Episode 1077 - List and Shout: Sidekicks


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Blistering barnacles, Batman! This time on List and Shout, Christian teams up with Donovan to open the gush-gates for their all-time favorite sidekicks and henchmen, as well as pour scorn and derision on the shoddiest examples of each. But, before that, Mike makes a huge announcement regarding a brand new podcast called 12 Minutes to Midnight. To follow this new show, please copy these two links:
https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/12-minutes-to-midnight-the-watchmen-podcast/id1481476911 [ 2:46:30 || 81.8 MB ]


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Very fun show, guys.

Best Sidekick
This might surprise most people, but I'm going to put Tim Drake above all other sidekicks. Even Dick Grayson. While the original Boy Wonder forever changed superhero comic books, through Tim Drake the Batman creative teams matured the role and proved that Robin could be just as capable as Batman. He had his own life outside of Batman, and is even acknowledged as being better than Batman in certain areas. Dick is great (🧐) but a lot of his time as Robin was spent in silly pre-Crisis adventures. Jason is the edgy dead one, and didn't become his own man until after his resurrection as Red Hood. Tim is Robin, and his partnership with Batman is some of the best Batman & Robin you'll ever read.

Worst Henchmen
All of the Nameless Goons in Batman '66: Though they could sometimes get the best of The Dynamic Duo, these chuckleheads have zero character, rarely (if ever) have names, and their win-loss record is pathetic.

Best Henchmen
Triple H's DX: To be more specific, I'm speaking of The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac. Chyna was more of a sidekick, so I'm leaving her out. These guys were amazing characters in their own right, but also loyal to the cause / team. They could go off and do their own things, but would always come back when needed. Combined, they have 11 championship reigns, including lengthy stints with belts. The New Age Outlaws had four 100-plus day runs with the tag belts, and X-Pac had the European belt for 120 straight days. These guys were tough individually but together they got shit done. Hell, even after Triple H shifted away from DX, the NAO and X-Pac kinda loosely stuck together.

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In terms of actual *best* sidekick or Robin, Tim is often a favorite of many, but he really was super capable and always knew his limits. Dick was the first, so there was a lot of trial and error involving him getting captured and used as bait. Tim, by virtue of both his character and comic book storytelling sensibilities changing over the decades, was far more dignified comparatively speaking. 

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