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Future State Nightwing #2: fine

Future State Shazam! #2: also fine

Future State Superman Worlds Of War #2: really fun. Dig the Midnighter backup

GI Joe Castle Fall: really fun oneshot.

Future State The Next Batman #4: this is solid.

Haha #2: I don't think I need this series

Hollow Heart #1: wow. Loved this.

Iron Man #6: This feels like something far better than the character has been written, maybe ever? It's really good. Weird premise (Iron Man and Hellcat take on Korvac-ish) but just feels like grand storytelling.

King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes #2: cool stories. Good stuff.

King in Black #4: Holy fuck. This is a really good event. One of the better events of the last twenty years. I know I'm a year late on this, but whatever. It's all made me want to go back and read those Carnage issues from way back. @Missyand I reviewed one of them back in the day. Is there a solid collection that has a giant chunk of that stuff?

MODOK Head Games #3: really dumb and good at the same time. I will never like Gwenpool. Ever. But other elements of this are pretty good.

Marvel #5: some good stories here.

Miskatonic #4: good shit. I think the next issue is the last.

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On 1/9/2023 at 5:43 PM, Missy said:

I don't think there's an oversized hardcover of the Gerry Conway Carnage series, but it is collected in three trades.

Ok, thanks. That was Conway. I had in my head it was Cates.

Savage Avengers #18: this series is awesome. If you told me last year that I would be loving Conan and Deadpool hanging out for an extended period of time, I would have laughed at you. This was great.

Savage #1: This is one I've held off on because it's similar to a WIP, but it turns out it actually isn't and it still isn't any good. Gen Z Tarzan? Pass.

Shadow Doctor #1: this is a great first issue. Down on his luck Doctor can't get a job because blacks aren't allowed in the hospitals and the black hospital has closed down and he can't get a loan to open a practice so he becomes a mob doctor. The real life story of the author's grandfather. Can't wait for more.

Space Bastards #2: yeah, this isn't going to get any better.

The Picture of Everything Else #2: it's not really for me.

Vampirella The Dark Powers #3: I gave this two issues too many.

X-Men Legends #1: This is Nicieza and Brett Booth on an X-Men book that picks up after X-Men #39. I think Scott and Jean got married in #30 and that was the last regular X-Men I read for a really long time. Came back for Age of Apocalypse, of course. So this takes place between Phalanx Covenant and Legion Quest. It's alright. I'll definitely give it another. 

Young Hellboy The Hidden Land #1: Ok, this is the fun I was hoping for from Savage.

Batman Black and White #3: one good story.

Future State Batman/Superman #2: ends with a fantastic Batman moment. Animal Man is helping them rehome these lab animals and he's going on about pigeons, and instead of rolling his eyes or telling him to shut up, Batman's inner monologue says "I let Buddy ramble. Never know when a Buddy Fact might come in useful." Perfect characterization. Batman has certainly solved several crimes that involve the unique behaviour of a certain animal. Now you know where he might have learned that.

Future State Aquaman #2: not very good.

Crossover #4: Holy shit. This is great.

Future State Dark Detective #4: probably the best of the Batman-themed ones of these.

Future State Suicide Squad #2: this was good, but the Black Adam backup was wild.

Future State Superman Imperious Lex #2: this was pretty fun. Steve Pugh looking like Paquette up in here!

Future State Superman House of El #2: I didn't have high hopes for this one, but that helped it because it was alright.

Maestro War and Pax #2: I am really digging this.

Generations Forged #1: this was all over the place. Some good moments. Too far between for my liking. 

I Breathed a Body #2: It's just not grabbing me.

King In Black Return of the Valkyries #3: lots of fun.

King in Black Namor #4: this series is kind of wearing out its welcome. There's only one more, but maybe it should have been a four issue miniseries.

Nuclear Family #1: pretty wild first issue. I'll read more.

Post Americana #3: This was good, and I dig the art, but I don't need more of it.

Something Is Killing the Children #15: so good

Symbiote Spider-Man King in Black #4: Ok, I like this, but is this supposed to be Peter Parker? From another reality? I don't know...

Stray Dogs #1: This is basically a Don Bluth movie where all of the cute doggies live with a serial killer. A new "adoptee" remembers his new master killed his old master and things are turned upside down. So, I guess it's kind of like a Don Bluth movie.

The Next Batman: Second Son #1: this was decent, but I don't need more of it.

The Union #3: Good

Two Moons #1: Fucking wild

USAgent #3: good.

X-Men #18: not good.

Casual Fling #2: pretty good.

Crime Syndicate #1: Fun, and weird that they keep changing this group. They live on an alternate earth, we can keep their old origins and whatnot, guys...

Dead Dog's Bite #1: pretty solid. I'll do one more.

Firepower #9: still really good.

The Cimmerian The Frost Giant's Daughter #2, 3: great adaptation!

Fear Case #2: This series is killing it

King in Black Captain America #1: pretty good

Infinite Frontier #0: I'm skeptical.

King in Black Thunderbolts #3: this was really fun. Overall. Great tie-in mini

King in Black Wiccan and Hulkling #1: this was unnecessary, but harmless.

Let Them Live! Unpublished Tales from the DC Vault #1-4: I have my doubts as to the veracity of these being "from the vault."

Man-Bat #2: pretty good.

Nottingham #1: I dug this. Grim and Gritty Robin Hood from the sheriff's perspective.

Nocterra #1: not for me

Suicide Squad #1: Not the team I would have chosen, but a good first issue.

The Swamp Thing #1: this did not light me on fire. I'll give it one more.

Rorschach #6: they are being really novelistic with this, which is a nice way of saying the story is extremely padded out. This should have been an eight issue series. This issue was a little much.

The Joker #1: Man, has Guillem March's art changed a lot? This was a great issue, but I remember his stuff to be a lot cleaner.

Black Hammer Visions #2: Johns/Kolins on a horror story. Good stuff.

Children of the Atom #1: Interesting take. Haven't been impressed by much X-Men lately.

Eternals #3: this is still really interesting.

Karmen #1: I'm intrigued.

Luna #2: I'm out

Maniac of New York #2: this is fucking great!

Proctor Valley Road #1: Solid first issue

Red Sonja/The Super-Powers #3: I have now given up on the Superpowers team-ups with both Red Sonja and Vampirella. What dreck.

Taskmaster #4: Still great.

Wolverine Black White and Blood #4: good issue. Every story was decent.

Superman Red and Blue #1: same thing as Batman Black and White/Wolverine Black White and Blood/etc. but it isn't grabbing me.

Ultramega #1: right up my alley, but it didn't impress me.

Carnage Black White and Blood #1: this is more like it. Question: this has a western Carnage story and another period piece. Has he been retconned to always be around at this point? Because I remember when he was born from a little drop of Venom that got caught on a prison bar.

Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade #1: I'm down.

Captain America Anniversary Tribute #1: I can think of better ways to pay tribute than redo three classic issues (two form the golden age and his return in Avengers) by having a different art team on each page.

Iron Man #7: this is still great.

I Walk With Monsters #4: I'm out. Not sure why I stuck around so long. It has never been very good.

King in Black Spider-Man #1: this was fun. Definitely a backdoor pilot of Reptil and that's fine with me. 

Marvel #6: this series looked pretty a lot of the time, but was never really good.

Miskatonic #5: This last issue tried to wrap things up way too quickly and kind of shit the bed.

Savage Avengers #19: so fucking fun.

Teen Titans Academy #1: Man, they are really hitting the X-Men ripoff vibe with this series. 

The Trials of Ultraman #1: nope.

Vampirella vs Purgatori #1: hell no.

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Doom Patrol: The Silver Age Vol. 1 - I never would've picked this up without the show making me fall in love with the characters, but I'm actually impressed with this on its own. This comic has a great deal of imagination, and empathy for outcasts (with 60s comic writers, especially Jewish ones, I can imagine the latter comes easily). Plus the way they deal with the strangest concepts is really fun. It reminds me of Golden Age books where there were no rules, but with Silver Age structures.

It really is a DC response to Marvel, but I think it holds up about as well, if not better than most of Marvel around this time. The dialogue is reminiscent of Stan, but I find a bit more art in Arnold Drake's style (though to be fair, he probably did a fraction of the amount of work Lee did around the time). There are the X-Men parallels, of course, but I find the team functionally (and visually) resembles the Fantastic Four more, remixed slightly. You've got the genius with secrets, the woman who holds the team together (but happens to be the one who grows and shrinks), the brightly flying guy. Although Robotman is basically The Thing, almost note for note. A bit more...suicidal though, if you can believe that.

Rita's the heart of the team really, she's a warm and vibrant presence (I adored her picking a lock manually instead of using a tiny explosive because she wanted to have some fun in the mission), and I'm glad they let her do a lot of fighting, she's already a lot more of a character than the Invisible Woman was early on. With how much attention is given to her by all the characters, the creative team's affection for her is palpable. Larry, I don't quite have enough from him just yet, and it's really weird to see him be straight, after season 1 of the show spent a lot of time with his sexuality. Cliff is about what you'd expect from the Ben Grimm of the group. And The Chief was surprisingly likable; his single tear at them celebrating his birthday actually touched me quite a bit.

The creative team does a great job with giving the sense of forward progression with this title. It was a big deal when My Greatest Adventure turned into Doom Patrol, and it was a big deal when they finally got their classic superhero costumes. They also spent a good amount of time with the villains and they're really not what you'd expect. I've seen the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man clowned on since I was a kid on Superdickery and Cracked but I found him a really cool villain actually? There's an earnestness to this series that just really lets me buy into it. The Brotherhood of Evil is great too, I'm glad Madame Rouge gets a lot of focus. I can't wait to see Michelle Gomez as her when I get to S2 of the show.

The art isn't my favorite of Silver Age DC (which is probably Dick Sprang and most of the Legion) but it's pretty good. It started off really rough, which works for the off-kilter nature of the book, but then settles to a pleasant cartooniness as it leans harder into the wacky side of it all. I always liked how the people were drawn, but Negative Man and Robotman took a while to get used to. I don't like seeing Larry's cartoon face through the bandages. Please give him his now-trademark shades. And Cliff looked practically demonic, though the rivets in his head make me think it was intentional.

I adore the show, but I honestly wouldn't mind a straight adaptation of these early comics, like a Saturday morning cartoon. They can even carry over the live action cast, who are just perfect in their respective roles. And oops, the show got cancelled just as I finished this volume. Damn it.

But yeah, I get why they're a cult favorite until now, I really do. I can't wait to see how the group progresses from here.

Early last year was when I got into the Legion, now it's Doom Patrol. Soon my next Silver Age team might be Teen Titans. I've never been much of a team guy, so this surprises me, but it's something different and fun.

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Earthdivers #1-3: Stephen Graham Jones writing a story about indigenous people from the future going back in time to kill Christopher Columbus? I am in!

Avengers Curse of the Man-Thing #1: not bad. I don't like Savage She-Hulk. I assume that changes pretty quickly.

Beta Ray Bill #1: amazing first issue

Crossover #5: kind of running in place a little bit.

Future State Superman Imperious Lex #3: fine

King in Black Return of the Valkyries #4: pretty good

King in Black Ghost Rider #1: this was really fun. Good to catch up with these characters. Blaze is GR again and Danny Ketch is Death Rider? Cool. 

Nuclear Family #2: this is a pretty wild series so far.

Let Them Live #5: the best of the bunch thus far. Still don't believe these are "from the vault"

Sea of Sorrows #4: fine

Shadecraft #1: This almost lost me right up until the end. I'll check out some more.

Stray Dogs #2: a really good series so far.

Symbiote Spider-Man #5: fun.

Taskmaster #5: great ending

Final Girls #1: not what I expected based on the title. Hated the characters. The art was alright.

The Union #4: continues to be good. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

US Agent #4: This finally clicked for me. It took a while. But I have a soft spot for this character.

Two Moons #2: this fucking rules.

Witchblood #1: not for me

X-Men #19: this was a good one and done.

X-Men Legends #2: this was fun, but I'm stoked for the next arc. 90s X-Factor by the Simonsons!

Young Hellboy The Hidden Land #2: this is really fun. Jumped the gun on the "no more Hellboy" stance. I'll at least do Young Hellboy.

Crime Syndicate #2: this is kind of dumb.

Green Lantern #1: I like the art, I like the sort of political circumstance that is the setting of this story, but I don't dig Teen Lantern.

Suicide Squad #2: this was solid. 

The Swamp Thing #2: this was also solid. Improved on the last issue.

Batman The Detective #1: meh. I'm out.

Giant-Size X-Men by Jonathan Hickman: I read a coup[le of these in issue form. Turns out they comprise a single story. Pretty good.

Casual Fling #3: got good

Children of the Atom #2: not sure how they can sustain this

Dead Dog's Bite #2: this is like the best show on television in comic form.

Fear Case #3: also very good. 

Fire Power #10: still going strong.

Hollow Heart #2: intriguing still.

Home #1: Not a fan of the art, but I dig the story. I'll try more.

Iron Man #8: great Hellcat-focused issue.

Karmen #2: pretty fun and weird

King in Black Namor #5: this didn't need to be 5 issues.

King in Black Planet of the Symbiotes #3: pretty ho-hum.

King in Black #5: fucking excellent.

Let Them Live #6: garbage. Whoever came up with Lobo's daughter Crush should be fired and run out of the comics business. Awful character.

Maestro War and Pax #3, 4: really good couple issues.

Man-Goat & The Bunnyman #1: thought it sounded stupid. Had a fun time.

Man-Bat #3: this is just ok

Maniac of New York #3: really fun

Rorschach #7: fucking Frank Miller guest stars in this one. Not as the artist, as himself as a character in the book. A very popular pirate comics artist most known for Dark Fife and Dark Fife Returns. ;)

Black Hammer Visions #3: really good.

  • Issues: 139
  • Trades: 1
  • Omnibus:
  • Graphic Novel:
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Nottingham #2: this continues to rule.

Phantom of the Scan #1: wow. Awesome

Proctor Valley Road #2: I don't need anymore of this.

Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow #1: what if Spidey never gave up the symbiotic? Cool.

The Cimmerian Iron Shadows in the Moon #1: A pretty typical Conan story.

The Joker #2: still good. Glad it's focusing on Gordon. They can't really sell a Gordon title.

The Silver Coin #1: great first story but I wanted more.

Young Hellboy The Hidden Land #3: still great

Black Knight Curse of the Ebony Blade #2: still great

Carnage Black White and Blood #2: still good.

Cojacaru The Skinner #1: very cool

The Eternals #4: good

Godzilla Monsters Protectors #1: cannot stand that art. I'm out

Radiant Black #2, 3: fun.

Stray Dogs #3: this is fucking fantastic.

The mighty Valkyries #1: this was... fine.

The Rise #1: a prequel too NOTLD. Took me a minute, but I guess Cameron Romero now goes as George C. Romero. Weird.

Way of X #1: great issue. LOL moment and a mind-blowing reveal.

Batman Black and White #4, 5: not so into these. Great Lee Weeks story in #4 (I think) though.

Beta Ray Bill #2: so good.

Cold Dead War #1: wow. Interesting.

Crossover #6: crazy reveal here too

Helm Greycastle #1: I am not interested in someone writing out their latest DnD game. I'm out.

Horror Comics Black and White #1: some of the art is pretty great, but there is some really shitty translation from Italian here. A barely literate editor should have been able to catch it. I can't support anymore of this.

Carnage Epic Collection Born in Blood: this collects the little bits of issues introducing Cletus Kasady and the three-part story of Spidey and Venom teaming up. Shortly after that I stopped reading SM, so this was my first time reading Maximum Carnage which was a lot better than I thought it would be. Would be even better if it was 12 issues and not 14. Ends with a shitty annual where Carnage returns again.

Carnage vol 1 The One That Got Away: this kicks off the series by Gerry Conway and Mike Perkins and it rules. Really gives some beef to the symbiote thing by tying in the Darkhold. 

Carnage vol 2 World Tour: just as good as the first one. I think the first issue of volume three is the issue Mike and I reviewed way back when.

Carnage vol 3 What Dwells Beneath: this was a fantastic ending. 

Maiden #1: oof. Not good.

MODOK Head Games #4: got serious and got better. decent ending.

Friend of the devil: A Reckless Book: solid GN from Brubaker and Philips. 

Nuclear Family #3:

Robin #1: I'm good.

Shadow Doctor #2: God, this is good shit. 

Milestone Compendium vol 1: i figured I should finish this since I've been reading it since September, and that volume 2 i currently in the mail to me. This is more or less the first 1500 pages of Milestone comics. Thgis goes up to and a little bit past the Shadow War. The standouts really are Hardware and Xombi. Xombi in particular reads like Resurrection Man written by Grant Morrison circa his Doom Patrol run. And as rare as it was to have black-led comic series, it was close to non-existant to have a Korean led series. I'll take a break before vol 2 to catch up ona  bunch of trades I need to read, but I'm looking forward to vol 2 as it includes mostly stuff I've never read before.

Carnage Black White and Blood #3: a bit of a mixed bag.

Savage Avengers #20: wait, is this just Marvel Two-In-One with Conan as the recurring character? I love it.

Sea of Sorrows #5: this could have been a really amazing three issue miniseries.

Shadecraft #2: this was a real "second issue" situation and it absolutely did not disappoint. This is good shit.

Shadow Doctor #3: raising the stakes nicely. Fantastic.

Shadowman #1: pretty solid

Spider-Man Curse of the Man-Thing #1: I liked this. This is Man-Thing lore I can get behind. 

Sun Eater #2, 3: this is cool. I just realized it's co-written by the kid who plays Jughead on Riverdale's twin brother. But it kind of fucking rules. 

Teen Titans Academy #2: this is gonna be a third issue situation and it better be good.

The Red #1: no mas.

Two Moons #3: this still kicks ass.

US Agent #5: this series was maybe an issue too long, but I liked the treatment of John Walker. 

X-Men Legends #3: Oh man...the Simonsons on X'Factor again! And those costumes! Delightful.

Babyteeth #17: still so consistently good

Ant #12: ok, I'll try more.

Babyteeath #18: two issues left? Crazy.

Basilisk #1: this is pretty good.

Batman Black and White #6: not very good.

Batman Reptilian #1: this was...fine.

Beta Ray Bill #3: so sad and weird and fun.

Black Hammer Visions #4, 5: 4 was terrible. 5 was pretty good. I need to be more proactive about books written by Tamaki, as in proactive in not bothering with them.

Black Hammer Reborn #1: this was solid

Black knight Curse of the Ebony Blade #3: I've always liked this character and found him confusing at the same time. This series addresses some of those concerns.

Bunny Mask #1: i really dug this.

Chasing the Dragon #1, 2: sometimes comic has an amazing premise (the addiction to dragon blood in a fantasy world) and have an amazing artist (menton3) and still not hit the mark. It's sterile. Boring. Undynamic. Bummer.

Checkmate #1: This is what Bendis was supposed to be writing for a while now. Of course NOW we're seeing the follow-up to Event Leviathan.

Children of the Atom #3: Most of this X-Men shit is just impenetrable after months of trying to get it.

Cojacaru the Skinner #2: really solid ending.

Crime Syndicate #3: They bring these guys out all the time. It's a great idea, but it almost never ends up being a little good. This is no different.

DC Horror Presents The Conjuring The Lover #1: I didn't expect to like this, but I really really did.

DC's Round Robin #1 Robins vs Suicide Squad: this sucked.

Dead Dog's Bite #3, 4: Man, the storytelling, visual and textual, is absolutely hypnotic and intense at the same time. Like a compact season of True Detective. Great series.

DIEnatmite Lives #1: I wasn't going to, but it has Ash from Evil Dead on the cover, so of course I did. Fun.

Eden: Very solid graphic novel from Cullen Bunn and that amazing artist whose name I'll only butcher.

Eve #1, 2: More Victor Lavalle comics! This is really good. 

Extraordinary #1: definitely not for me in any way.

Fantastic Four Life Story #1, 2: I have more to say about this than I have time to say it right now. It's weird. It's a sort of non-canon look at the first four decades of the FF. They change up the origins quite a bit and I just don't know how much I actually like it. 

Fear Case #4: Fuck. So fucking good. This should be a TV miniseries.

Firepower #11, 12: Man. This just gets better.

Future State Gotham #1: Fuck no. I'm out.

Gamma Flight #1: this was fun, even though I'm really kind of bewildered and upset with what they've done with Alpha Flight.

Geiger #1-3: This starts off very unique and in issue two you know EXACTLY what's going to happen with the kids, but I still enjoyed it.

Green Lantern #2, 3: This got a lot better after that first issue. Also, any time I get Tom Raney art, I'm pretty happy.

  • Issues: 222
  • Trades: 4
  • Omnibus: 2
  • Graphic Novel: 2
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Action Comics #1051-1052
A new run putting the whole Superman Family together. So far so good but not a must-read.

Adventure Comics #323-324
Legion. Love it.

Batgirls #1
Not sure if this is for me.

Batman: One Bad Day - Bane
Batman: One Bad Day - Catwoman
Batman - One Bad Day - Clayface
Batman - One Bad Day - Mr. Freeze
Batman - One Bad Day - Penguin
Batman - One Bad Day - The Riddler
Batman - One Bad Day - Two-Face
For the most part, excellent character studies. Bane and Catwoman are must-reads, as one deals with addiction and the other generational trauma.

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #11-12
Still one of the best books at the moment.

Black Science #1
A little too bleak for me. Might read more.

The Brave and the Bold  #184
Part of my Huntress reading. One of the best of the lot.

Darkwing Duck #1
Fun, but I don’t need to continue.

Detective Comics #934
No comment until I dig deeper into the run.

Flash 19-31, Annual #3 (1987)
LOVE these early Wally adventures, but I hate what they're doing with his mother.

Justice Society of America #2
Hmm. Not sure what the hell this is.

My Greatest Adventure #80
Doom Patrol, baby!

Nightwing 100-101 (2016)
Honestly not sure about the current direction, but I’m here.

Poison Ivy #1-6
Not what I expected, but excellent.

The Saga of the Swamp Thing #20-21
So, yeah, this is wild.

Scarlet Witch #1-2
We’ll see where this goes

Superman #1 (2023)
There’s a lot of love here, so I’m excited of this book.

Superman: Space Age #1-3
A bleak-yet-hopefull book.

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #1-16 (1954)
OH MY GOD! So much fun.

Thor #337-348
The beginning of Walt Simonson’s run, and yeah, I’m 100% in.

Tim Drake: Robin #1-2
The art pushed me off the book

Wonder Woman #274-287, 289-290, 294-299, 301-321 (1942)
Only the Huntress stories. A wildly mixed bag, and rarely that compelling. It picks up by the end, but it’s a slog at time.

Issues: 123

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Heroes Reborn #1-7, Heroes Return #1 + 10 tie-in oneshots: a great example on how to do an event. It didn't seem like this one made much of a splash, but I really enjoyed it. Also, Marvel really knows how to use Squadron Supreme whenever they do. DC should take note on their Crime Society appearances. I am, however, kind of confused by the premise here, but I imagine it spun out of something else?

Hollow Heart #3: The first 2 issues of this almost entirely consist of the main having a conversation with the experiment in the lab. This issue, with him being removed from the lab and put into "ordinary life," you REALLY see the limitations of the artist. If someone draws really cool weird looking creatures, they NEED to be able to convey some semblance of normal reality for others if they want to interest me in their story. The art just doesn't do it for me.

Home #2: Much the same with this one. Hard to get past the art.

Imogen of the Wyrding Way: this was a fun little one shot from the Mignola Outerverse. Fun!

Infinite Frontier #1: this was really fun.

Iron Man #9: the best Iron Man has been in a really long time.

Justice League Last Ride #1, 2: this was decent. I'll finish it off

Karmen #3, 4: This is getting old.

Maestro War and Pax #5: fun ending

Man Goat/The Bunnyman #2: dumb fun

Man-Bat #4, 5: like the rest of the series, uneven. Looking back, wouldn't have bothered. He's a favourite character in Justice League Dark, and this serves as a ridiculous prequel to him being in that series.

Maniac of New York #4, 5: so good

Mister Miracle The Source of Freedom #1, 2: not sure how to feel about this.

Moths #1: really not for me.

North Force #0: I'm so far past reading the issue this contains at least parts of, but I swear this has new content. This is the Canadian Government superteazm in Canada in the Savage Dragon universe (arguably the Chicago and Toronto of the Image Universe). Fun, regardless. 

Nottingham #3, 4: this series rules.

Nuclear Family #4, 5: I wonder if the plan is a follow up series, but there should be one already since I'm so behind. I liked this series, but I sort of wish it was either an issue less or a 20 issue run like baby teeth. This left me a little disappointed.

Out of Body #1: this is really cool.

Phantom on the Scan #2, 3: this turned into something quite close to a work in progress of mine. I'll have to finish it to see if I can go forward. Haha! Goddamn it! That's happened like three times this year already.

PlanetSize X-men #1: this was fine

Radiant Black #4, 5: this kicks ass so much.

Razorblades The Horror Magazine #1-3: oh shit, this rules!

Red Room #1: Wow! Did not know Ed Piskor had this in him.

Red Sonja 1982: meh

Reptil #1, 2: The dialogue in this is absolute dogs hit. Zero personality.

Shit. I guess the edit didn't take...I read exactly 24 comics, of which, few I could remember. The first couple issues of The Good Asian (decent) and it's pretty bad if I couldnt'. 2 more issues of Spider-man The Spider's Shadow. That's some good shit.  Finished that Cimmerian mini (not so great). A couple issues of Suicide Squad and the Teen Titans Academy issue they cross over with. 

Newer stuff I do remember (and haven't deleted):

The invincible Red Sonja #1, 2: this turned into something fun.

The Joker #3, 4: Holy shit. This got good. I had no idea that there was a Lady Bane, but it doesn't matter. This is a really cool angle for this series to take.

Mount Pleasant #1: a collection of dirty cartoons from my friend Robin Bougie. Great and playfully weird smut. I'll call this a graphic novel.

The Mighty Valkyries #2, 3: this is a little jumbled but pretty fun at times still.

The Nice House on the Lake #1: this is not where I thought it was going. I knew it was going somewhere. But not here. Incredibly intrigued.

The Secret Land #1: Ponderous, man. Fucking ponderous!

The Silver Coin #2, 3: So good.

The Swamp Thing #3, 4: fine.

The Union #5: good ending.

Catwoman Annual #1: this is from 1994, for the Patreon exclusive Elseworld podcast. But...yikes.

The Worst Dudes #1: This was...fine. I'll give it one more.

Two Moons #4: fuck, this is good.

Vampirella 1992: Fuck, this is awful.

W.E.B. of Spider-man #1: Yeah, pass.

Way of X #2: This was good. Can anyone reading this tell me who Charles is? Is this the Ultimate Universe version or something?

X-Corp #1: ugh. this was awful

X-men Curse of the Man-Thing #1: great ending. Usually nervous about "Ted" coming up in a Man-Thing story (that Werewolf-By-Night MCU special? bleach!), but this crossover handled it very well.  Good stuff. That trade is out now.

X-Men #20, 21: I keep waffling back and forth on X-Men books. Dropping them by the sackload.

Young Hellboy The Hidden Land #4: This was so fun. Saved my love of Hellboy.

Beta Ray Bill #4: fuck, this is so good.

Black Knight Curse of the Ebony Blade #4: Ironic to read this alongside Beta Ray Bill. Very simpatico thematically.

Blue Flame #1: no thank you

Crossover #7: this is fucking crazy. Just wild, man. Chip Zdarsky writes this issue and he is the main character of the story. The antagonist? The comic book version of Chip Zdarsky. It's about as meta as a comic gets. Funny little nods to other pretentious guest writing gigs. Great issue.

Eternals #5: this is probably an issue longer than it needs to be.

Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man Chameleon Conspiracy #1: I forgot that Kraven and Chameleon are brothers.

Razorblades The Horror Magazine #4: fuck. So good.

Red Room #2: nowhere near as readable as the first issue.

Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook: this was pretty fun. I have a new favourite DC character. Stitch rules. The magically animated rag doll apprentice of Dr. Fate. I have a weird feeling that this is going to have the same twist as Avengers Academy. They can't do that, can they?

That Texas Blood #7: New arc. I'm intrigued.

The Mighty Crusaders: The Shield #1: This is Rob Liefeld doing The Shield. His art is about as good as it's ever been. Honestly. Looks good with this colouring approach. That guy should get paid more. This is pretty bad, though. Because Liefeld also writes it. 

The United States of Captain America #1: cool concept they've toyed with before, and I am gonna dig seeing where it's gonna go.

Two Moons #5: so fucking good.

Vinyl #1: weird and fun. I'm in for more.

Way of X #3: this is fine..

X-Men Legends #4: this was pretty fun.

Venom by Cullen Bunn Complete Collection: this is 500+ pages of Bunn writing Flash Thompson as Agent Venom. I wanted to read Donny Cates' run, but thought I'd try this first. Really enjoyed it. Similar feel to Frankencastle or Jason Aaron's Ghost Rider. Really glad I tried this.

Babyteeth #19: aaaaaaggghhhh! One more issue? Wild. Not sure how I feel about the Frank Millering of the covers, but whatever. One of the better horror series of the past few years.

Black's Myth #1: a lot going on here, but little explanation. I'll give it one more. The world seems interesting enough.

DC Horror Presents The Conjuring The Lover #1: this was decent. I'll try more.

Extreme Carnage Alpha: fuck...undeniably, the best stuff at Marvel over the past few years has involved symbiotes.

Fire Power #13: this is low-key a GREAT comic series. Best Kung Fu series I've maybe read ever.

Fight Girls #1: Ok, Frank Cho drawing a story with almost solely women in booty shorts and half shirts that still manages to be a halfway decent story. I'll try more.

Geiger #4: this series is great. Truly great post apocalyptic fantasy.

Hellboy and the BPRD The Secret of Chesbro House #1: this was fine

Green Lantern #4: Great issue!

Justice League Infinity #1: Oh, this is the sequel to the animated JLU show. Great first issue. Very easy to read it in the voice actors' voices.

Basilisk #2: Yeah, very similar to a WIP that I've probably already abandoned, but interesting enough to keep reading.

Black Hammer:Visions #6: Cthu-Lou! My favourite character in this universe!

Bunny Mask #2: ok, I am fucking IN

Cold Dead War #2: yeah, I'm out. This is dumb.

Karmen #5: ok, this happened. I think this was the end. It was interesting. Could have been three issues, for sure. Love the art.

Man-Goat & Bunnyman #3: this was fun.

Masters of the Universe Revelation #1: no thanks.

Ordinary Gods #1: very similar to something I'd write/sort of am writing

Out of Body #2: this one kind of lost me

Skybound X #1: whoooo this sucked. 

Suicide Squad #5: this was just ok. 

The Good Asian #3: loved the first two, but this one bored me to tears.

The Nice House on the Lake #2:this fucking ruled

The Swamp Thing #5: just not into this.

The Worst Dudes #2: off....yeah this is awful.

X-Men #1: I'll give this a couple issues. I wasn't wowed. But I like Ben Urich...

Carnage: Black, White and Blood #4: fun issue here.

Extreme Carnage Scream #1: having just read the Bunn run on Venom, it was pretty funny seeing the supporting character in that run now have a symbiote. Because of course she does.

Eve #3: still pretty great. I don't love the art, but Lavalle can keep telling stories for the rest of my life and I'll be reading them.

Iron Man #10: excellent issue.

Justice League Last Ride #3: really good.

Ninjak #1: the art is different than you'd expect. Almost Tintin-esque at times.The story is solid though. And the art wore me down. I get it.

Infinite Frontier #2: this is wild. Lots of fun. 

Nottingham #5: great series.

Rorschach #10: this series is definitely loooooonnnnng in the tooth.

Sinister War #1: ok.

Spider-Man Spider-s Shadow #4: interesting to see where it goes at the end. One more issue to go!

The Cimmerian Man Eaters of Zamboula #1: this was solid, but probably a couple pages longer than it needed to  be.

The Silver Coin #4: some nice sci fi/horror here. Love this anthology series.

The Invincible Red Sonja #3: this one was a little iffy.

Way of X #4: oof. Rough one. I'm gonna quit on this, I think.

The Joker #5: sort of documents the first meeting between Gordon and Joker. But it's a fill-in, is what it is.

X-Men '92 vol 1 The World is a Vampire: this was a hell of a lot of fun. I'm not entoirely sure how much time should have passed between the show and the start of this series, but the Generation X kids are there as students as well as the X-Statix characters. Lots of fun Marvel callbacks, including a jaw dropping reveal for fans of Tomb of Dracula. *raises hand*

  • Issues: 382
  • Trades: 5
  • Omnibus: 3
  • Graphic Novel: 3
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That last one is too long, so I'm starting anew:

Black Hammer Reborn #2: wow. Seriously. Maybe the second or third best single issue in the whole Black Hammer universe. Maybe the best. I don't know.

Dark Blood #1: cool. Great first issue. Great idea. Wish I'd thought of it.

Blue & Gold #1: this was really fun. Really good job integrating modern storytelling techniques without being lame. I usually hate the kind of shit with "bviewer comments" in the chat while the superhero is live-streaming, but this was done really well. Also, love these guys.

Extreme Carnage Phage #1: another great entry

Gamma Flight #2: lots of fun.

M.O.M. Mother of Madness #1: hell no. Spoiler: that comic book "created by" the celebrity as a means of trying to get a movie made was no good. Shocker.

Moon Knight #1: this is incredibly similar to the premise of a Dr. Strange pitch I was working on with an artist friend that also happened to include MK in a minor role. This was before the Dr. Strange resurgence. This was also really good. 

Radiant Black #6: fuck yeah. Ok. Haha!

Savage Avengers #22: looks like next issue is a team-up between Conan, Dr. Strange and Shuma-Gorath? This is the best Marvel series in goddamn ages.

Shadecraft #5: honestly, could have used another issue. I thought this was a great miniseries.

Shazam! #1: I wasn't into it until the end, so I'm in.

Superman and the Authority #1: the whole first issue dedicated to Superman recruiting Manchester Black. Odd.

Syphon #1: this was kind of interesting.

Time BeforeTime #3: this is great.

X-Men Legends #5: ok, Peter David's X-Factor this time. I'm intrigued to see where this goes.

Amazing Fantasy #1: Kaare Andrews Fantasy pulp magazine at Marvel. Pretty fun.

Batman Reptilian #2: this is really slowly paced. I might be out. 

Beta Ray Bill #5: beautiful ending. What a great mini.

Checkmate #2: I mean, Bendis and Maleev on Checkmate is where the whole thing should have started, right?

Eternals #6: well then...

Black Knight Curse of the Ebony Blade #5: holy shit. What a twist!

Icon & Rocket Season One #1: this was good. Good remake of the original run. I don't know if I'll read any more. I just finished the giant omnibus and await the second volume of said omnibus.

Infinite Frontier #3: this series is wild. Fun stuff.

Last Book You'll Ever Read #1: ok. I'm intrigued.

Mister Miracle The Source of Freedom #3: I have spent too much time and money trying to give a shit about Shiloh Norman. It stops here.

Red Room #3: this was the best issue so far.

Something is Killing the Children #18: great issue.

Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads #1: ohhhhhh.....these are stories form back in the day. I'd only read the King in Black tie-in (which is weird now that I think about it), so I thought this was a Spider-Verse dude. This takes place right before Peter David starts on the Hulk. Interesting first issue.

Teen Titans Academy #3: really dick-teasing the identity of Red X. But I love the Bat Pack. They're fun. 

Deathstroke, The Terminator Annual #3: from 1994. Reviewed this for my patron exclusive podcast.

The Mighty Valkyries #4: the story is great. I liked one artist and really did not the other.

The United States of Captain America #2: While I can say almost the exact thing I said above, I like the other artist better in this one. BUT...if you give me Dale Eaglesham, I want a full issue.

Vinyl #2: this is so weird.

That Texas Blood #8: it sort of feels that this series is really taking a more True Detective-style turn with this second arc. Good though. Really love this sheriff character.

DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring : The Lover #3: this was good, bvut I think the series is kind of middling.

Basilisk #3: this was awesome. best issue yet.

Green Lantern #5: holy shit. This was great!

Deadpool: Black White & Blood #1: this was great. Three short stories all enjoyable. Seems like this is the best way to take in some Deadpool. 

Extreme Carnage Lasher #1: kind of a bridge story for what's next. Intriguing.

Firepower #14: excellent. 

Geiger #5: also excellent. 

Justice League Infinity #2: yeah this is fucking great. 

Lost Falls #1: wow! Great first issue!

Lucky Devil #1: Damn Cullen Bunn...another thing of his really close to a WIP of mine. This one is still different enough though. And it's good.

The Nice House on the Lake #3: this book is nuts. And I love it.

Suicide Squad Get Joker! #1: wow. This was really good.

Savage Avengers #23: fun as fuck still.

Sinister War #2: literally nothing happened here. This is dumb.

Spirits of Vengeance Spirit Rider #1: It lost me halfway through, but some fun nonetheless.

The Golem Walks Among Us! #1: oh, ok. I don't think I"ve read any Golem before (I also have a Golem hero in a WIP), but I was quite impressed with this. 

Suicide Squad King Shark #1: off...not very good at all.

X-Men #2: This was a really good issue. Jean seems weird though. 

Batman '89 #1: You know, I think part of the appeal of this endeavour is that the characters look like their film counterparts, and that's not the case here. Disappointing.

Black's Myth #2: I'll stick this one out.

Bunny Mask #3: This is still great.

Defenders #1: Cool. I dig it.

Eve #4: Kind of losing its shine, TBH. But there's only one more.

Fight Girls #2: Not bad, but just not interesting enough.

Fantastic Four Life Stories #3: this is weird. I don't get what they're trying to do here.

Hardware Season One #1: This was decent, but didn't really grab me. At least it's not as remake of the original series (looking at you, Icon!).

Hellboy and the BPRD The Secret of Chesbro House #2: I swore off Hellboy comics a little while back. Should have kept it up.

I Am Batman #0: No thanks.

Justice League Last Ride #4: this is fucking crazy. 

Infinite Frontier #4: This reads too fast! I want more density to this story because I like it.

Ordinary Gods #2: When things that are like things I write are really good, I keep reading them. I will not with this series.

Batman Secret Files Clownhunter #1: Dumb fun. Why not have another kid from Gotham whose parents were killed and now they're a vigilante?

Pennyworth #1: Awful.

Rorschach #11: Jesus....this should have been SIX issues. I'll reluctantly finish it off.

DIEnamite Lives #2, 3: this is pretty fun

Spider-Man The Spider's Shadow #5: pretty good ending. If they're doing the decompressed What If? miniseries now, this is a pretty good template.

Black Hammer Visions #7: Boredom personified

The Joker #6: Great issue.

Eat the Rich #1: By page two, I knew what the last page would be. Still hoped for some clever writing and a reversal, but no. I'm out.

The Silver Coin #5: Great ending, even greater to see it's back as an ongoing.

Gamma Flight #3: fine

God of Tremors #1: a little long in the tooth, but a solid read.

The Unbelievable Unteens #1: This was a lot of fun.

Iron Man #11: Good stuff

Warbound #1: Hell no.

Kang the Conqueror #1: this was pretty good. 

Moon Knight #2: nowhere near as good as issue 1. It gets one more.

X-Men Legends #6: could have done without this story.

Radiant Black #7: art gets a little kinky, but this is still an exciting series.

Second Chances #1: premise is right up my alley, but the execution, not so much.

SHAZAM! #2: this was rad.

Superman and the Authority #2: yeah, this kind of sucks. Damn...

The Cimmerian The man-eaters of Zamboula #2: terrible.

Time Before Time #4: I get it. I like it. But I'm just not interested in it.

Way of X #5: this is terrible. I'm out.

X-Men The Trial of Magneto #1: also terrible.

After the Fall #1: not for me.

Astonishing Times #1: another premise up my alley that the execution doesn't stick for me.

Checkmate #3: still great.

Amazing Fantasy #2: still wild and fun.

Cassidy's Secret #1: intriguing. I'll do another.

Cable Reloaded #1: Ugh...terrible art.

Dark Blood #2: ok, pretty solid. Not much more story than #1 gave us though.

Darkhawk #1: not very good.

Extreme Carnage Riot #1: pretty dope.

Ninjak #2: art gets crazier and I like it even more.

Something is Killing the Children #19: so good.

St. Mercy #1: bored me to tears

Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads #2: this was really fun.

Superman vs Lobo #1: absolute shit.

That Texas Blood #9: excellent.

Syphon #2: yeah, I'm out.

The United States of Captain America #3: the best one yet. Love it!

Vinyl #3: this is the only one of these so far that I've found less than stellar. This was really bad though.

Winter Guard #1: I love these characters. I have since X-Factor Annual #2. I just feel like they are so rarely done well. This is done pretty well. I dig it. Nice to see Vostok and Perun back, too.

Infinite Frontier #5: really fun.

Midnight Annual 2021 #1: this was garbage. Jesus, DC. How do you have a Midnight/Mr. Miracle team-up and have it be less than brilliant? This sucked.

Teen Titans Academy #6: lots of fun.

Basilisk #4: Also good. 

Almost American #1: not for me

Dark Ages #1: i love an interesting dark future miniseries. The Marvel Universe in a post-apocalyptic post-electrical world.

Black Hammer Reborn #3: this was solid

Fire Power #15: really good still

Geiger #6: a fine ending

Phantom on the Scan #4: I really don't get it. It lost my attention somewhere.

Lucky Devil #2: this is good

Telepaths #1: This is a failed TV pitch. I know it. It's good though.

The Last Annihilation Wiccan and Hulking #1: this was fun. I actually didn't know all that about the pre=Young Avengers pasts of these two, unless it's all new. I don't know. I like these two, and I love the idea of these gay superhumans being the rulers of the united Kree/Skrull Empire. I don't really know what's happening as the Cable one had nothing to do with this. But also, thank god!

Red Sonja #1: Mirka Andolfo's Red Sonja, to be exact. I'm intrigued. I'll give it one more.

Blue and Gold #2: so fun.

Black Manta #1: didn't light me on fire, but I'll read more.

  • Issues: 501
  • Trades: 5
  • Omnibus: 3
  • Graphic Novel: 3
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Deadbox #1: this is a really interesting premise, but I'ma  little leery of the execution. I'll give it another.

Defenders #2: this is fucking wild and fun.

Deadpool: Black White & Blood #2: not as good as the first, but still pretty good.

Eve #5: didn't really stick the landing, but I sort of saw that coming anyway.

Extreme Carnage Toxin #2: the last two of these could ave been one issue.

Green Lantern #6: pretty wild shit going on in the GL book.

Green Lantern 2021 Annual #1: see above.

Justice League infinity #3: interesting. Using the team and the framework and the art style of the animated series and telling a story that series would NEVER tell. 

Infinite Frontier #6: crazy.

Last Book You'll Ever Read #2: still good.

Lost Falls #2: ehhh...I think I'm out.

Mazebook #1: intrigued.

Savage Avengers #24: they tease a last page appearance of "most unexpected Marvel superstar of the month" and, let me tell you, it is far from unexpected. Love this series though.

Search for Hu #1: this is fucking rad. Just off the tali of watching a bunch of Jackie Chan, I read this. Awesome.

Suicide Squad #7: I'm mostly liking this, but Ambush Bug I've always found to be a little much.

Suicide Squad Get Joker! #2: rad

Suicide Squad 2021 Annual #1: this was also good.

The Army of Darkness 1979 #1: Ok, this is AoD if Ash went back to 1979 instead of medieval times. Not as exciting or cool. Just an excuse to put Ash from Evil Dead into The Warriors. Dumb.

The Nice House on the Lake #4: crazy ending for an issue that was not really anywhere near an issue's worth of story.

The Unbelievable Unteens #2: this is good.

Black's Myth #3: ok, I'm done with this.

Eternals Thanos Rises #1: boring

Extreme Carnage Agony #1: oh, ok, this is nuts.

Fantastic Four life Story #4: lovely

Hellboy and the BPRD Family Ties: this was a decent one-and-done.

Godzilla Rivals vs. Mothra: ugh...barely readable.

Iron Man #12: this is a great series and issue.

Justice League Last Ride #5: excellent.

Kang the Conqueror #2: ok, this is really fun.

Maw #1: I'm in. This is wild.

Ninjak #3: It's a dichotomy. I really don't like the style of the art, but I recognize that the storytelling of the art is 100%. I like it, but it's a nagging thought.

Primordial #1: this was fucking wild. Ok, I'll do more.

Rorschach #12: it took twelve issues, but they finally made a nice, breezy issue.

Seeing Red #1: I'll pass.

The Invincible Red Sonja #4: This was pretty good.

The Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1: what the hell is happening? Wakanda is an interplanetary empire now? So confused...

The Joker #7: this is still awesome,e. I'm still not reading the backup.

The Mighty Valkyries #5: decent ending.

Vampiverse #1: weird, but I guess everyone has to get in on the multiverse these days.

Titans United #1: This was intriguing.

Aquaman The Becoming #1: Bored to tears. Not for me.

Bunny Mask #4: this was so good and such a nice surprise out of nowhere.

Babyteeth #20: they stuck the landing. Hell yeah.

Black Hammer: Visions #8: contender for best issue of these yet.

Death of Doctor Strange #1: Great start.

Dark Blood #3: for a third issue of 5? This is way too slow. I'm out.

Eat The Rich #2: this is really good.

DIE!namite Lives! #4: crazy

First Degree: A Crime Anthology: it's a mixed bag. The art is pretty great, but some of the stories are ho-hum. Good stuff overall from Humanoids.

Frontiersman #1: really enjoyed the art and the premise, but the story didn't quite do it for me.

Amazing Fantasy #3: man, this was way more enjoyable before the three storylines collided.

Checkmate #4: fucking great

Gamma Flight #4: Also pretty great.

He Who Fights With Monsters #1: this was good, but the story felt pretty padded. I'll give it one more before I decide on it.

Moon knight #3: this got really good.

Phantom Starkiller #1: Man, this is basically a pitch for a Super 7 ReAction Figure. The dude was a nigh-invulnerable ultra badass bounty Hunter before he became an undead completely unstoppable force. Not a great premise for a protagonist. Looked cool. But that's it. The world doesn't need Crimson Ghost meets Darth Vader. 

Radiant Black #8: still really fun

Red Room #4: came pretty full circle. Piskor has got balls. I'll give him that.

Something is Killing the Children #20: still so good

Shazam! #3: this got really cool.

Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads #3: I'm so confused about this comic book, but I'm also really enjoying it.

That Texas Blood #10: Great issue

The united States of Captain America #4: The worst issue of the run, but it kind of needed one.

Vinyl #4: man...I don't know.

X-Men Onslaught Revelation #1: Fuck this.

X-Men Legends #7: not what I would have wanted in a Larry Hama return to Wolverine, but I'll finish the story.

X-Men #3: I'm out. Impenetrable. Stupid. There is a factory dedicated to bringing mutants back to life repeatedly. Nothing means anything anymore. I'll come back when there's a sea change (read: writer/editorial change). Embarrassingly bad comics. Probably not a popular opinion, but man...they turned the X-Men to shit.

Batman vs. Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham #1: nahhh...I'm good.

Crossover #8: this is a weird get back on track issue

Deathstroke Inc. #1: this was good enough for a second issue. Just.

Human Remains #1: ok, this is nuts. I'm in.

Extreme Carnage Omega #1: great ending. The symbiotic shit is just plain ruling these past couple years.

Inferno #1: another X-no.

Superman '78 #1: Again, it works if the subjects actually look like their counterparts. Without that, the fun just isn't there.

The Darkhold Alpha: Dope.

The Golem Walks Among Us! #2: this was awesome.

A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance #1: a Vancouver-set story that has heavy Korean thriller vibes. I'm down.Winter Guard #2: solid

Chicken Devil #1: this is also nuts. Fantastic!

Dark Ages #2: this was...fine, I guess. A real step down from issue one. Not sure if I'll read more.

DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber #1: I didn't know this was by the Last podcast on the Left guys. It was a pretty solid first issue. 90s Ennis vibes here.

Deadpool Black White and Blood #3: the worst of the issues so far, but still pretty good.

Defenders #3: god, this fucking rules.

Dirtbag Rapture #1: not gonna lie, almost quit reading, but by the end I'm intrigued enough for another.

Eternals Celestia #1: better than the previous Eternals stuff.

Dracula Vlad the Impaler: this trade collects the three issue Roy Thomas/Esteban Maroto miniseries telling the "historical" story of Vlad Tepes with a little historical and supernatural flourish. Really beautiful in black and white.

  • Issues: 584
  • Trades: 6
  • Omnibus: 3
  • Graphic Novel: 4
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Firepower #16: this is still really good. Martial arts comics are hard to do. This does it well.

Justice League Infinity #4: this is nuts.

Last Book You'll Ever Read #3: Ok, I think this story is moving too fast. Read the first 2 issues and then this one and try not to think it just jumped into overdrive for almost no reason.

Lucky Devil #3: I'm digging this.

Out #1: ok, I'm in.

Red Sonja #2: Y'know, I'd love to read a Red Sonja comic with art by Mirka Andolfo, but not one they wrote. Pass.

Savage Avengers #25: Fuck, this is so goddamn good.

The Cimmerian: Beyond the Black River #1: this was a very faithful adaptation. Just read this novella. Very cinematic approach here.. I dig it.

The Nice House on the Lake #5: this is fucking nuts. I love it. Sort of like Lost if they'd done it on Showtime.

We Have Demons #1: More fun than I'd expected.

Batman: The Impostor #1: this gave off BIG Gotham Central vibes. Kind of like GC meets Year One set in Year Three. Rated R.

Black Hammer Reborn #4: Great issue.

Deadbox #2: not the second issue I would have written.

Blue and Gold #3: I posit that this 8issue miniseries could easily have been a five issue miniseries just based on reading the first three.

Eternals Forever #1: noooope

Gamma Flight #5: great ending.

He Who Fights With Monsters #2: I wouldn't follow up a first issue that is entirely a tension-building thriller with the most boring thing you'll ever read, but that's just me. I'm out.

Iron Man #13: Still crazy and good.

Justice League Last Ride #6: This is not a good series. The art isn't very good. The story is clunky. It's sort of been that way throughout. 

King the Conqueror #3: this was solid. Good Marvel time shit.

Mazebook #2: Great issue! I'm in!

Ninjak #4: cute ending. Still straddling the fence on this mini.

Telepaths #2: great issue. Fantastic second issue in particular.

Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads #4: so much fun.

The Army of Darkness 1979 #2: Yeah, no one needs this.

The Darkhold Iron Man #1: I get it. It's a two issue event with a bunch of one shots based on the Darkhold Evil Avengers or whatever? A body horror Iron Man? Ok. It's good.

The Joker #8: I'm actually interested in Lady Bane now. Is her name Vengeance? I don't know.

The Unbelievable Unteens #3: this is great. Might be my favourite Black Hammer Universe thing. Which is saying a lot.

Titans United #2: ok, I'm down.

Vampiverse #2: this is so fcuking stupid, but I love the ballsiness of it.

World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw #1: ok, this is fucking rad.

Black Manta #2: the art in this is very much Phil Hester-ish which is right up my alley but I can't give a shit.

Green Lantern #7: fuck man, give me Tom Raney art all day.

Night of the Ghoul #1: this is fun. Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla. That's a banger lineup and they pay it off.

Death of Doctor Strange #2: this was a lot of fun.

Blacksad: They All Fall Down Part 1: I'm probably not in the mood for this. Maybe I'll grab the trade. 

  • Issues: 620
  • Trades: 6
  • Omnibus: 3
  • Graphic Novel: 4
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Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr.
64 Pages of New Captain Marvel Adventures #1-3, Captain Marvel Adventures #4
America's Greatest Comics #1
Captain Marvel Story Book #1 (first half only)
Master Comics #20-32
Special Edition Comics #1
Whiz Comics #1-25

Having never read any classic (RE: pre-DC) Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. stories, I had no idea what to expect going in. Having now read a decent chunk, I can say these are not at all what you would expect. They are vibrant and fun, yes, but so very violent and harsh. Grown men are constantly attempting to straight-up murder Billy, and they do not shy away from the harsher elements of World War II once Freddy is introduced.

Death of Superman / Funeral for a Friend / Reign of the Supermen
Action Comics #684-692, Annual #5
Adventures of Superman #497-505, Annual #5
Green Lantern #46
Justice League of America #69-70
Steel #1
Superboy #1
Supergirl and Team Luthor
Superman #74-83, Annual #5
Superman: The Legacy of Superman
Superman: The Man of Steel #18-26, Annual #2

It turns out I read all of this, save for a few issues and the annuals, contemporaneously. That surprised the hell out of me.

As a tool to rejuvenate Superman and introduce new characters, such as Steel and Superboy, this is one of the best crossover events DC has ever produced. And that all comes down to the creative team building a supporting cast that is unrivaled to this day. This story lives and dies on how Clark’s friends react to the new void in their lives, and it is perfect.

As a meta piece about how Superman doesn’t need to change with the times (RE: guns and armor), it could not be better. Even Superboy is toned down by the time his series starts, because he realizes Superman is something worth living up to.

Prelude to Knightfall / Knightfall / Knightquest / KnightsEnd / Prodigal / Troika / Venom
Batman #416, #484-510, 512-515
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #16-20, 59-63
Batman: Shadow of the Bat #16-30, 32-35
Batman: Sword of Azrael #1-4
Batman: Vengeance of Bane
Batman: Vengeance of Bane II
Catwoman #6-7, 12-13
Detective Comics #654-677, 679-682
Justice League Task Force #5-6
New Titans #55
Nightwing: Alfred’s Return
Robin #0, 1-2, 7-14
Showcase ’93 #7-8
Showcase ’94 #7, 10

Besides Batman #500 and maybe one or two issues of Robin, I did not read a lick of this in 1993-1995. Thanks to Wizard, I knew what was going on, but it did not interest me in the slightest. Now that I’ve read it, I say its strongest pieces are everything around Knightquest: The Crusade. The chapters about Bruce failing to realize his mind and spirit are slipping as much as his body, and then him rebuilding himself to reclaim the Batman mantle, are the best. Next would be anything to do with Tim and Dick buddying up. Everything with Jean-Paul, however, I felt was the weakest. We know nothing about him, we learn nothing about him, and he has no supporting cast to play off of and / or worry about him. And, yeah, I get they were going for the lone wolf — they were trying to show Batman needs a support network despite what people think — but that isn’t explicit and makes those stories feel lacking.

Wonder Woman
All Star Comics #8
Sensation Comics #1-9

I had a hell of a lot of fun finally reading Wonder Woman’s earliest days.

80-Page Giant Magazine #14 - Lois settles down with Superman and Supergirl and she is damn near suicidal.

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1-4 - This story needs to get moving.

Batman #131 (2016) - Not at all for me.

Batman Special (1984) - Michael Golden. All you need to know.

Batman: One Bad Day - Ra’s al Ghul - Sometimes you want Ra’s al Ghul to win.

Batman / Superman: World’s Finest #13-16 - Fun, as always, but I need to move past the Metamorpho story.

Batman & The Joker: Deadly Duo #1-7 - The art is what you’re here for.

Crossover #1 - A little too close to reality right now.

DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1-8 - A fine conclusion to the DCeased world, but it just sort of ends.

Detective Comics #239-243 - Martian Manhunter stories.

Detective Comics #935-947 - Batman rethinks his take on crimefighting, and basically creates a new team of Outsiders in these Rebirth stories.

Ewoks #1 - This is the Marvel series based off the 1980s cartoon and damn was this silly fun.

Firestorm #1-3 - The original miniseries is trying so hard to be Spider-Man, but it flips the script on the hero / bully dynamic. The bully is the nerd, while the hero is a jock.

Flash #32 - I need to make an effort to get back into this series.

Flash #790, 791 - One-Minute War is not for me.

Green Arrow #1 (2023) - Return of [SPOILER]!

Human Target #1-12 (2022) and Tales of The Human Target - This hinges on your appreciation for LA noir-style stories, and your willingness to accept the JLI-era characters being not good people.

King Spawn #1-2, 20 - This one surprised me.

The New Champion of Shazam! #1-4 - Hell! Yeah!

Nightwing #102-105 (2016) - Still great.

Prophet #1 (1993) - Because I’m stupid.

The Question #1-3 (1987) - Of course this is great.

Scarlet Witch #3 (2023) - Out.

She's Josie #1-8 - Way more fun that I thought.

SHAZAM! #1 - Perfect.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Ewoks - A mixture of stories that attempt to make you appreciate these little furballs.

Superman #349 (1939) - This was a cute story where Superman meets friends and foes who are gender-swapped.

Superman #2-3 (2023) - Gonna wait for this to be collected.

Superman: Lost #1 - Not for me.

The Untold Legend of The Batman #1-3 - A solid modernization of Batman’s origin.

World’s Finest Comics #148-153 - Always great. Even when they’re not.

Total: 451

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Eat the Rich #3: honestly, this idea is good (if obvious) but this approach to it is very unique. It isn't driving me wild, but I'm glad it exists.

Maw #2: still really solid

Phoenix Song Echo #1: hahahahahahahahahahaeahaha....fuck no.

Refrigerator Full of Heads #1: hell yeah.

SHAZAM! #4: great little mini.

Suicide Squad #8: oh good, Ambush Bug is leaving.

Deadly Class vols 10-12: helluva way to end it. Great series overall. There's a bit of a lull, but this is still the comic book that has made me laugh out loud the hardest. It will always hold a special place in my heart. It's funny; the "special school for [wizards, assassin's, etc.] trope" is so overdone now. I really don't want to see it for a long time.

Captain America Epic Collection Society of Serpents: finally got my hands on the first of this series in the Gruenwald Cap run. Great to see the last few issues of Mike Carlin's run for context as a meeting with Captain Britain turned into a battle with Modred the Mystic seems like it's not the kind of Captain America Comics that people want to read. Cue Gruenwald. Fuck, man. He moves from editor to writer and kills it from issue one. In his first issue he creates Madcap (one of my favourite weird Marvel characters_, redeems Armadillo, creates the Society of Serpents which will be a dominant villainous force in the Marvel Universe for years. Good shit.

Contest of Champions: this is the oversized hardcover. What a fucking mess of a series that was. Could easily do a podcast about it. It was a cool first example of a crossover where EVERYONE shows up. Great idea with the international angle to give obscure characters like Shamrock and Peregrine something to do in continuity. Don't get me wrong, it's got a great writing team (Gruenwald again! with Defalco and Mantlo) and young John Romita Jr.'s  pencils with Pablo Marcos' inks? *chef's kiss. Problem: Like JLA/Avengers and a million other event stories (shit even the battle with the Imperial Guard in the Dark Phoenix saga has the same pacing), the setup is heroes getting bunched into groups and having to complete tasks or battle each other. In this case, battle each other. The problem is, they attribute the win to the wrong "team." They fucked the whole thing up. Years later, editor Gruenwald got the opportunity to fix their mistake in a  pair of Avengers/West Coast Avengers Annuals, in a really cool way. Those annuals are included in this collection.

The United States of Captain America #5: as a fun harmless little miniseries, this was ok. As a new direction forward for the men who've called themselves Captain America over the last thirty years? not very good. Still, the miniseries was fun, it just did not stick the landing.

Willy's Wonderland #1: nawww dog.

Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target #1: couldn't be more disinterested.

Detective Comics Annual #7: from 1994. Pirate Batman. It ain't great.

Flash Annual #7: from 1994. Talk about a great cover. Flash of this era and a couple years before had some great fucking covers. Unfortunately, the story is pretty ridiculous.

  • Issues: 631
  • Trades: 10
  • Omnibus: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 4
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Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #5 - Good but wheel-spinning

Batman / Superman: World’s Finest #17 - This book is a lot of fun but needs something new.

The Green Lantern #1-6 - A perfect book for Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp, but I lost interest halfway through the first volume.

My Greatest Adventure #81-82 - Loving me Silver Age Doom Patrol

Steel #0, 2-10, Annual #1-2 - Uneven but worth reading. I want more stories about Steel’s nephews than superhero action, however.

Titans #1-2 (2023) - Looking forward to see where this goes.

Wonder Woman Special (1992); Wonder Woman #0, 63-64, 66-87, 90-100 (1987); Wonder Woman Annual #3 (1987); Artemis: Requiem #1-3

This is the William Messner-Loebs era of Wonder Woman and it is one hell of a mixed bag. It reeks of editorial interference. Every time a queer character is introduced or it looks like Diana might be romantically close to another woman, the book has a sharp tonal shift and those characters are either pushed way back or written out. There’s some good stuff here for sure, especially once Mike Deodato joins the book, but the high hopes I had were not met.

World’s Finest: Teen Titans #1 - Lots of fun.

Total: 517

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Checkmate #5: this is really good. 

DC vs. Vampires #1: this is intensely dumb, but I'll give it another.

Ant #1: not my favourite. I have a couple more of these and will still check them out just to see what ridiculous villains Erik Larsen comes up with.

Black Hammer Reborn #5: this was really good.

Cross to Bear #1: this didn't light me on fire.

Deathstroke Inc. #2: nawww...The story is goofy and the art I really do not enjoy. I'm out.

Hellboy The Silver Lantern Club #1: kind of fun. I hope these characters turn out to be the villains but I don't think that's going to happen.

Hellcop #1: this is the same premise as a WIP of mine, but it's so different. I gave it a shot even though it isn't my cup of tea (weirdly) but I couldn't say I enjoyed it at all.

House of Slaughter #1: I don't know a single prequel series to an already successful series that has worked as well as its predecessor. This isn't it either. It's ok, and I'll give it a few more, but I want to be entertained, not just taught the backstory of the secret society in Something Is Killing the Children.

Human Remains #2: this is really good. intriguing premise and impressive storytelling.

Moon Knight #4: this series is getting so good. Love seeing him and Tigra together.

Search for Hu #2:still good.

Task Force Z #1: I don't know what to think about this. I didn't know all these characters died, so seeing them as living dead is very weird.  

That Texas Blood #11: fuck, this is good.

The Darkhold Blade #1: meh...

The Invincible Red Sonja #5: i gave this too much of a shot. 

The Harbinger #1: not too sure about this. I'll do one more.

The Rush #1: this was cool. I'll read more.

Vinyl #5: haha! Still fucking crazy.

Batman/Superman Authority Special #1: I'll be the cranky old fan. This is nowhere near my Authority. The only three members I recognize are Apollo, Midnight and Manchester Black, and only the first two are actually named in the book. None of the other members are at all. I have no idea who they are except it looks like Steel's nice or daughter or whatever is on the team. Still don't know her name and the book doesn't tell me. So dumb.

Dark Knights of Steel #1: Ok, this is a fun Elseworlds thingI dig it so far.

Amazing Fantasy #4: Kaare Andrews combines the energy of Joe Madueira (sic) with the visual finesse of Todd McFarlane and it really does make him an amazing Spider-Man artist.

After Dark: a really great horror one shot from Aftershock. These guys make good comics.

Crossover #9: still great.

DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber #2: I think I'm done. I would have liked this a lot more if it was 1999.

Dirtbag Rapture #2: I disagree in saying that main characters need to be palatable. They just need to be believable. That all said, I hate this character and refuse to read more. I get it. She's a dirtbag. But come on.Make her at least entertaining.

Fire Power #17: still rad.

Death of Dr. Strange Avenges #1: this kinda rules.

Hellboy The Bones of Giants #1: this was a great start.

Laura and Other Stories #1: I love Guillem March, and I was really hoping this was an erotic euro comic the likes of which the world needs more of and sadly it's a slice of life euro comic.

Justice League infinity #5: god, this rules. 

Lucky Devil #4: this series is great.

  • Issues: 663
  • Trades: 10
  • Omnibus: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 4
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Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #6 - This feels like something changed after it was teased. Jon’s Superman Blue phase didn’t pan out as expected, nor did the reality-hopping aspect of the story. Instead it became about him attempting to rehabilitate Injustice Superman. In the wake of that change (?), we lost whatever happened to robot Lois and why Ultraman was on a cross-multiverse killing spree.

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #18 - The first meeting of Superman and Batman. I say first, but, clearly, these two have had dozens of “first” meetings, so take it for what it’s worth. No matter, the Silver Age x Modern Age vibe is stupendous — as always.

Black Lightning #1-2 (1977) - Wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but I love the idea and action behind it. Can’t wait to see how they delve into Jefferson’s past and future.

Blue Beetle #1-2 (2006) - Cully Hamner is worth the price of admission, but that only goes so far. The timeline is jumbled and they don’t give you much in the way of clues as to when pieces are set. Worse, there was nothing to latch onto character wise.

The Cull #1 - Went in totally blind to the concept and I feel I still do not know a drop in the bucket, but that’s okay. I want to be pulled along.

Dark Knights of Steel #1-12 and Dark Knights of Steel: Tales from the Three Kingdoms - Basically DC’s Marvel 1602, but more straightforward. Two of the issues read way too quickly, but in a trade that won’t matter. There’s some sequel bait, and I’m interested in reading that.

Detective Comics #244-268 - The “oh no, fire” element gets old quick, but the stories are inventive — especially for six pages. That said, they do sometimes wrap up in a single panel.

Gotham Central #1-40 - Besides one three-issue story, this is top-shelf comics. In a way it reminds me of Marvels. It’s a weird world seen through the eyes of normal people, but here it’s cops rather than a photojournalist. Hate the way it ends, though.

Green Lantern #76-77 (1960) - The “Hard-Traveling Heroes” era begins, and, along with it, The Bronze Age of Comics. Thus far, it deserves every last bit of its reputation.

Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1 - It's fine, but the opening dream sequence is nine full pages and feels like filler despite being crucial to the overall plot.

My Greatest Adventure #83-84 - If I’m a kid in 1963, Rita is my new hero.

She’s Josie #9 - Always a pleasure to visit the Josie gang.

Spirit World #1 - Beautiful art and colors, but if you skipped Lazarus Planet you’re lost.

Starman #0, 1-2 (1994) - Deeply pretentious, unlikeable characters all around.

The Vigil #1-2 - Like Spirit World, you’re expected to have read Lazarus Planet before this. There is no hand-holding.

World’s Finest: Teen Titans #2 - A little on-the-nose when it comes to the “accept yourself” message, but it’s a good message for people to read.

Xer0 #1 - One of DC’s many attempts to try fresh ideas in the 1990. I might come back to it.

Total: 616 (heh)

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Newburn #1: a private investigator who works for the various crime families. Fantastic idea. I'm down.

Primordial #2: fucking wild. Love this.

Radiant Black #9: crazy. This series is great.

Sheena The Queen of the Jungle #1: Still looking for a comic of hers I enjoy. It ain't this one!

Teen Titans Academy #7: still great. I love Gorilla Gregg.

The Heathens #1: ok, this is a cool fucking idea. One I wished I came up with. Of all the "agents of hell/another realm" books that debuted in 2022 (and there were weirdly enough a fuckload) this is easily the absolute winner after one issue.

The Human Target #1: shit...this is comics. 

The Silver Coin #6: excellent

Vampiverse #3: this is kind of limping along

Two Moons #6: great start to a new arc

Winter Guard #3: this is fantastic

X-Men Legends #8: Oh man, I was excited for more Larry Hama Wolverine, but I absolutely couldn't get past the art.  

World of Darkness Crimson Thaw #2: this is fun. Reminds me of my Werewolf: The Apocalypse days.

A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance #2: excellent

Batman: The Impostor #2: this is actually really good. Not sure about the continuity of it all, but who cares. Good stuff.

DIE!namite Lives! #5: a hell of a lot of fun.

Mazebook #3: great series

Deadpool Black, White and Blood #4: other than the manga story, I kind of dug this one. Loved Allred's take.

Eternals #7: the last arc started slow and floundered. It needed well and I guess was leading to this. Because this is a hell of a start.

Justice League Last Ride #7: this was fun. Like when I had all my action figures acting out a giant comic book crossover bloodbath with my comforter acting as a mountain range. Dumb fun.

My Date With Monsters #1: this is a hell of a first issue. Similar vibe to a lot of other comics at this time, but this stands out. Similar vibe to Imaginary Fiends.

Nyx #1: I really didn't think I'd fall in love with the first issue of the peripheral Vampirella Universe character Nyx. But I did. This was good.

Out #2: this didn't have the gas of the first issue. It better clinch in 3.

Phenom X #1: good god no.

Post York: not for me.

Regarding the Matter of Oswald's Body #1: great first issue. I love a team coming together issue. Good stuff. Intriguing going forward.

Savage Avengers #26: fuck this series is so rad.

Robin & Batman #1: decent first issue. I have yet to see what makes this version of this story worth reading.

Telepaths #3: this series is crazy. I dig it.

The Cimmerian Beyond the Black River #2: this might be the best of all of these little two issue minis. Really good.

The Joker #9: this series is fucking nuts.

The Thing #1: this is the Walter Mosley series. Great first issue!

The Unbelievable Unteens #4: great ending.

Titans United #3: fun issue.

Venom #1: the new status quo, hey? I'm down.

We Have Demons #2: This is just ok.

What's the Furthest Place From Here #1: Fuck. Great first issue. A good introduction to the world. A better introduction to the characters. I will read more.

Batman Secret Files The Gardener #1: Just a retcon character made to make Poison Ivy more important. Why not just tell decent stories with the character?

Blue & Gold #4: Fuck, this is fun. This is basically Rashomon of Booster Gold's first mission as a member of the JLI from the perspectives of Blue Beetle, Booster, and Guy Gardner. Different artists for each. Brilliant.

Chicken Devil #2: this is fun and weird, but it isn't clicking with me. I'm out.

Dark Ages #3: this isn't paced very well, but it is interesting.

Eat the Rich #4: fucking crazy

Green Lantern #8: man...Sonequa Martin-Green would be awesome as Sojourner in a GL movie


Kang the Conqueror #4: awesome.

Moon Knight #5: also awesome.

Maw #3: this is pretty slow-moving.

Primordial #3: still awesome.

Radio Apocalypse #1: kind of my jam, but you'd be surprised at how difficult it was trying to read this. I'm out.

Refrigerator Full of Heads #2: this is right up my alley, but if you'd told me this was by a first time comics writer, I would have laughed, but if you then said it was author Rio Yours' first comics work, I'd be like: "you crafty son of a bitch!" Good shit.

Suicide Squad #9: Man, i was hoping Ambush Bug was gone, but here he is. I love Keith Giffen, but AB is one of comics' worst creations, and Deadpool feels like a cheap mockery of him at times.

Black Hammer Reborn #6: this was fucking great

The Darkhold Wasp #1: this was...fine. 

Black Panther #1: fucking amazing first issue. After misfires in previous volumes (IMO), John Ridley steps up with maybe the best Panther I've seen. Good stuff.

Checkmate #6: Excellent ending.

We Only Kill Each Other #1: one of those, it only tells you what it is on the last page first issues, and this did it very well.

Death of Doctor Strange #3: this was great. Funny how Clea is definitely modelled after Charlize Theron now.

Wonder Woman Evolution #1: I usually lean harder on story and forgive art, but I couldn't get into the story because the faces on these characters are horrible. Can't look at a page without cringing, especially WW and Superman. Just unable to take this in as something worth reading because of it. Sorry Mike Hawthorne, but I'll be avoiding your name on superhero books going forward. Oof.

DC vs. Vampires #2: this is a dense book that took me a while to read. But there's several enjoyable moments in this one that made me want to read more.

Hellboy The Silver Lantern Club #2: Not a big fan of locked room mysteries or Hellboy stories where Hellboy isn't really in the story.

House of Slaughter #2: Not as good as SIKTC, but a decent sister series.

Hulk #1: the first issue of the Cates/Ottley run. Cates is a perfect pick to follow the amazing Immortal Hulk run. This was a really cool first issue.

Human Remains #3: not feeling this one

Iron Man #14: Fucking nuts

Last Book You'll Ever Read #4: damn, this keeps getting better.

Miskatonic: Even Death May Die: themed oneshot (basically a GN) but it really feels like a ripoff of Stuart Gordon's DAGON. 

Night of the Ghouls #2: ok, the story got cooler, and Francavilla's art is so breezy. Love it.

Radiant Black #10: too much cosmic weird stuff this issue. It's losing me.

Symbiote Spider-Man Crossroads #5: what a fantastic weird little series. 

That Texas Blood #12: great ending to this arc.

Task Force Z #2: not really digging this so much

The Harbinger #2: I'm out.

Vinyl #6: crazy ending.

Prohibited #1-3: this is a series of Luis Royo erotic "graphic novels" that provides a loose poem collecting several works of his art. Very much in the vein of Serpieri and Manara, but without the storytelling chops.

Animal Castle #1: a continuation from Animal Farm? I'm intrigued.

Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-man #1: this was kind of awesome. Ben Reilly and Black Cat team up to do Strange's daily routine in his absence. Pretty great.

Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox #1: This Tiger Division of AoA is lame. None of them are characters. Just stereotypes. Also, this has almost nothing to do with the rest of the event.

Hellboy: The Bones of Giants #2: great

Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant #1: not too bad. Interesting Penguin/Catwoman story written by Danny Devito. 

King of Spies #1: not bad. I'll read more.

Justice League Dark 2021 Annual: Meh...just a drag.

Maniac of New York: The Bronx is Burning #1: pretty fun.

Search for Hu #3: nothing really happened here.

Teen Titans Academy #8: fucking great

The Darkhold Black Bolt #1: ok, this was...fine.

The Human Target #2: fuck...this is so good. I don't think a better comic came out in 2022.

  • Issues: 746
  • Trades: 10
  • Omnibus: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 8
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The Joker 2021 Annual #1: a great story about early Joker and Gordon with crude interior art by Francavilla. Good stuff. 

Winter Guard #4: great ending.

Venom #2: I can't believe Hitch draws this. Great series so far. 

Wonder Woman Historia-The Amazons Book One: I'm a simple man. I see Phil Jiminez is drawing WW and I buy it. This was gorgeous. I don't give a shit about a new origin for WW, they all are kind of lame and this one is pretty damned cool so far.

Amazing Fantasy #5: decent ending

Basilisk #5: cool twist

Captain America/Iron Man #1: this was ok.

Daisy #1: wild first issue.

Crossover #10: what Donny Cates is doing here, is the final statement in meta comics. In this issue. Brian Michael Bendis writes and Michael Avon Oeming draws those same men's interrogation at the hands of Deena Walker and Pilgrim of Powers. And it rules.

Dark Knights of Steel #2: intriguing.

Devil's Reign #1: Ok, I'm down.

Death of Doctor Strange Blade #1: the absolute worst of these tie-ins so far.

Fantastic Four Life Story #5: holy shit, great issue.

Green Lantern #9: if Tom Raney can't do a monthly book on his own anymore, I'm glad that DC is still using him, and using him in this manner to allow him to be more prolific. 

Justice League Infinity #6: this series is great, but this was one big cosmic fight so that was kind of boring.

Lunar Room #1: great idea, couldn't get past the art. I like the cel shading look, but there is no weight to any of the characters. They just looks like they were photoshopped onto the page. Which, I realized, they likely were. Bad.

Nyx #2: this turned out to be pretty fucking cool.

One-Star Squadron #1: this really the era of the Big Two letting creators go nuts with obscure characters, but DC has ALWAYS been better at that. This is no different. Kind of a successor to the JLI era.

Suicide Squad #10: I am a man who prefers his Suicide Squad to NOT be in space.

The Crimson Cage #1: voodoo meets pro wrestling. I'm down.

The Silver Coin #7: this one you can see the end coming a mile away, but it's still enjoyable.

Vampiverse #4: feels like it's maybe treading a little water.

Two Moons #7: not as good as last issue. Necessary to move some characters across the board.

World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw #3: fucking great ending.

The House: couldn't get past the art of this GN.

What's the Furthest Place from Here #2: I like the premise but I'm just not being grabbed by the story. I'm out.

  • Issues: 771
  • Trades: 10
  • Omnibus: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 9
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Barry Windsor-Smith Storyteller #1-3: In the late 90s, Dark Horse BWS his own oversized anthology book. He started three stories in the first issue, Freebooters, Paradoxman and Young Gods. A sci fi Conan, a sort of Blade Runner style sci fi, and a riff on Kirby's New Gods. None of them are particularly good, even though the art is top notch. It was cancelled after 9 issues, but I'm not sure I'll bother finishing the rest of the issues. 

Green Lantern annual #3: this is for my patreon-exclusive podcast on the Elseworlds anthologies. Perfect example of one right here. 

X-Men Legends #9: absolutely goddawful. I am the audience for Larry Hama Wolverine stories and not even Silvestri on art could bring that vibe for me. 

World of Krypton #1: fucking terrible. I'm out.

Batman The imposter #3: fuck this was a great series. They've done the Batman Imposter story several times, sometimes successfully, mostly not. This is a successful one. Perhaps the most successful one.

Defenders #4: fuck this is so good. Feels like classic Defenders. Lots of wild lore being written here.

Eternals #8: ehhhh...not sure I'll read more. 

Hulk #2: wild fun.

Mazebook #4: good stil.

Newburn #2: really good still.

My Date With monsters #2: I have to quit on this. 

Noir Burlesque 1 of 2: this is a Europe comics graphic novel series (of two) that has a pretty typical story, but gorgeous art. I'll read part 2.

Out #3: slow-moving, but right up my alley.

Primordial #4: least enjoyable issue yet, still good.

Regarding the Matter of Oswald's Body #2: fucking fantastic.

Savage Avengers #27: fuck me, this series is the best thing Marvel has done in ages. 

Robin & Batman #2: great issue.

Teen Titans Academy #9: great issue. Really thought we were going to have the Red X reveal here, but sadly no.

The Heathens #2: really fun.

The Joker #10: great issue. Explores the aftermath of The Killing Joke and early Jim Gordon Jr. psychopathy.

The Thing #2: fucking great.

Titans United #4: great issue. Great reveal.

The Eye Collector #1-5: indie series with a similar premise to a WIP I have. It's different enough.

Vampirella/Dracula Unholy #1: no thank you.

We Only Kill Each Other #2: this is fucking great. A Jewish cop on the sly convincing the mob to beat and kill Nazis in New York. So cool.

Justice League Incarnate #1, 2: this is a fucking great little series. Really  funny how Grant Morrison's wink at Erik Larsen is a pretty (Dinocop = Savage Dragon) substantial character. I particularly like The SuperDemon Etrigan, the Superman of Earth 13 or whatever. So fun.

Batman One Dark Knight #1: if you'd tell me that Jock would be writing and drawing a three issue prestige series of Batman in a footrace from one end of Gotham to the other with zero reliance on electrical, motorized or communicative technology, I would have said "Well, that's my most anticipated series." The first issue stunk though. So I'm out. Disappointed.

Night of the Ghoul #3: classic modern horror grossest moment in this one. Fun little series. 

Refrigerator Full of Heads #3: still so good.

Avengers Forever #1: this seems fun. 

A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance #3: fuck, this is the best issue yet. So tense.

Black Panther #2: not as good as the first issue, but that's not uncommon. I'll give it at least one more.

Eat the Rich #5: this is the most obvious ending that I called on like page fifteen of the first issue. Oh well. It would make a good six episode tv series on a streamer. Not the greatest comic.

Iron Man #15: this is fucking crazy.

House of Slaughter #3: I don't enjoy this series as much as SIKTC, but I guess it was published during a break from that series. But I swish it was just more of that series.

Kang the Conqueror #5: fucking nailed the landing on the end. Great little mini. I'll check out that Timeless series now.

Moon Knight #6: man, this might be the best MK run ever. This is solid.

Maw #4: a real slow reveal here, but I'm in.

Radiant Black #11: this is easily the best superhero comic going right now. Really well done with some really cool world-building.

Search for Hu #4: of the two Asian character-centric crime comics I'm reading A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance is way better.

That Texas Blood #13: fucking great single issue story.

Telepaths #4: decent issue

The Darkhold Spider-Man #1: meh...not great.

Venom #3: so good.

DC vs. Vampires #3: Still decent.

Task Force Z #3: Haven't been beaming about this series, but this issue had my favourite moment  in it. Good shit.

Swamp Thing Green Hell #1: Holy shit! This is great. Mahnke's art is top-notch here.

Teen Titans Academy #10: This was ok.

The Human Target #3: the worst of the series thus far, but still fucking excellent. Seriously makes most Big 2 comic books look like pieces of shit.

Black Hammer Reborn #7:This was...fine.

The Complete Torpedo vol 1: crime comics with Alex Toth and Jordi Bernet art? Yes please. This collects several GNs so I guess it's a trade paperback.

Death of Doctor Strange #4: really good mystery. Highly weird and slyly written. One more issue to go. And maybe a tie-in?

Devil's Reign #2: ok, this rules. 

Hellboy The Silver Lantern Club #3: overall, a pretty boring mini. I guess that was somewhat the point? I don't know.

My Bad #1, 2: not a bad little comedy superhero anthology series. 

Timeless #1: man, before the last Kang miniseries, I really didn't give a shit about Kang. Not in the comics, and certainly not in the movies, but that mini made him interesting to me. This issue broke it all open. I'm excited to read more.

Dark Knights of Steel #3: I'm looking for something next issue that will keep me reading more.

Justice League Infinity #7: such a crazy good little series continuing on the DCAU JLA. Really enjoyed it.

Justice League Incarnate #3: the spoof of Youngblood is hysterical. 

One-Star Squadron #2: solid issue.

Suicide Squad #11: same 

Apache Delivery Service #1: good first issue. I'll give it one more. 

Basilisk #6: pretty solid.

Captain America/Iron man #2: great issue!

Bylines in Blood #1: pass.

Elektra Black White and Blood #1: decent. Two good stories, one skippable.

Evil Ernie #1, 2: ok, this is fun.

Hellboy The Bones of Giants #3: this is great. Classic Hellboy.

Monkey Meat #1: hell no, thank you.

Pantha #1: kind of a full reboot here. I'm with it.

The Darkhold Omega #1: great ending.

The Fourth Man #1: I'll give it one more.

Two Moons #8: still solid.

King of Spies #2: still pretty solid.

The Complete Torpedo Vol 2: all Bernet art on these ten page stories. Torpedo is a heel, a racist and a misogynist, but he looks good while smoking a cigarette and pistol-whipping some rube.  

Maniac of New York: The Bronx is Burning #2: fantastic.

A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance #4: still awesome.

Mazebook #5: fantastic ending.

Animal Castle #2: woof! Nowhere near as good as issue one. Might drop this.

Nyx #3: fun issue.

My Bad #3: funny

Batman The Knight #1: JUST what the world needed: How Batman became Batman! Again! But it's pretty good.

Blue & Gold #5: great. Man, Ryan Sook's art is top-notch.

Rain #1: based on Joe Hill's brutal and beautiful novella. Solid first chapter.

Rewild: Devin Grayson's climate change meets faeries GN. Pretty good. I feel like it just ended though.

Bolero #1: this is a crazy first issue. Feels like a Sejic book story-wise. Wild. I'll read more, if only to figure out why it's named after a spanish love song.

Defenders #5: fucking aces.

Savage Avengers #28: the best run of comics put out by Marvel in probably twenty years. Fucking AWESOME.

Robin & Batman #3: great ending.

Death of Doctor Strange: X-Men/Black Knight #1: great issue.

Devil's Reign X-Men #1: Mayor Fisk versus the X-Men in New York. Kind of fun.

The Joker #11: solid.

The Sword of Hyperborea #1: awesome. Right up my alley.

Devil's Reign: Villains for Hire #1: this is great.

Green Lantern #10: this is fucking nuts. Don't really know what's going on but some of it is cool.

The Scorched #1: a team made up of various Spawns. This kind of sucked. I'm out.

Hulk #3: fucking wild and really cool.

The Thing #3: oh shit, The Champion showed up! I love it!

Last Book You'll Ever Read #5: weird that it was always heading this way. Making a unique and intriguing premise more and more obvious.

Titans United #5: decent.

Maw #5: fucking crazy...

Vampiverse #5: here's another that makes me wish I never bothered. I think there's only one more issue.

We Ride Titans #1: boring

Mega #1, 2: this, like the one above, is a giant monster thing. This series is a million times better and more interesting than the other one. Truly beautiful artwork and a great mythology.

Moon Knight #7: this series is so confident, they can have MK walk into the Bar with No Name and threaten everyone there, implying a fight and not showing it. It works.

X-Men Legends #10: this was...ok.

Out #4: this was a fine issue. The worst of the batch thus far.

Primordial #5: great issue.

Shadowman #4, 5: Can't muster the emotions to give a shit about this series. I'm out.

Regarding the Matter of Oswald's Body #3: this ranks amongst the craziest last pages ever.

Search for Hu #5: kind of ends like a dry fart.

She-Hulk #1: awful

Silver Surfer: Rebirth #1: also awful.

Swamp God #1-3: here's the first of three supernatural horror stories in a row that all happen in New Orleans. This one takes place in the civil war with a Confederate unit and an all-black Union unit who have to team up and kill the monster the confederates let loose. Decent

Swamp Dogs: House of Crows #1: this was pretty dang cool. ALSO has a flashback to Civil War times.

The Crimson Cage #2: this is the wrestling-themed supernatural one. Seems like it kicks off next issue. Probably could have cut one of these issues out and consolidate the story down. Still enjoyable.

The Heathens #3: still good.

The Rise #2, 3: this is really solid.

The Silver Coin #8: probably my least enjoyed issue of the run, but still good.

Venom #4: still can't believe Bryan Hitch is drawing this. Such a good series. 

We Only Kill Each Other #3: fucking great issue. The pot is boiling...

DC vs Vampires #4: great issue.

Night of the Ghoul #4: I forgot these characters were in the book! Haha! Good issue.

Task Force Z #4: I thought this was the best issue so far. I've been sort of on the fence with this. I'm down, now.

Teen Titans Academy #11: can't help but think this ending was rushed. 

The Human Target #4: fuck...this is SO good.

Ant #2: this was fine. 

Peacemaker: Disturbing the Peace #1: this was great.

Basilisk #7: with this issue, it becomes cooler than the WIP comic series that was in development. That's fine. Out was going nowhere anyway, as is my curse.

Children of the Woods: a really great horror GN. Good story, creepy stuff. Great plotting. Super solid.

Crossover #11: this series is so fucking wild. and Great.

Fantastic Four Life Story #6: kind of a sweet ending.

Dark Knights of Steel #4: I think I'm done. It's just not that interesting to me. 1602 this is not.

  • Issues: 916
  • Trades: 12
  • Omnibus: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 12
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Hell Sonja #1, 2: as far as multiverse stories go, and they are bountiful, this is pretty good from the Dynamite universe. I don't know where these different Sonjas come from, but they are certainly more interesting than the Vampirella variants in Vampiverse.

Fantastic Four: Reckoning War Alpha #1: oop! This was good, so now I have to track down all those FF issues.

Geiger 80 Page Giant #1: this was good. Redcoat is a character right out of my notebook, so I'll be interested in his series.

Justice League Incarnate #4: crazy shit. The first ten pages basically retells all of the sotry of reality through the crises. Interesting.

Ka-Zar: Lord of the Savage Land #1: Ka-Zar is Animal man now. How dumb...

Newburn #3:fucking wild. Love this book.

Nitro: euro graphic novel sci fi nonsense. Clearly influenced by Corben.

Monkey Prince #1: this is pretty much exactly like American Born Chinese except it's set in the DCU.

Primos #1: I'm out. Terrible.

One-Star Squadron #3: pretty great.

Sabretooth #1: hmm...I'll give it one more. I think Hickman basically ruined the X-Men, but this is Victor Lavalle and Leonard Kir on Sabretooth, so I'll give it one more.

Savage Spider-Man #1: this is a follow-up to non-stop Spider-man? Not good.

Suicide Squad #12: great!

The Thing #4: fuck, this is good. I have my suppositions about the kid, but I look forward to the reveal.

X-Men Legends #11: the Simonsons on New Mutants! Lovely.

Devil's Reign #4: this is awesome.

Apache Delivery Service #2: ok, this became something completely else. Great!

Daisy #2, 3: Fucking wild. Good stuff.

Evil Ernie #3: dumb fun. A little maudlin, but fun.

Hellboy and the BPRD 1957: Forgotten lives: a lovely little oneshot.

King of Spies #3: this series is fucking nuts.

Life Zero #1: not sure I want to read anymore zombie books right now.

Maestro: World War M #1: this is fun.

Moon Knight #8: great issue

Radiant Black #12: least liked issue thus far. 

Suicide Squad Blaze #1: ok, this is kinda crazy.

The Fourth Man #2: the story is alright, but damn near every character is made to look like a Hollywood actor and it's incredibly distracting. I'm out.

The Joker #12: great issue. Great reveal.

The Secret X-Men #1: Jesus, this shit is almost unreadable.

Titans United #6: Blackfire is a least favourite villain and I don't tend to enjoy cosmic Titans very much (unless the Greek Gods and Titans are involved) but this is fine. Seems weird that it ends next issue.

Batman The Knight #2: ok, this is pretty damned good.

Green Lantern #11: this is crazy wild cosmic stuff and I am here for it. Also here for the Tom Raney art.

A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance #5: did not expect this to get crazier. So good.

Devil's Reign: Superior Four #1, 2: Man...there has yet to be a misstep in the DR story. It's a PERFECT street-level event that includes the bigger heroes. They made it work! And then they had to inject some multiverse bullshit into it. I can't continue with this.

Hellboy: The Bones of Giants #4: this is the best HB series in a long time. 

GI Joe: ARAH Saturday Morning Adventures #1: this was really fun. Drawn EXACTLY like the show (perhaps an idealized version) and while I may not read any more, I love the fact that Cobra Commander has found Aladdin's Lamp. Amazing.

Hulk #4: fuck, this is nuts.

Maniac of New York: The Bronx is Burning #3: crazy. 

My Bad #4: I have to say, Acid Chimp rules.

Nyx #4: fun issue.

Primordial #6: fucking mindblowing shit. Beautiful.

Rain #2: incredible issue.

Regarding the Matter of Oswald's Body #4: it is entirely possible (if they stick the landing) that this could end up being the best piece of JFK conspiracy fiction ever told. Brilliant!

The Crimson Cage #3: this is cool.

The Sword of Hyperborea #2: this is fucking excellent.

The Silver Coin #9: also fucking excellent.

Vampiverse #6: ugh...this kind of sucked, but it's over.

Venom #5: holy shit, this is nuts.

We Only Kill Each Other #4: awesome.

Edison Rex vol 1, 2: I think Mike and I reviewed the first issue of this back in a First Issue Special. I liked it then, but I never got around to reading more. Now I did. I see there's a third volume, so I'll have to hunt it down.

Aquamen #1: nope, I'm out.

  • Issues: 977
  • Trades: 14
  • Omnibus: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 13
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The Sentinels 1: July-August 1914 - The Iron Harvest: this is a euro graphic novel series featuring world war 1 French supersoldiers. Great body horror stuff. Beautiful art by Enrique Breccia reminds me of Romita Jr. meets Yanick Paquette. It's written by Xavier Dorison who wrote that submarine horror gn I love, Sanctum.

The Sentinels 2: September 1914 - The Marne: even better than the first volume. I'll probably give it a bit of a rest before reading the next part.

Justice League 3000: Yesterday Lives: read this because of Keith Giffen's passing, but it is not my jam.

Werewolf: this is the Del Rey collection of Richard Corben's werewolf-themed work prior to the mid-80s. Some of it is rudimentary, some of it is classic pulpy and painted in color. It's a real survey of his artistic output in his early years.

The Mask: I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask: what a great miniseries. Written by the Halt and Catch Fire guy, this is a political take on The Mask that is barely satire and it's delightful.

The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom: this is the Mark Waid/ Chris Samnee run. It's fun as hell, but worth the read just to stare at Samnee's cover compositions. Beautiful work. Makes me want to reread the Daredevil stuff.

Black Hammer Reborn #9: this is fun

Blue & Gold #6: this series really turned out pretty great so far. Two more to go.

Dark Ages #4, 5: digging this mostly for the other versions of heroes and villains. #5 has a great final panel.

Carnage Forever #1: holy shit. Haha!

Bolero #2: ok, with this one, I'm out. Too space-y in several meanings.

Devil's Reigh: Villains for Hire #2: this is awesome.

House of Slaughter #4: I figured it out. I can't stand the characters. So bland and full of "ooh mysterious" that they forgot to be memorable, distinct or even interesting. I'm out. I'll pick back up with SIKTC.

Elektra: Black, White & Blood #2: this was pretty good. Liked all three stories.

DC vs Vampires #5: this is going along nicely.

Iron Man #16, 17: Top notch storytelling. It's intense, massive, ingenious, and funny. Fantastic few issues.

Night of the Ghoul #5: Crazy, pulpy fun.

Out #5: great ending to this one. 

Refrigerator Full of Heads #4: still fucked up and fun.

Step by Bloody Step #1: for a long issue without dialogue, this definitely aped some Moebius, but without reading the back of the book, you're missing a chunk of the story. Now, I know you're supposed to read it, but there should be enough story to tell me what's going on when I read fifty odd pages of interiors. I'm out.

Supermassive #1: this is the big Massive universe crossover thing. It basically introduces two new characters to team up with Radiant Black. It was...ok. I'm particularly intrigued by the Roge Sun character. He looks like Darkhawk engulfed in flames, and that's pretty cool, I guess. haha

Telepaths #5: weird to quit a series on the fifth of six issues, but here we are. It actually infuriates me that they can call someone an asshole in this book but they also use "frick" instead of fuck. Like, are we 12? Are we Mormon? What the fuck are we doing here? I say, when you've narrowly avoided a psychokinetic holocaust, that perhaps saying "fuck" would be ok. Otherwise, don't insult us.

Task Force Z #5: this was a great issue.

Teen Titans Academy #12: good ending.

  • Issues: 993
  • Trades: 18
  • Omnibus: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 15
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Action Comics #385-387 - Superman is shunted way into the future and kinda loses his mind 'cause he can't return home. And the resolution is bleak if you think about it. And then some crazy adventure where Superman lands on a duplicate Earth.

Alan Scott: Green Lantern #1 - I'll give it another before I decide if I'm monthly or trades.

Avengers Inc. #1 - Not for me.

Batman and Robin #1-2 (2023) - Great art and it's awesome seeing Bruce be a dad to Damian, but something feels a little off. I'll stick with it, though probably in trades.

The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #1-4 (2021) - While I might not finish this 12-issue run, nor pick up the second volume, this was fun and I hope it's a gateway for lots of new readers.

Batman and The Outsiders #1-2 (1983) - Oh I am sticking with this.

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #19-20 - I need something new here. It was clicking but now I feel a little disconnected.

Birds of Prey #1-2 (2023) - I'll jump to the trades here, but this is a hell of a lot of kick-ass fun.

Black Lightning #3-11 (1977) - It's a shame this didn't get more traction at the time, because it's trying new things and could have generated readers.

The Brave and the Bold #25 (1955) - The very first Suicide Squad story and holy shit this is awesome!

Detective Comics #269-279 - Near the end of this group, the Martian Manhunter strip changes. J'onn's powers are decreased, a supporting cast appears (or begins to), and the world knows J'onn exists. It's also becoming a little sillier, but not at the cost of it being a crime comic -- it's just one featuring a Martian police officer.

The Flash #1 (2023) - DC has no damn clue what to do with Wally.

Green Lantern: War Journal #1-2 - Lots of heart, and John is not to be fucked with.

Hellblazer #6-12 - Great but bleak stuff. Be in the right mindset for these stories.

Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong #1 - I'm here for the JLA v monsters.

Nightwing #106 (2016) - Kinda getting burnt out here.

Ninjak #0 (2017) and Ninja-K #1-2 - I think I'll stick around.

Planetary #1-27, Planetary / The Authority: Ruling the World, Planetary / Batman: Night on Earth, Planetary / JLA: Terra Occulta
This series, as beautiful as it is, did not hold up as well as I had expected and, frankly, hoped. It seems it's going in one direction, pivots, and pivots again. It relies too heavily on the concept to the detriment of characterization. Characters grow, sure, but it's too interested in being cool and snarky at time than allowing them to feel like people.

Sheriff of Babylon #1 - Too cynical for me. But that's kinda the point, I suspect.

Showcase #22 - The very first Hal Jordan story and it's so much better than I remember.

Transformers #1 (2023) - I was surprisingly into this.

Wonder Woman #770-772 - Beautiful but taking way too long to get the point.

Total: 706

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The Heathens #4: this is such a great series.

Two Moons #9, 10: not the best ending. Still a great series overall.

The Human Target #5: so fucking good.

Until My Knuckles Bleed #1, 2: this is basically Frank miller's Sin City, but the characters are retired Youngblood agents. If that makes any sense. It's fun so far.

Avengers Forever #2, 3: so fun.

Black Panther #3, 4: the last thing I wanted in a BP book is a trip to Arakko. I might quit this series. 

Captain America/ Iron man #3, 4: great little mini.

Batman: Killing Time #1: this was...fine.

Crossover #12: crazy 

Devil's Reign: X-Men #2: this was also fine. The more this crossover involves multiverse or X-men, the more it sucks. 

Devil's Reign: Spider-Man #1: Was confused for a few minutes but Ben Reilly apparently also dates a redhead.

Justice League #70-73: Thought I'd check out Bendis' final run from last year's JL book. It's not bad.

Justice League 2022 Annual: this was a great one issue story.

DIE!namite Never Dies! #1: I think I'm done here.

Hell Sonja #3: I feel the same way about this.

Black Hammer Reborn #8: forgot to count this one.

Justice League Incarnate #5: crazy

Monkey Prince #2: i'm ok with Monkey Prince as a DC hero, it really works. But not in Gotham City.

Moon Knight #9: great issue!

Newburn #4: fuck, this series rules.

One-Star Squadron #4: there's a line in this issue that has to be a) the best joke in a  comic book in years, or b) a perfect mistake. The premise of this series is much like JLI...more particularly, Formerly Known as the Justice League. Great overall. I like a bunch of these characters but doin't mind them being used for comedy. 

Radio Spaceman #1: crazy and fun.

Strange #1: Dr. Strange is dead but Clea is sorceress supreme in his absence. Decent. I'll read more.

Suicide Squad #13: pretty good issue.

Rogue Sun #1: holy shit. This is wild. 

The Thing #5: how did this series get even better in the fifth issue? Fucking nuts. I love this.

The Nice House on the Lake #7: pretty decent.

What If...Miles Morales #1: a fun what if Miles Morales became Captain America. But, it looks like we're just going to do the mulitverse shit for the following issues. Oh, next he's Wolverine? Fucking great...

Apache Delivery Service 33: crazy.

Ant #3: fine.

Captain Carter #1: hmmph...could have done a lot better establishing this world. 

Devil's Reign: Moon KNight #1: fuck, this was awesome.

Daisy #4: also fucking AWESOME.

Devil's Reign #5: see both above.

Evil Ernie #4: nothing happened in this issue.

Shock Shop: Cullen Bunn's flipbook anthology series. Fun that it's a flip trade paperback. I started skipping the intro pages after the first one. Long-winded bullshit. But both stories kind of ruled.

  • Issues: 1036
  • Trades: 19
  • Omnibus: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 15
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The Power or Shazam Vol. 1 - I was quite excited to read this, both Shazam films are some of my favorite superhero movies and this has had a good reputation over the years. I found it a mixed experience though. I liked the characterizations, this version of Billy is interesting, being pretty rough (which I've gotten used to through the movies) but still innocent more or less. Mary Marvel got a surprising amount of page time and had an engaging journey (I like how she stakes a claim on the Captain Marvel name). Captain Marvel Jr. was decent, kind of one note but I get it, and I hope he gets more material later on. Black Adam was alright, I don't know if it's just the writing style but I enjoyed the corny humor and unabashed villainy in his dialogue. Dudley was amusing enough, he was the one character I had almost no clue about.

My biggest issue is the writing as a whole. This is probably my modern sensibilities talking but the plotting was too dense for my liking, introducing all these characters while slowing things down to a crawl with the occasional info dump. The exposition gets heavier by the end of the book too.

The art wasn't fully to my liking either. Mike Manley and Peter Krause do a lot of good work here, but then there'd be occasional weird faces and poses, which is jarring. When they'd have other artists, like Curt Swan or Ordway himself, then it just felt right for the Golden Age vibe this book was going for.

I liked the graphic novel, but felt something of a disconnect with the series. I might continue the series, but maybe after some more of the modern Shazam, or the older ones even.

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