star Trek to cross into a multitude of genres and tackle different themes. From heists to family dramas, space action to coping with PTSD, ghost stories to coming-of-age tales. The vast Star Trek Universe provides an open-ended playground for any and all types of stories.
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I miss seeing Star Trek as a western. I still get excited at the end of Star Trek VI when the Enterprise flies off into the sunset. 

If there was a Khan show I would like to see what happened after Space Seed and watch the events of Ceti Alpha. Maybe there could be a time where Khan wanted to live off the land but the earworm that killed McGyvers sent him into a rage. I am seeing him keeping the earworm in a jar near him as he is sending out orders to build weapons. Going from hunting tools to firearms to explosives to nuclear. Maybe he hears faulty information that lets him believe that Kirk is on Ceti Alpha VI and orders the bombs to go off. The disaster turns Ceti Alpha V into a wasteland and all the time he keeps the jar and blames Kirk. 

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