Episode 1027


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Per @The Master's suggestion for ideas, here's what I would do:

I would pick up the Friday the 13th series from the end of Part IV and basically remake Part V. There were several times where it appeared that Tommy Jarvis could have been the killer in that movie:

  • Tommy beat up the Guy Banter jerk who startled him with the mask and then Faux Jason killed him. Tommy certainly had motivation to kill here.
  • Tommy beat up the Inbred Idiot and then Faux Jason decapitated him as he was driving his moped and screaming. Tommy had motivation to kill here too.
  • Faux Jason murdered the goth girl, who conveniently wound up in Tommy's room.
  • And, of course, the ending, where Tommy sneaks up behind the Final Girl wearing a hockey mask and wielding a knife.

So I would remake Friday the 13th Part V and instead of having a random paramedic as the killer, Tommy Jarvis snaps when he sees the crazy guy kill the overweight kid with the axe. He has a psychotic break and becomes "Jason." (You can steal elements of High Tension for this movie as Tommy has a split personality.)

Since the Final Chapter took place in 1984 and Corey Feldman was 13 when it came out, this one is set in 1989 or 1990 with Tommy at 18 or 19. He is defeated but not killed, and sent to an insane asylum. Friday the 13th Part VI would take place in present day, when Tommy breaks out and starts killing people. Feldman is back for this role as Murderous Tommy.

I remember being so disappointed in Part VI, because I really wanted to see Tommy Jarvis as the killer after the cliffhanger that ended the fifth movie. Zombie Jason seemed like a step back when you could have taken this series in a new direction.

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