Episode 1090 - Commentary: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman


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As a distraction from the world outside, Dan and Mike decided to provide a commentary track for the pilot episode of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. If you would like to follow along, all episodes of the TV show are streaming on DC Universe. [ 1:50:45 || 77.5 MB ]


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I've not seen this pilot or the show in easily twenty years, so it was a trip to re-watch before listening to the commentary. In all the Best Lois Lane talk, I'll throw in Erica Durance as I don't think she got mentioned. But I'd also like to hear you guys talk more about the George Reeves series, as I've never seen any of that. Since it's on DC Universe, I'll likely get to it soon.

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Dear Mike and Dan

I am a casual listener to Earth 2 I was an avid listener   to WFP which I miss I wish James and Mike would team up again for something new and I heard Dan when he called in to help with the green lantern questions but I loved this episode of the earth 2 show You guys made me laugh which I needed so to you both a very huge thank you I only watched Lois and Clark when I could when it first aired you guys have me thinking about signing up to the dc streaming service just to watch this show Keep giving us a commentary on this show please and Dan I loved hearing your dogs it reminded me when Mikes cats could be heard on WFP Well I will let you go now im waiting for the next Earth 2 show

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