Episode 49


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We all know that the odd-numbered Star Trek film are trash, right? Not so much, actually. While Star Trek III: The Search for Spock might not be the most exciting Trek film ever made, it does introduce Christopher Lloyd as the ruthless Klingon Commander Kruge, lays groundwork for future films, and sees the destruction of the beloved Enterprise. It also begs some hard-to-discuss questions pertaining to the resurrection of Spock, and demonstrates some shameful password etiquette. Please listen in as Dan, Dave, and Mike have a blast creating The Spock File, and singing their way through the discussion. [ 2:52:55 || 83.5 MB ]


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The password discussion was great. I can just imagine what Mike deals with.

I am sure many of my fellow employees have really weak passwords, but all employees have been required to use two factor authentication for a while now in addition to special characters required. Nothing is 100% perfectly safe but that's at least something.

As far as Kirk only having known his son for a few days, that would still be painful to lose someone in that situation. You finally re-connect, and you are starting to catch up after all of the years you missed, and then your son (or father, or mother, or daughter) is taken tragically.

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