Okay, this is weird.


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- batman leather gloves made too order

- comic nude

- allusion and the stand by me movie

- vampire drawings sexual aspect

- sex reel show

- kagome bathing

- what kind of pen does rob zombie use (This is officially the oddest request... ever.)

- concealingly camera filming couple of lovers

- jeffrey dahmer's peers

- websites that sell edward elrics costume

- witchblade crotch

- sushi influence in culture

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That's a game? :shocked:

I always assumed someone was searching for Photoshop techniques, to, you know, make blood look drippy / melty.

Nah. Go re-read part of my AWA 11 review. (I participated in the MB tourney and got my ass handed to me.) That's probably why you always get those Melty Blood searches. :happy:

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- video of girls with super large breasts

- can you show me pictures of big women tits

- erotic star trek

- star trek erotic

- preteen movies (Oh fuck off!)

- vagina vibrater

- mortal kombat kitana porn

- blanchard ryan open water nude :happy:

- culture that gave us goblins

- famous people morphed into reptiles

- fisting of the north star (Oldie, but a goody!)

- list of anime with lots of nudity (Hint: hentai)

- open water sex scene (There isn't one.)

- slasher sex

- tigra avengers sexy

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- preteen movies (Oh fuck off!)

Pretty sure you're overreacting to that one. It's just as likely to be somebody searching for movie reccomendations for their 12 year old as it is to be kiddie porn. Especially given that that's a large portion of the audience for many comic book movies, to which a lot of this site's content is dedicated to. Even if it wasn't, I think you have to expect this site to turn up on searches like that.

What page does the misspelling of "vibrator" lead to?

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Yes, I could be wrong about the "preteen movies" thing, however, who the hell searches for that? If you want a movie for your kid, you search for "Disney" or "children's movies" or something like that. You don't search for something that will generate porno.

As for "vagina vibrater," I can't find the page it links to.

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- ms. marvel porn

- nude preteen angels <_<

- anime facial emotion sweatdrop

- what kind of werewolf are there

- sex with a werewolf (It begins... again!)

- sega fall from grace

- can horror movies cause phobias (Des, this seems like the perfect topic for RD or DM.)

- definition schlock art

- devils rejects real life

- dracula imperialism

- good reason to show our young aladdin

- nun schoolgirl bs

- ulli lommel lawsuits

Though I didn't post them, it should be noted that "curse" and "urban legends" are coming up a lot. Specifically, "cursed movies," "Poltergeist curse," "urban legends [insert movie here]," etc. Clearly people are looking for movies to view on Halloween night.

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