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coloring pages about blue gill fish

cow that can jump

fvza/real life vampire slayers that hunt down real life vampires.

ooo wallpaper and wallpaper ooo

what does the origanal rex reed from the green hornet look like in the tv series

why did you self-publish comic book

psylocke boy version

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At first I was a little confused by all the sex related keywords that lead people to the site, but now I see an opportunity to expand outward into an aggressively growing field! I say we welcome our new sex-crazed cohorts with open arms and clenched cheeks!

Oh, and it wouldn't hurt if we got cracking on the "niche sex fantasy fiction" thread, either.

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Oh, and it wouldn't hurt if we got cracking on the "niche sex fantasy fiction" thread, either.

Oh, it exists, but only mods can see it.

You should read the things Toland comes up with. I had no idea what a "blueberry party" was until last week. Seems fun, but impractical.

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Figured this would be a good place to post this.

Due to my OCD and insomnia, during the more inactive times on the forums I'll check the online users list and see what the guests are up to. These threads ALWAYS have someone looking at them.

Thuy Trang (the Yellow Ranger) is dead!

Cat Schwartz topless

How many 5 year olds can you beat

A game for real men

Saw VII... in 3D

Reel Dread - Sexy Beasts: I Vant to Suck Your...

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We found our culprit!

Court Rules That California Prisoner Can Keep His Werewolf Erotica

By Betsy Gomez

When Andres Martinez ordered The Silver Crown by Mathilde Madden, he expected an erotic novel about werewolves. What he didn’t expect is for the book to be seized and labeled obscene by government officials. Why was the book kept from Martinez? He’s a prisoner at Pelican Bay State Prison in California, and as such, the materials to which he is allowed access are closely monitored. Officials typically ban access to erotica and they decided The Silver Crown specifically was obscene due to graphic sexual depictions. So, Martinez sued for access to the book — and he won his suit.

The prison made a fatal error in labeling the book obscene. From the Court of Appeal ruling:

We conclude first that the prison failed to abide by governing statutes and regulations in judging the book to be obscene. And we go on to find that the book is not obscene applying the correct definition, and further that it is not likely to incite violence. We therefore grant the writ and order the Warden to give the book to petitioner.

The decision itself is a fine piece of writing. In ruling the book was not obscene, the court acknowledged that while the book depicts violence, it does not dwell on it. Further, while the book does have graphic sexual depictions, sex occurs between consenting adult characters and is not sadomasochistic. Essentially, the book passes the Miller test for obscenity.

Miller v. California was a landmark case that forever changed the definition of obscene material. As a result of the case, the three-prong Miller test is now used to determine whether material is obscene or protected speech. Material is judged based on the following criteria:

1. An average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to “the prurient interest”

2. The work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct or excretory functions specifically defined by applicable state law; and

3. The work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value (This last standard was clarified by the Pope. v. Illinois decision, which defined who or what determines the value of a work.)

The decision regarding The Silver Crown describes the Miller test, reiterating that it applies to the material taken as a whole, not in part. Ultimately, the Court of Appeals did not have to rely only on the Miller test in making their decision, instead relying mostly on California’s own penal code in ruling that Martinez could keep the book. The Miller test was used as background in ruling that prison authorities incorrectly identified the book as obscene. Regardless, the decision further reinforces the line between obscene and protected speech.

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