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James D.

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Here is how this little game is played. (We did a similar version of this with title belt victories on the Oratory ages ago.)

I name a comic book character and the next person names another comic book character who has beaten the previous character at least once DECISIVELY in any battle. Crossover victories and "Elseworlds" battles also count in this game. Theoretically this could stay on one universe for a long time and then shift to another universe by using a crossover victory over someone.

***You MUST explain when/how your character beat the previous character!!!***

Here is the first character:

Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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I could be such a bastard and post alcoholism. :lmfao:

Ha, I was also going to say Alchoholism.

You know what? I should post that, 'cause I know of another Marvel character who beat alcoholism. But then I'd be answering my own post, and that ain't fair. <_<

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Does Nick Fury's brainwashing of the Punisher count as a victory?


Nick Fury was "killed" by the Punisher. (It was really a robot of Fury... or something stupid.)

Sorry to send it back to Castle, but he was the first person I could recall beating Fury.

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I knew I should have said "alcoholism". From this point on only sentient beings, or I will lock this. Sorry to be a dick, but this can be a fun game if we don't get too silly.

I'm going back to Daredevil, and saying he was beaten by Bullseye when he killed Karen Page.

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