Round 2: Thor: Ragnarok v Iron Man


Round 2: Thor: Ragnarok v Iron Man  

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I am going with 'Iron Man' which is definitely one of the best entries of the MCU, in my opinion. I also like 'Thor: Ragnarok' and find it quite enjoyable, but I think 'Iron Man' has it beat. I don't quite understand the hatred expressed by some for Ragnarok, as I find it great fun and the "tonal imbalance" doesn't nearly bother me as much as it bothers some. In my opinion, the MCU as a whole has a pretty consistent tonal imbalance and it is not unique to Ragnarok. 

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For this choice I've had to think about what I prefer to see in an MCU film and I've gone with Iron Man. Main reason is that everything that came after IM in the Feige-verse stuck largely to this template/style/vision and upon rewatching a few months ago I recognised a lot of call backs that elevated it. I also appreciate that Iron Man works more as a standalone movie, whereas a lot of elements of Thor 3 rely on you knowing about the other films - something I'm not overly keen on.

I like Thor: Ragnarok - it's come a long way from the originator of the MCU, is extremely pretty and a lot funnier than IM.

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3 hours ago, slothian said:

It's Iron Man. And I *will* judge anyone who votes otherwise.

Go ahead.

Iron Man is a very grounded Superhero movie. It is definitely an attempt to make a realistic Super-hero movie. This is to it's credit. Robert Downey Jr. dominates every scene he's in and lends it so much energy that the film works even when he's not in a scene. The writing in wonderful and we have a fully realized vision of a world.

That said, I am voting for Thor: Ragnarok. My problem with the visual story telling of the previous Thor films was never about, "I want to see more Asgard." It was, "I want to see something other than the most boring places on Earth." Thor: Ragnarok gave me that. Even the Earth Scenes try to mix things up. The entire cast works so well together. Cate Blanchett is a God-Tier level actress so having her play the villain of a Marvel film where she gets to strut about the stage is fantastic and they sell her threat very well. The cast is good enough that Hemsworth or Hiddleston can not be in scenes and the energy levels never dip. The Score is one of the best Marvel put out. The 80s Synth vibe gels with the more neon feeling of the film. The humor... okay, yeah, I'll admit it can be distracting at times but as a person who is a fan of Waititi, I expected it.

Iron Man is a fantastic film. I just like Thor: Ragnarok a little more, that's all.

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Iron Man is a better film. Even Jeff Bridges' Iron Monger is a good character who's not the best villain when compared to other better ones. But he's the best Iron Man villain of the trilogy.

I wish we saw more of Hella, who I thought was great. I hope we haven't seen the last of her. 

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Going into a re-watch of Iron Man, I knew I preferred Thor: Ragnarok. So I wanted to be as fair as possible. However, Iron Man has some issues I cannot reconcile.

Like Dave, I am not a fan of movies that start, then jump back to 24 / 48 / 72 hours later. Iron Man does this. To its credit, the action kicks off within five minutes. Maybe less. But the jump forward to the award ceremony is clearly where the film was intended to begin, then edited to start with the explosion. Minor thing, but it's showing it seams.

Second: If The Ten Rings are working with Stane and already have a ton of Stark tech, why can't he simply give them a Jericho missile? Why do they need Stark at all?

These are minor points, yeah, but they do pull me out of the movie. Conversely, there's nothing in Thor: Ragnarok that pulls me out. The opposite, actually. I'm all in on the narrative from the first shot. Iron Man is immensely fun, and a very well-crafted movie. But Thor: Ragnarok is a blast from start to finish.

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