Episode 1086 - Royal Rumble 2020 Predictions


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Each year, the Royal Rumble not only begins the road to WrestleMania, but it also provides for some of the best surprises in the form of major returns and shocking debuts. With that in mind, Dave and Mike sat down to predict some surprises and storylines we might see at Royal Rumble 2020! [ 1:40:02 || 68.4 MB ]


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One prediction I didn't mention involves Kane. When he appeared on Smackdown a few weeks ago, it was pointed out he has the most career eliminations at 43 (or possibly 44). I think he'll enter and eliminate enough guys to hit 50, and that was signal his official retirement.

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As much as I love Brock, I absolutely see Dave's point. Post-MMA Brock is a different beast (HA HA) than early days Brock. Especially when it comes to his suplexes looking careless and dangerous. When it comes to how he's booked and how often he appears, I don't (usually) mind it. (The "usually" being the bullshit that happened to Kofi.) He's the dragon who swoops into town, steals all the gold, then zooms away leaving scorched earth in his wake. He's a looming threat when he's away, and an active danger when he's around.

That's why I absolutely adored the storytelling of this Rumble.

The first four men (Elias, Rowan, Roode, Morrison) hit Brock when he was fresh, posing no threat at all. The next three (Kofi, Rey, Big E) teamed up to begin chipping away at him. Though the next four (Cesaro, Shelton, Shinsuke, MVP) did very little to batter him, the beating he took at the hands of The New Day and Rey-Rey started to take its toll here. Next, Keith Lee took him off his feet and gave him his first real solo challenge. Braun then messed things up a bit by going after Lee, thus giving Brock a chance to catch his breath a little. But not enough, because during his fight with Ricochet you could see Brock was absolutely knackered; he was breathing hard, sweating like Shane McMahon, and he actually fell over while giving a backbreaker to Ricochet. Then the concurring hero entered, and, with a little help from Ricochet, Drew McIntyre slayed the beast with a single blow. So while Drew gets all of the credit, it took 15 men and 26 minutes to whittle Brock down to the point where Drew could take him out with a killshot. Post-elimination, Brock laid there for at least two (possibly three) more eliminations by McIntyre. He didn't just get up and slink away; he was near dead.

None of this storytelling would have or could have worked had Lesnar not been up to it. Not only did he sell it like a champ, he helped strap a massive rocket to McIntyre's back and put one on Keith Lee as well.

Brock can be selfish, but this was his most selfless act in a long time.

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