Episode 67: Hugo Weaving


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This episode represents an Hey, An Actor first, as The Brothers Wilson record together overseas in the Netherlands in order to bring you a timely episode. And it's about Lord Elrond himself: Hugo Weaving. The hosts look at his pre-franchise career hits of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert with Weaving as a drag queen, and The Interview, with Weaving as a murder suspect in police custody. And in a rare contravention of the double-dipping rules, The Brothers cover V for Vendetta at a time that has never been more apt for Britain. The episode also charts Weaving's true feelings towards being Megatron, uncovering the truth about The Magic Pudding, and Pandy experiences the true horror of an email bot going rogue. [ 2:22:19 || 68.7 MB ]


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