Episode 1029


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Dan and Will are back to discuss the 1994 Fox Kids Saturday morning line-up. What they find includes some dubious voice acting, a couple of things that don't live up to Will's memories, and one of the best superhero cartoons of all-time and it's not what you think. [ 1:18:35 || 38.8 MB ]


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Great episode gents!

I’m with Dan when it comes to Robin in BTAS. No fault of Loren Lester, but I used to prefer the episodes with Robin in them over the solo Batman ones and now I’m in  the opposite position. I also feel thick for not realizing the renaming of the show and Robin’s bigger role in it had to do with Batman Forever then coming out soon.

Fun fact about Apocalypse: For the first four series, he was voiced by John Colicos, the man who portrayed Commander Kor on TOS and DS9.

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