Epsiode 1093 - Spider-Man: The Animated Series Commentary


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This was fun, thanks for this guys. I used to watch this as a kid, and (even then) I have always found that this show felt incredibly rushed. Upon rewatching it all these later, I’m realizing that this is probably because these episodes have pretty much wall-to-wall music. For a 20 minute episode there is probably 17-18 minutes of music, which is pretty outrageous. Especially when you compare this to other animated Superhero programs of the 90s, specifically STAS and BTAS.


Speaking of BTAS, I always felt a large influence from that show on this Spider-Man series. Especially this first episode, the plot of which very closely mirrors “On Leather Wings”, the first episode of BTAS, featuring the scientist turned villain Man-Bat.

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