Episode 64: Sean Astin


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The people voted! As such, the fifth instalment of The Year of the Rings on Hey, an Actor is to feature fiction's favorite gardener: Sean Astin. The Brothers Wilson chart their featured actor's pre-Samwise career from his child star hit The Goonies through to cult 90s hit Encino Man to, well, Icebreaker. The coverage hits upon important subjects, such as the career trajectory of Bruce Campbell, the cult of Andy's Friends, and two Englishmen's views on Pauly Shore. We also discover which film is to Ian what Halloween is to Pandy. [ 2:37:39 || 76.0 MB ]


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The Goonies is an odd one for. As expected, it was an often-watched film in my youth. Then when I was around Pandy's age, I watched it for the first time in five to seven years, and found the kids to be annoying, the script was awful, the editing was choppy, and the direction lacked the joy it was seeking. Since then I've watched it once more, and was able to take away some fun from the experience. All that's to say, it still holds a warm place in my childhood memories -- it was seen in the theater after all -- but I doubt I'll ever watch it again as an adult.

Growing up, I initially ignored Pauly Shore -- his movies weren't on my radar -- then I began to hate his act. The thing is, I don't know if that was me disliking his shtick, or me going along with society's perceived wisdom that his 15 minutes were up. Jump ahead to circa 2015 when Shana and I watched Son in Law. Turns out, this was the first* Pauly Shore movie I had seen all the way through. And I think I recall liking it to some extent. Though I might have been high or had some beer in me.

*Bio-Dome was always on somewhere, so I'm sure I've seen the whole thing but not in order or willingly.

Good catch, Pandy. There's been no sponsorship on The Show since the start of the year.

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