Week 45 - Survivor Series 1997

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It's official! This is the last time anyone anywhere ever will talk about Montreal! Who was right? Who was wrong? Was it a shoot? Bret, Vince, and No. It's the 1997 Survivor Series all decided right here for all time! You won't want to miss this! Also featuring other stuff: New York, Raw, and the first Rock v Austin segment. [ 3:28:02 || 99.9 MB ]


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Quick, WWE, rehire Heath Slater and slap the WWE Heavyweight Title on him...this podcast is less than ten episodes away from making it a reality that all three members of 3MB got fired, only to come back and win the company's big belt during the run of this podcast! =;)

Sorry, had to keep the joke going.

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IIRC, pretty sure all “as it happened” reviews (I was even following someone that night, no recall of whom, was doing a “live blog” such as it was in 1997) that got posted that night and Monday mentioned how abrupt the PPV seem to just end with Shawn, Hunter and Brisco going through the curtain.  

Bret and the rest of the Harts in ring antics were mentioned as “After cameras went off the air” stuff, and stated as being from live reports.

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Remember when Bret and Shawn did that hatchet burying segment when Bret returned to Raw in 2010.  

Thing I got a kick out of is, if you went back to Shawn’s heel promo in Montreal at the Go Home for the infamous Hogan SummerSlam match.  Shawn tells the crowd that if he ever saw Bret again, he’d say right to his face “I SCREWED YOU!  AND I’D DO IT AGAIN!” Then they did a fake out with Bret’s music blaring.

Anyway, flash forward to the hatchet burying segment, Shawn unloads by saying he still thinks Bret, at the time, deserved what happened that night.  

Pretty much EXACTLY what Shawn said he’d do, though in a more mature “we’re engaging in a serious argument conversation” fashion, and not in a “heelish school yard” manner.

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