Episode 08 - Watchmen #8


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The politics of superheroes is uniquely interesting at this moment and time, not only because of the current television series but of Moore's recently regurgitated statement on modern superhero fiction. Specifically this line comparing them to the Klan, showing that he's long held the thought that the hooded violence comic fiction portrays has a progenitor in Birth of the Nation.

A lot of people rallied their pitchforks at this and never like it when Moore drags modern comic books, but that line of logic I've always found perfectly sound and up for further discussion for those who engage with it.

Additionally, the New Frontiersmen parts in the book I seem to remember were completely omitted from the film adaptation of Watchmen, even the Ultimate Cut. Basically all of the points where crimefighting was pretty openly condemned by Moore were either ignored, unrecognized or outright dismissed by Snyder.

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