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2 hours ago, The Master said:

Daredevil #25: Not sure what's going on. Not sure why Matt is sitting in prison with his mask on. Not sure why his visitor is there or what's going on between them. But the reveal near the very end quite literally made me sit up in my chair and go, "Whha?! Awesome!"

The current run's gone deep into Matt's classically catholic guilt with his actions leading to the death of a guy, so he wants to set a public example by facing legal repercussions in public. His ID has been majorly secret again since the Charles Soule run, with only Foggy knowing and everyone else forgetting, save for #25's special guest. 

Batman/Catwoman #1: I can't make heads or tails of this issues. It's one thing for Tom King to subsume Mask of the Phantasm into continuity. I'd rather he not, but whatever, who cares. I wish he would elaborate more on it rather than just obliquely sum it up in like two panels. 

But the actual sequence of events are zig-zagged across time. WTF is happening? One moment, Bruce is telling Andrea that Alfred is dead, then in that very same panel Alfred walks into the room. Oh, it's a flashback. Now it's a flash forward. Now Bruce is dead and Selina is 70 years old. I know that references one of King's annuals, but it's been a year since King's run ended, so all of this is hard to follow, hard to understand and hard to enjoy.

Batman #104 (2020): This on the other hand was solid. It always does my heart good to see the new 52 designs jettisoned, so the flashback with Batman and Robin in their classic costumes was great, and Tynion's writing has been consistent from the get-go. The Mirror is an interesting enough character, Stephanie Brown calling Oracle "Batgirl Prime" was great, and the ending cliffhanger was classic comic book stuff. IDK if Tynion's run will go down as one of the all time greats, but it's so much less indulgent than King and Snyder's run. It feels like classic, un-pretentious Batman.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #21 (2020): I kinda thought this conclusion was hastened with a lot of placeholder dialogue and two-dimensional characterization, so I'm more interested in the lower key stories coming up. It's interesting to me how Miles and his Uncle Aaron's relationship has improved since Into the Spider-Verse. I like how it's far more loving, but I remember this guy being an utter bastard and Miles' nemesis back when they first premiered.

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The Empty Man #2: I like the art, I like the premise, but it isn't lighting me on fire. I'm out.

Typhoid Fever Iron Fist #1: what a weird minicrossover. I enjoyed it..

Uncanny X-Men #5: I'm loving this. I guess this leads right into Age of X-Man or whatever.

Vampironica #5: not a bad finale.

Weapon X #27: what a weird finale. Good though.

X-23 #7: Can't have a storyline without a new clone, I guess. I'm getting bored of this.

X-Men Red #11: great ending!

Zorro Swords of Hell #2: Dumb. I'm out.

Betty & Veronica #1: the set-up is a two-way misunderstanding about boys. Boring.

Captain America #6: not bad.

Dead Man Logan #2: really digging this. 

Defenders The Best Defense #1: what a fucking weird mini crossover. Haha! I don't get it, but whatever.

Extermination #5: a decent ending

Fantastic Four #5: a lovely issue.

Freedom Fighters #1: this reads like the exact kind of shit I'd write, but it isn't hitting me heavily. I'll give it another issue.

Hardcore #1: lame. Same premise as the movie Possessor with zero of the tone or thematic weight.

Infinity Wars Fallen Guardian #1: lame.

Infinity Wars #6: pretty unmemorable. Definitely not what you want for a crossover.

Livewire #1: yeah, naw.

Marvel Knights 20th #4: still weird and intriguing

Megaghost #1: this is awful.

Old Man Hawkeye #12: hell of an ending.

Season's Beatings #1: awful

Superior Spider-Man #1: it's alright. I'll give it another.

The Cape: Fallen #3: finally popped off.

Editing to add the stack of books on my bedside table:

Harleen: Sejic was already one of (if not THE) best comics artist alive, but he also wrote one of the best things in the Bat-universe in the past decade or so. A brilliant book.

The Wild Storm vol 4: We get real introductions to Midnight sand Apollo here. Solid. I guess it's done though? Is that it? Kind of a bummer. I thought there were going to be more crossover aeries like Michael Cray, but maybe sales weren't big enough. Sad, it's the best thing Ellis has done in ages.

Birthright vol 8: Amazing as always. 

M.O.D.O.K. Head Trips: why they named the brand new miniseries about him the exact same thing as this will be confusing for people buying it in a  few months in trade, but this collects some early stories of the character with some new. A few issues of Kirby's Captain America in Tales of Suspense, an Iron Man annual drawn by Tuska, and a bunch of Hulk issues drawn by Sal Buscema. Not bad. It also collects the Juan Doe FF one shot, a Marvel Adventures Avengers issue which is really fun, the MODOK's 11 miniseries and MODOK Assassin during that Battleworld thing that I gave up an issue into. But it's actually really funny to see him falling in love with Angela. The definition of a mixed bag but great overall.

The Man-Thing by Steve Gerber vol 1: rereading this to follow along with Defenders Dialogue. I'm a few issues into volume 2 and I'm delighted to find volume three coming out early in 2021.

The Umbrella Academy volume 3: I've sure put some money into buying a series I've only ever really liked one single issue of. 

Beasts of Burden: Neighborhood Watch: delightful. I wish there was more of this stuff.

Swing vol 2: not quite as enticing as the first volume.

Jack Kirby's Dingbat Love: this great collection collects three unpublished 70s works by the King and they're great. Yes, even the Dingbats of Danger Street have their charm, but True-Life Divorce and Soul Love are amazing.

Batman: the 1989 Movie Adaptation: I read this way back when, but it still holds up. It's a great adaptation of the movie, actually. 

X-Factor Epic Collection: X-Aminations: fantastic. This Peter David run on X-Factor is very underrated. The art is up and down.

Mutant X The Complete Collection vol 2: not as good as vol 1, but still really fun.

Adding a few more:

The Punisher #5: this rules. I don't give a shit. Rsenberg is officially the definitive Punisher writer for me. The guy integrates him into the regular Marvel universe like no other writer before him.

The Warning #2: naw...it's a science fiction comic and apparently I don't ever enjoy those anymore.

Uncanny X-Men #6, 7: This storyline is rad. So good.

Weapon H #11: Still so good.


  • Issues: 325
  • Trades: 20
  • Omnibus: 9
  • Graphic Novel: 8
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Not quite the final tally:

Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Four Volume 1: so fucking great.

Dolores: a Euro GN that is pretty bland. No ennui for me!

X-Force #1: this is pretty solid.

Books of Magic #3: They are really taking the slow train. I'm out.

Conan The barbarian #1: Yikes. Bad first issue. I'll give it one more.

Criminal #1: Not bad. I might just bounce and grab the trade. Or wait for another deluxe edition to match the others.

  • Issues: 329
  • Trades: 21
  • Omnibus: 9
  • Graphic Novel: 9


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Oh shit, it's December 31 2020. This is gonna get locked soon.


Daredevil #1-19: I've created a whole Twitter account to yammer on about this, and other comics, so I'll just say it's a very uneven run. Stan is only interested when he likes what the artist is doing, and he was a major dick to Wally Wood on the page of the comics themselves which was really off-putting. But Wally Wood, Bill Everett, and John Romita nail so much of what we love about Daredevil today.

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Savage Dragon #248-52: So great. Lots of fun here, including the 100 page 250th issue. Larsen always giving young cartoonists a chance to be published in his books. Lots of intense story and violence, but also an issue dedicated to homaging Sunday Funnies, which was pretty wild. How many more gimmicks can he come up with?

Captain America: To Serve & Protect/Captain America: Americans Nightmare: read these for...reasons.

Marvel Comics #1000: this is the hardcover that collects #1001 as well. A real mixed bag, which is what you'll get with 150 pages of single page stories. They run the gamut from really dark and brooding to over-the-top goofy. The through line with the Eternity Mask is pretty great though, and I kind of wish Al Ewing had a chance to explore that further.

And that's the final tally for the year. On to 2021!

  • Issues: 334
  • Trades: 24
  • Omnibus: 9
  • Graphic Novel: 9


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