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I've started getting it too. JS/Wonka? Okay, looked further - Yoda, looks like you've been hacked, dude.


JS.Wonka is a generic detection of web pages or e-mail messages that contain a certain functionality for encrypting scripts that may have malicious intent. This does not necessarily mean that a virus has been found. It merely means that HTML code was found which attempts to activate additional executable code without the user's express permission.

Note: this detection may be triggered by merely visiting a web page that contains malicious code. It does not necessarily mean your machine has been compromised.

Removal Instructions

If this is being detected in the Temporary Internet Files directory, in order to remove unwanted files from your computer, you will have to remove all off-line content from your PC.

The Temporary Internet Files (or cache) folder contains Web page content that is stored on your hard disk for quick viewing. This cache permits Internet Explorer or MSN Explorer to download only the content that has changed since you last viewed a Web page, instead of downloading all the content for a page every time it is displayed. To delete the files in the Temporary Internet Files folder, follow these steps:

1. In Control Panel, open Internet Options.

2. Click the General tab, and then under Temporary Internet files, click Delete Files.

3. In the Delete Files dialog box, click to select the Delete all off-line content check box if you want to delete all Web page content that you have made available offline.

4. Click OK.

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I haven't gotten it here, but I got it on my mom's computer at the oratory yesterday. The virus protection caught it and deleted the file, so no worries about that, but perhaps I should let Spinner know.

Actually, scratch that. I might have had Earth-2 up at the time as well. I can't remember. If anybody gets this at the oratory though, let me know.


It's only happening here, and only on computers that don't have me auto-logged in. Odd.

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