Episode 56 - Haven and The Big Goodbye


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I knew about the notorious Lawrence Tierny from the Simpsons Season 7 DVD commentary. In the episode where Bart steals the Bonestorm game, the security guy was voiced by Tierny. In the commentary, Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein go on for most of the remaining episode to talk about how bizarre an experience it was to record him. Apparently the limo driver that brought him to the studio said "I'm not dealing with that guy again" and sped off. Tierny wanted to do the voice in a silly accent, and did not understand the joke about leaving a voicemail for Homer and Marge. They said he was the most intimidating guest they've ever had, but so memorable that in Oakley and Weinstein's UPN series "Mission Hill", Gus, the gruff gay neighbor, is expressly based on their dealing with Lawrence Tierny. 

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