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I was always partial to Star Mario (invincible) with a Flower. What could possibly beat an unstoppable fireball-throwing Italian plumber? Nothing I say, nothing! Since that isn't up there, I'll vote Fire Mario.

Feather Mario (with the cape) would own Flying Raccoon Mario any day of the week, people.

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What DRQ said about Tanuki Mario, that Mario owns everyone on this list.

But since he's not here and I hate null voting, I'll vote Fire Mario

Darn tootin'

As for things on the list, I'll say invincible, just because you could speed through any level with Bullet Bill and not care in the slightest. Never truly got the hang of flying when replaying the game years after completing it....

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But the thing that sucked was that not even being invincible could save you if you fell in the holes.  :(

True, but none of Mario's powers prevented death from that.

Yeah, it was your own damn fault! :D

Who's stupid enough to fall through a hole in way.

"I know, I'll find Bowser if I jump to my death."

The only thing I can forgive is the sky levels. MAn they are hard.

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