Episode 1100 - Flickchart Forum: The Marvel Cinematic Universe


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Ian Wilson welcomes back both Chris Johnson and Donovan Morgan Grant to the Flickchart Forum, as the trio undertake the most ambitious task to date: ranking the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe up to 2019. Each phase gets its own ranking before all 23 movies are judged against one another. Along the way, find out which hosts pick Iron Man 3, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Age of Ultron as their respective hills to die on. [ 4:55:17 || 144.5 MB ]


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Already listened once, but I plan a second listen to better provide feedback.

Regarding Black Panther, it was still in first-run theaters in Chicago a full year later. No joke, even though it was released to home media in May 2018, many theaters in this area were still showing it when Captain Marvel came around in March 2019. That's a full year-plus since its February 2018 release. No movie does that these days, so that speaks volumes about Black Panther.

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