Episode 69: Evangeline Lilly


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Possibly the least likely subject for Hey, an Actor! in its history, our hosts nevertheless take one of the few female actors to grace The Year of the Rings, which is Evangeline Lilly. Ian finally gets to watch Real Steel, whereas hidden gem Little Evil graces Pandy's eyeballs for the first time, and The Hobbit is revisited with middle chapter The Desolation of Smaug. Along the way, we find out that where these films cross over with start-up wrestling promotion AEW, which Earth-2.net staffer has a brief history with Evangeline Lilly, and how a fellow Leicestrian basically prolongs the Hobbit trilogy by being a b*stard. Also, we discover how often Tom Hemmings gets name-dropped on a typical episode of HAA, and The Brothers Wilson are once again haunted by their former Emailbot. [ 2:40:57 || 77.6 MB ]


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13 hours ago, The Master said:

Excellent episode, guys.

During the Little Evil discussion, you mentioned one of her exes died via a mulching accident. Without saying too much, didn’t someone die that way in Tucker & Dale vs. Evil? If so, could they be connected?

It'll be a nice homage but given the cast of Tucker & Dale, I doubt that said victim had a relationship with Samantha with Lucas being on the scene. EL would have been mid 30s at youngest in terms of character age, which I doubt one of those college boys would've been into or vice versa.

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