Episode 1064


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The Flickchart Forum returns, with Ian Wilson hosting another two guests as they take on the very first character-based subject matter: Batman. As The Caped Crusader celebrates his 80th birthday, his cinematic outings between 1966 and 2017 are examined, with more than a few nods to World's Finest Podcast and The Dark Knight Discussions. Also: find out who gave up time on their birthday to record this episode, who is Batman's most generic villain, and whether or not Sir Michael Caine has a cockney accent. [ 2:04:20 || 61.1 MB ]


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@James D. - "If I didn't know that Jim Carrey is an anti-vaxxer and I hadn't lost all respect for him, I'd want to see him play the Riddler role again."

This made me LOL.

In fairness to him in his Riddler role and wasted potential, it's possible he didn't have the acting chops in 1994 that he displayed later on. He may have gotten better over time. And at that time, people expected him to basically play Fire Marshall Bill from In Living Color.

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Ian and James were some of the first podcasters I ever listened to, starting with their Batman ‘89 review, so this was a real treat. 

Funnily enough, Ian never told me who would be on third up until the day we recorded, so in the back of my head I thought Adham Fisher might’ve been on tap to contribute his rankings 😆

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