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It blows my mind that Ocarina of Time was released 20 years ago today. 

What are your experiences with the game?

@The Master said on Twitter that he got an N64 just for that game.

I had an N64 for a year and a half prior. I was not sure what to expect, as some games (Mario 64) transitioned to 3D well and others did not. The thing I liked most is it actually felt like a Zelda game.

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If I had a holy trinity of N64 games, it'd be Goldeneye, WWF No Mercy and Ocarina of Time.

Pandy & I played the hell out of Ocarina of Time over that Christmas and, honestly, for the rest of the N64's lifespan. I did complete Majora's Mask as well, but only played it through the once - Ocarina of Time was far more replayable, and, y'know, featured Zelda and Ganon rather than a madcap moon. For the record, I do think Majora's Mask is a good game.

Already related the story on Twitter of paying Pandy to complete the Water Temple on my behalf, not because I couldn't do it (I think Pandy & I worked it out on his playthrough) but because the Water Temple is fucking tedious. But specifically, I loved the fact that the game kept expanding - initially from the woods into Hyrule Field, and then after the gathering of the Stones, into adulthood and further (many other) temples before the final showdown. Add in the side quests, golden skulltulas (sp?) and using the longshot in that village, pretending that Link was Batman.

What a fucking amazing game.

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