Episode 04 - Watchmen #4


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TMTM has quickly become my most anticipated show! Now, this could be because it is weekly and every Saturday I get a new fix, (whereas the Brothers Wilson string me along for a month), but I think more importantly it is because the subject matter and attention to detail is so thorough. This show is greatly helping me (a child of the 90s) have a greater understanding of some of the themes and their context that I may have never truly appreciated. I've always enjoyed Watchmen, but after listening, I can better understand why it is considered THE classic comic.

On an aside, I have been watching the HBO Watchmen series, and I would love to hear your thoughts on the direction the characters and world have gone post-squid. I think it should definitely be considered for this show, and if not for The Show. 


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2 hours ago, slothian said:

So THAT'S who you are.....

I've been made! Okay, don't be mad... in my defence, the last episode was very late!

2 hours ago, Pan-dub said:

OH GOD YOU'RE STILL ALIVE!!! The water-balloon idea worked!

Barely alive, and it didn't quite work. Apparently the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (yes, thats a real thing, lol) and the local Police really don't appreciate 6 blood-filled balloons arriving and then promptly exploding in the local post office... The gesture is appreciated, but apparently Bio-Terrorism is not something you would want to be accused of. Which I now am. I'm currently in the waiting room for questioning at our Police Department (its in the back of a Tim Hortons). 

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