Episode 6 - New Maniac Cop and ROTOR

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We're getting hassled by The Man on the Movie Show this week. Bruce Campbell's here to keep the streets of New York safe for the last half hour or so of 1988’s Maniac Cop! After that, ROTOR isn't even the best robot in his own 1987 movie! All glory to Willard! [ 1:16:14 ]


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  • Missy changed the title to Episode 6 - New Maniac Cop and ROTOR

"Maniac Cop" was a product of its time - a populist far-right screed against due process and in favor of police brutality. Criminals don't follow the rules, so we need to show no mercy. For all of the discussion of Hollywood liberalism, not enough is said about this propaganda from Hollywood, especially in the 80's.

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