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Future State Nightwing #2: fine

Future State Shazam! #2: also fine

Future State Superman Worlds Of War #2: really fun. Dig the Midnighter backup

GI Joe Castle Fall: really fun oneshot.

Future State The Next Batman #4: this is solid.

Haha #2: I don't think I need this series

Hollow Heart #1: wow. Loved this.

Iron Man #6: This feels like something far better than the character has been written, maybe ever? It's really good. Weird premise (Iron Man and Hellcat take on Korvac-ish) but just feels like grand storytelling.

King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes #2: cool stories. Good stuff.

King in Black #4: Holy fuck. This is a really good event. One of the better events of the last twenty years. I know I'm a year late on this, but whatever. It's all made me want to go back and read those Carnage issues from way back. @Missyand I reviewed one of them back in the day. Is there a solid collection that has a giant chunk of that stuff?

MODOK Head Games #3: really dumb and good at the same time. I will never like Gwenpool. Ever. But other elements of this are pretty good.

Marvel #5: some good stories here.

Miskatonic #4: good shit. I think the next issue is the last.

  • Issues: 13
  • Trades:
  • Omnibus:
  • Graphic Novel:


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On 1/9/2023 at 5:43 PM, Missy said:

I don't think there's an oversized hardcover of the Gerry Conway Carnage series, but it is collected in three trades.

Ok, thanks. That was Conway. I had in my head it was Cates.

Savage Avengers #18: this series is awesome. If you told me last year that I would be loving Conan and Deadpool hanging out for an extended period of time, I would have laughed at you. This was great.

Savage #1: This is one I've held off on because it's similar to a WIP, but it turns out it actually isn't and it still isn't any good. Gen Z Tarzan? Pass.

Shadow Doctor #1: this is a great first issue. Down on his luck Doctor can't get a job because blacks aren't allowed in the hospitals and the black hospital has closed down and he can't get a loan to open a practice so he becomes a mob doctor. The real life story of the author's grandfather. Can't wait for more.

Space Bastards #2: yeah, this isn't going to get any better.

The Picture of Everything Else #2: it's not really for me.

Vampirella The Dark Powers #3: I gave this two issues too many.

X-Men Legends #1: This is Nicieza and Brett Booth on an X-Men book that picks up after X-Men #39. I think Scott and Jean got married in #30 and that was the last regular X-Men I read for a really long time. Came back for Age of Apocalypse, of course. So this takes place between Phalanx Covenant and Legion Quest. It's alright. I'll definitely give it another. 

Young Hellboy The Hidden Land #1: Ok, this is the fun I was hoping for from Savage.

Batman Black and White #3: one good story.

Future State Batman/Superman #2: ends with a fantastic Batman moment. Animal Man is helping them rehome these lab animals and he's going on about pigeons, and instead of rolling his eyes or telling him to shut up, Batman's inner monologue says "I let Buddy ramble. Never know when a Buddy Fact might come in useful." Perfect characterization. Batman has certainly solved several crimes that involve the unique behaviour of a certain animal. Now you know where he might have learned that.

Future State Aquaman #2: not very good.

Crossover #4: Holy shit. This is great.

Future State Dark Detective #4: probably the best of the Batman-themed ones of these.

Future State Suicide Squad #2: this was good, but the Black Adam backup was wild.

Future State Superman Imperious Lex #2: this was pretty fun. Steve Pugh looking like Paquette up in here!

Future State Superman House of El #2: I didn't have high hopes for this one, but that helped it because it was alright.

Maestro War and Pax #2: I am really digging this.

Generations Forged #1: this was all over the place. Some good moments. Too far between for my liking. 

I Breathed a Body #2: It's just not grabbing me.

King In Black Return of the Valkyries #3: lots of fun.

King in Black Namor #4: this series is kind of wearing out its welcome. There's only one more, but maybe it should have been a four issue miniseries.

Nuclear Family #1: pretty wild first issue. I'll read more.

Post Americana #3: This was good, and I dig the art, but I don't need more of it.

Something Is Killing the Children #15: so good

Symbiote Spider-Man King in Black #4: Ok, I like this, but is this supposed to be Peter Parker? From another reality? I don't know...

Stray Dogs #1: This is basically a Don Bluth movie where all of the cute doggies live with a serial killer. A new "adoptee" remembers his new master killed his old master and things are turned upside down. So, I guess it's kind of like a Don Bluth movie.

The Next Batman: Second Son #1: this was decent, but I don't need more of it.

The Union #3: Good

Two Moons #1: Fucking wild

USAgent #3: good.

X-Men #18: not good.

Casual Fling #2: pretty good.

Crime Syndicate #1: Fun, and weird that they keep changing this group. They live on an alternate earth, we can keep their old origins and whatnot, guys...

Dead Dog's Bite #1: pretty solid. I'll do one more.

Firepower #9: still really good.

The Cimmerian The Frost Giant's Daughter #2, 3: great adaptation!

Fear Case #2: This series is killing it

King in Black Captain America #1: pretty good

Infinite Frontier #0: I'm skeptical.

King in Black Thunderbolts #3: this was really fun. Overall. Great tie-in mini

King in Black Wiccan and Hulkling #1: this was unnecessary, but harmless.

Let Them Live! Unpublished Tales from the DC Vault #1-4: I have my doubts as to the veracity of these being "from the vault."

Man-Bat #2: pretty good.

Nottingham #1: I dug this. Grim and Gritty Robin Hood from the sheriff's perspective.

Nocterra #1: not for me

Suicide Squad #1: Not the team I would have chosen, but a good first issue.

The Swamp Thing #1: this did not light me on fire. I'll give it one more.

Rorschach #6: they are being really novelistic with this, which is a nice way of saying the story is extremely padded out. This should have been an eight issue series. This issue was a little much.

The Joker #1: Man, has Guillem March's art changed a lot? This was a great issue, but I remember his stuff to be a lot cleaner.

Black Hammer Visions #2: Johns/Kolins on a horror story. Good stuff.

Children of the Atom #1: Interesting take. Haven't been impressed by much X-Men lately.

Eternals #3: this is still really interesting.

Karmen #1: I'm intrigued.

Luna #2: I'm out

Maniac of New York #2: this is fucking great!

Proctor Valley Road #1: Solid first issue

Red Sonja/The Super-Powers #3: I have now given up on the Superpowers team-ups with both Red Sonja and Vampirella. What dreck.

Taskmaster #4: Still great.

Wolverine Black White and Blood #4: good issue. Every story was decent.

Superman Red and Blue #1: same thing as Batman Black and White/Wolverine Black White and Blood/etc. but it isn't grabbing me.

Ultramega #1: right up my alley, but it didn't impress me.

Carnage Black White and Blood #1: this is more like it. Question: this has a western Carnage story and another period piece. Has he been retconned to always be around at this point? Because I remember when he was born from a little drop of Venom that got caught on a prison bar.

Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade #1: I'm down.

Captain America Anniversary Tribute #1: I can think of better ways to pay tribute than redo three classic issues (two form the golden age and his return in Avengers) by having a different art team on each page.

Iron Man #7: this is still great.

I Walk With Monsters #4: I'm out. Not sure why I stuck around so long. It has never been very good.

King in Black Spider-Man #1: this was fun. Definitely a backdoor pilot of Reptil and that's fine with me. 

Marvel #6: this series looked pretty a lot of the time, but was never really good.

Miskatonic #5: This last issue tried to wrap things up way too quickly and kind of shit the bed.

Savage Avengers #19: so fucking fun.

Teen Titans Academy #1: Man, they are really hitting the X-Men ripoff vibe with this series. 

The Trials of Ultraman #1: nope.

Vampirella vs Purgatori #1: hell no.

  • Issues: 90
  • Trades:
  • Omnibus:
  • Graphic Novel:
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Doom Patrol: The Silver Age Vol. 1 - I never would've picked this up without the show making me fall in love with the characters, but I'm actually impressed with this on its own. This comic has a great deal of imagination, and empathy for outcasts (with 60s comic writers, especially Jewish ones, I can imagine the latter comes easily). Plus the way they deal with the strangest concepts is really fun. It reminds me of Golden Age books where there were no rules, but with Silver Age structures.

It really is a DC response to Marvel, but I think it holds up about as well, if not better than most of Marvel around this time. The dialogue is reminiscent of Stan, but I find a bit more art in Arnold Drake's style (though to be fair, he probably did a fraction of the amount of work Lee did around the time). There are the X-Men parallels, of course, but I find the team functionally (and visually) resembles the Fantastic Four more, remixed slightly. You've got the genius with secrets, the woman who holds the team together (but happens to be the one who grows and shrinks), the brightly flying guy. Although Robotman is basically The Thing, almost note for note. A bit more...suicidal though, if you can believe that.

Rita's the heart of the team really, she's a warm and vibrant presence (I adored her picking a lock manually instead of using a tiny explosive because she wanted to have some fun in the mission), and I'm glad they let her do a lot of fighting, she's already a lot more of a character than the Invisible Woman was early on. With how much attention is given to her by all the characters, the creative team's affection for her is palpable. Larry, I don't quite have enough from him just yet, and it's really weird to see him be straight, after season 1 of the show spent a lot of time with his sexuality. Cliff is about what you'd expect from the Ben Grimm of the group. And The Chief was surprisingly likable; his single tear at them celebrating his birthday actually touched me quite a bit.

The creative team does a great job with giving the sense of forward progression with this title. It was a big deal when My Greatest Adventure turned into Doom Patrol, and it was a big deal when they finally got their classic superhero costumes. They also spent a good amount of time with the villains and they're really not what you'd expect. I've seen the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man clowned on since I was a kid on Superdickery and Cracked but I found him a really cool villain actually? There's an earnestness to this series that just really lets me buy into it. The Brotherhood of Evil is great too, I'm glad Madame Rouge gets a lot of focus. I can't wait to see Michelle Gomez as her when I get to S2 of the show.

The art isn't my favorite of Silver Age DC (which is probably Dick Sprang and most of the Legion) but it's pretty good. It started off really rough, which works for the off-kilter nature of the book, but then settles to a pleasant cartooniness as it leans harder into the wacky side of it all. I always liked how the people were drawn, but Negative Man and Robotman took a while to get used to. I don't like seeing Larry's cartoon face through the bandages. Please give him his now-trademark shades. And Cliff looked practically demonic, though the rivets in his head make me think it was intentional.

I adore the show, but I honestly wouldn't mind a straight adaptation of these early comics, like a Saturday morning cartoon. They can even carry over the live action cast, who are just perfect in their respective roles. And oops, the show got cancelled just as I finished this volume. Damn it.

But yeah, I get why they're a cult favorite until now, I really do. I can't wait to see how the group progresses from here.

Early last year was when I got into the Legion, now it's Doom Patrol. Soon my next Silver Age team might be Teen Titans. I've never been much of a team guy, so this surprises me, but it's something different and fun.

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Earthdivers #1-3: Stephen Graham Jones writing a story about indigenous people from the future going back in time to kill Christopher Columbus? I am in!

Avengers Curse of the Man-Thing #1: not bad. I don't like Savage She-Hulk. I assume that changes pretty quickly.

Beta Ray Bill #1: amazing first issue

Crossover #5: kind of running in place a little bit.

Future State Superman Imperious Lex #3: fine

King in Black Return of the Valkyries #4: pretty good

King in Black Ghost Rider #1: this was really fun. Good to catch up with these characters. Blaze is GR again and Danny Ketch is Death Rider? Cool. 

Nuclear Family #2: this is a pretty wild series so far.

Let Them Live #5: the best of the bunch thus far. Still don't believe these are "from the vault"

Sea of Sorrows #4: fine

Shadecraft #1: This almost lost me right up until the end. I'll check out some more.

Stray Dogs #2: a really good series so far.

Symbiote Spider-Man #5: fun.

Taskmaster #5: great ending

Final Girls #1: not what I expected based on the title. Hated the characters. The art was alright.

The Union #4: continues to be good. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

US Agent #4: This finally clicked for me. It took a while. But I have a soft spot for this character.

Two Moons #2: this fucking rules.

Witchblood #1: not for me

X-Men #19: this was a good one and done.

X-Men Legends #2: this was fun, but I'm stoked for the next arc. 90s X-Factor by the Simonsons!

Young Hellboy The Hidden Land #2: this is really fun. Jumped the gun on the "no more Hellboy" stance. I'll at least do Young Hellboy.

Crime Syndicate #2: this is kind of dumb.

Green Lantern #1: I like the art, I like the sort of political circumstance that is the setting of this story, but I don't dig Teen Lantern.

Suicide Squad #2: this was solid. 

The Swamp Thing #2: this was also solid. Improved on the last issue.

Batman The Detective #1: meh. I'm out.

Giant-Size X-Men by Jonathan Hickman: I read a coup[le of these in issue form. Turns out they comprise a single story. Pretty good.

Casual Fling #3: got good

Children of the Atom #2: not sure how they can sustain this

Dead Dog's Bite #2: this is like the best show on television in comic form.

Fear Case #3: also very good. 

Fire Power #10: still going strong.

Hollow Heart #2: intriguing still.

Home #1: Not a fan of the art, but I dig the story. I'll try more.

Iron Man #8: great Hellcat-focused issue.

Karmen #2: pretty fun and weird

King in Black Namor #5: this didn't need to be 5 issues.

King in Black Planet of the Symbiotes #3: pretty ho-hum.

King in Black #5: fucking excellent.

Let Them Live #6: garbage. Whoever came up with Lobo's daughter Crush should be fired and run out of the comics business. Awful character.

Maestro War and Pax #3, 4: really good couple issues.

Man-Goat & The Bunnyman #1: thought it sounded stupid. Had a fun time.

Man-Bat #3: this is just ok

Maniac of New York #3: really fun

Rorschach #7: fucking Frank Miller guest stars in this one. Not as the artist, as himself as a character in the book. A very popular pirate comics artist most known for Dark Fife and Dark Fife Returns. ;)

Black Hammer Visions #3: really good.

  • Issues: 139
  • Trades: 1
  • Omnibus:
  • Graphic Novel:
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Nottingham #2: this continues to rule.

Phantom of the Scan #1: wow. Awesome

Proctor Valley Road #2: I don't need anymore of this.

Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow #1: what if Spidey never gave up the symbiotic? Cool.

The Cimmerian Iron Shadows in the Moon #1: A pretty typical Conan story.

The Joker #2: still good. Glad it's focusing on Gordon. They can't really sell a Gordon title.

The Silver Coin #1: great first story but I wanted more.

Young Hellboy The Hidden Land #3: still great

Black Knight Curse of the Ebony Blade #2: still great

Carnage Black White and Blood #2: still good.

Cojacaru The Skinner #1: very cool

The Eternals #4: good

Godzilla Monsters Protectors #1: cannot stand that art. I'm out

Radiant Black #2, 3: fun.

Stray Dogs #3: this is fucking fantastic.

The mighty Valkyries #1: this was... fine.

The Rise #1: a prequel too NOTLD. Took me a minute, but I guess Cameron Romero now goes as George C. Romero. Weird.

Way of X #1: great issue. LOL moment and a mind-blowing reveal.

Batman Black and White #4, 5: not so into these. Great Lee Weeks story in #4 (I think) though.

Beta Ray Bill #2: so good.

Cold Dead War #1: wow. Interesting.

Crossover #6: crazy reveal here too

Helm Greycastle #1: I am not interested in someone writing out their latest DnD game. I'm out.

Horror Comics Black and White #1: some of the art is pretty great, but there is some really shitty translation from Italian here. A barely literate editor should have been able to catch it. I can't support anymore of this.

  • Issues: 165
  • Trades: 1
  • Omnibus:
  • Graphic Novel:
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